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Icon-lucario.gif This user likes and mains Lucario
SSBMIconMewtwo.png This user mains and misses Mewtwo.
Icon-charizard.gif This user likes and plays Charizard.
Icon-squirtle.gif This user likes and plays Squirtle.
Water attack SSBB.png This user thinks water attacks are a cool idea.
Icon-ivysaur.gif This user's favorite Pokémon in Brawl is Ivysaur.
Icon-metaknight.gif This user likes and (rarely) plays Meta Knight.
Icon-toonlink.gif This user has Toon Link as a secondary.
Gcn controller.jpg This user uses a Gamecube controller for Brawl.
Srsbsns.gif This user thinks trolls are stupid, non-living creatures.
Stop ACTA logo.png This user not supports ACTA, SOPA, PIPA, OPEN or any other law that censores internet.
FUUU.png This user does not withstand Vandalism.
Hazama edit by hazamajackson-d39s4fc.png This user plays BlazBlue.
Shadowtrophy.png This user thinks Shadow is better than Sonic.
Project M Logo.png This user plays Project M.