Gargomon251 has been on many different boards for several years now. He prefers to use his Wii for sites such as this and YouTube because his computer is really slow and old. Actually got a better pc for xmas, so doesn't use the "WiiNet" so much anymore. He has yet to participate in any tournaments or smashfests, but welcomes any challengers he can find.

SSB History


His SSB64 mains were mostly Kirby, Fox, Ness, and Jigglypuff, but ever since he has not been able to decide on one or even three characters. He got SSB64 on the Virtual Console as soon as it released, but isn't very interested in it after unlocking everything.


In Melee, he often uses Roy, Falco, Mario, and Bowser, but not in any particular order, and is often content to randomly select regardless.


In Brawl, he usually plays with all items (except Starman) on medium, random stage, random character. He prefers timed since the Replays have a 3 minute limit, but will also play stock, but rarely more than 5 per player. He still can't narrow his favorites down to less than 10, even after beating the entire SSE and getting over 500 trophies. However, Wario and Zero Suit Samus seem to be some of his favorites, and, given their Smash Taunts, he will always try to use Snake, Wolf, Fox, or Falco if he has the opportunity. His least favorite characters are generally DK, Yoshi, and sometimes Mario (due to heavily situational Down Special, certain nerfed moves, and somewhat unimpressive Final Smash).

Gargomon251 reserved his copy of SSBB at Gamestop in June 07 and was there for the tournament March 8, where he lost the first match as Mario. The controller differences were too great.

He also has various DS friend codes. Maybe if he feels up to it he will post them all here. Otherwise leave a message. His most recent wi-fi game is Pokemon Platinum.


*Beat Boss Mode on Intense (first with Fox, later with Charizard, among others)

  • First reached Crazy Hand (Classic, Hard, 5 stock) using Lucas
  • All stickers
  • 543 trophies
  • All CDs
  • Only one Challenge remains: Play over 100 hours of brawls.
  • All events complete
  • 5 Golden Hammers unused
  • More records input as time/patience allows.

All records lost due to Wii failure. Blame Nintendo, I didn't do anything to it. I'll post a note here when I get anything important to report.

Friend Codes

These are now current. Wii: 3474-2198-9664-5377

SSBB: 5285-1683-1101

  • If you wish to add me, let me know on my talk page, NOT here. NOTE: I prefer not to battle scrubs. If I have to play by your rules, that means sometimes you have to play by mine.
  • If I don't see you online in any respect for over 2 months, I will delete you without notice. If you think I may have deleted you, place a comment on my talk page.

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