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Answer and User Name: 30 [[User:Zmario|Zmario]] ([[User talk:Zmario|talk]]) 19:23, 12 July 2008 (UTC)
Answer and User Name: 30 [[User:Zmario|Zmario]] ([[User talk:Zmario|talk]]) 19:23, 12 July 2008 (UTC)
Answer and User Name: 38? [[User:Maxiscool|Maxiscool]] ([[User talk:Maxiscool|talk]]) 19:27, 12 July 2008 (UTC)
==Ultimate Character Battle==
==Ultimate Character Battle==

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Note: This is the user page of GalaxiaD, a young man who strives to be the best. If you wish to fight me, my FC is in the Smasherbeta. However, you must remember one thing: victory... is my destiny.

Now that we got that little note out of the way, I'd just like to say that there are a couple things on here for you. You can post a vote for someone in the Ultimate Character Battle, or you can try and answer my Bonus Question. Other than that, enjoy all the info here on yours truly! Have fun! Oh, and if you think this is an attempt to fill up the empty space between my note and my contents, then you're wrong by a long shot.

General Info

My user name is GalaxiaD, in case you didn't notice. I'm usually an easy-going, open-minded guy, but I have gotten angry on some occasions. My first complete article was the "Meta Knight Match-Ups" page, but few people visited it, and it has since been deleted. I sometimes edit an article if there's unreal information or if there's spelling and punctuation errors. Usually, though, you can find me chatting on talk pages or forums. In fact, I've started plenty of forum topics. I'm always willing to chat about anything, so feel free to start a conversation on my talk page.

Smash and I

I've owned every Smash game since the original on the N64. At first, it was all for good fun, even though my skills were pretty good. Then, I learned about the tournament scene, and this is when I started training in hopes of becoming as good as the pros (cue Rocky music). I only improved slightly in Melee, but now I feel like I can take on the world in Brawl. My biggest goal in Smash is to become the Brawl World Champion.

Style In Brawl

I usually use Meta Knight when I fight, though I'll sometimes switch over to Ike, Lucas, or Bowser to make my opponent rethink their strategy. I take advantage of Meta Knight's speed and combo ability to rack up damage on my opponent, then I usually finish them with a Down Smash or Shuttle Loop. I sometimes go for a Forward Smash, but it has some wind-up lag. I only use Dimensional Cape for mind games and for a quick escape, though I usually use Mach Tornado to escape my opponent instead. I usually try to take advantage of Meta Knight's great air game by hitting the opponent with an Up Smash or Up Tilt. I'm great at edge-guarding, so beware when you're off the stage! My defensive skills are pretty good, but my offensive skills are my strong point. I usually fight aggressively, but I know when to be conservative as well. Overall, I'm guessing I'm a Professional Amateur, but I've yet to be in a tournament and I hope to be in one soon.

SSBB Tier List

Below is my tier list for Brawl. It's completely opinionated, not official, so don't pan it. I'll take suggestions at any time. Also, please note that the characters are a little more balanced in Brawl than they were in past installments. However, I still feel like there are some characters that are better than others, so that's why I made this.


  • 1. Meta Knight
  • 2. Pit
  • 3. Lucas
  • 4. Fox
  • 5. Marth


  • 6. Toon Link
  • 7. Falco
  • 8. Pikachu
  • 9. Sonic
  • 10. Sheik
  • 11. Wolf
  • 12. Ike
  • 13. Ness


  • 14. R.O.B.
  • 15. Captain Falcon
  • 16. Ice Climbers
  • 17. Snake
  • 18. Luigi
  • 19. Diddy Kong
  • 20. Samus
  • 21. Link
  • 22. Ivysaur
  • 23. Mario
  • 24. Charizard
  • 25. King Dedede
  • 26. Lucario


  • 27. Yoshi
  • 28. Kirby
  • 29. Mr. Game & Watch
  • 30. Bowser
  • 31. Ganondorf
  • 32. Zero Suit Samus
  • 33. Zelda
  • 34. Wario


  • 35. Donkey Kong
  • 36. Olimar
  • 37. Jigglypuff
  • 38. Squirtle
  • 39. Peach

SSBM Tier List

Below is my tier list for Melee. Once again, I must note that it's not official. I'll take suggestions at any time.


  • 1. Fox
  • 2. Falco
  • 3. Marth


  • 4. Sheik
  • 5. Captain Falcon
  • 6. Ice Climbers
  • 7. Samus
  • 8. Roy
  • 9. Ganondorf


  • 10. Pikachu
  • 11. Link
  • 12. Mario
  • 13. Luigi
  • 14. Ness
  • 15. Young Link
  • 16. Dr. Mario
  • 17. Donkey Kong


  • 18. Yoshi
  • 19. Kirby
  • 20. Peach
  • 21. Jigglypuff
  • 22. Bowser
  • 23. Zelda


  • 24. Mr. Game & Watch
  • 25. Mewtwo
  • 26. Pichu

SSB Tier List

Below is my tier list for the original game. As always, this is not official, simply opinionated. I'll take suggestions at any time.


  • 1. Pikachu
  • 2. Ness


  • 3. Fox
  • 4. Captain Falcon


  • 5. Kirby
  • 6. Samus
  • 7. Mario
  • 8. Luigi


  • 9. Link
  • 10. Donkey Kong


  • 11. Yoshi
  • 12. Jigglypuff

My Opinion On Tiers

As you can probably tell from the fact that I formed tier lists, I'm a supporter of tiers. I truly believe they exist at all levels of play. Statistically speaking, it would be impossible to form a completely balanced roster of characters. Either way you look at it, advantages and disadvantages will always exist between characters. These, in turn, could be easily compared to determine which characters are better than others. Let's compare Fox to Ganondorf, for example. While two professionals using these respective characters could be equal in skill, the vastly different play styles of said characters prevents the professionals from playing at a completely equal level. While Ganondorf is more powerful, Fox is faster and has a projectile. Ganondorf, on the other hand, has no projectiles or any effective ways to deal with them. This automatically gives Fox a severe advantage, since he could run circles around the Prince of Darkness while avoiding his attacks all at the same time. Since Fox's Blaster racks up damage quickly, he could easily use an Up Smash to finish off Ganondorf. If not, then he could edge-guard Ganondorf effectively until he dies, since Ganondorf's recovery is weak. To sum it all up, the PLAYERS can be equal, but all the CHARACTERS are far too different to produce a completely equal match-up at any given time. The tier list is not a guarantee, however. If a professional Ganondorf player squared off against a rookie Fox player, I'd put my money on Ganondorf in that situation. The tier list just gives odds out for every character, the upper ones having greater odds, and the lower ones having lesser odds. The tier list also assumes that the players are of equal level, in which case Fox has a better chance of winning than Ganondorf, but nothing is definite. Examples like these could all be used to prove that tiers exist, and until a roster is made of all the same character, they will always continue to exist.

Responses to FAQ

  • Q: Do you have e-mail, IM, etc.?
  • A: No, I don't have any of that stuff. I only have an Internet connection, and that's all I need to go here and play Brawl online.
  • Q: Are you gay?
  • A: -_- Seriously, people ask me this all the time. NO! I'm all for the ladies and that's it! It even says "I'm single ladies! :)" in my Miscellaneous section, so there's your confirmation. I'm straight!
  • Q: What control scheme do you use?
  • A: Classic Controller

Please note that I'm posting all these because they are asked of me frequently. Please don't edit this section or post any comments here. All questions, comments, and opinions go on my talk page.

My Challenge to the Community

Ready to take the "Galaxia Challenge"? If you really think you are, then progress to the rules. If not, then turn back now. The rules are below.


  • Play against a Lvl. 9 CPU.
  • Play on Shadow Moses Island.
  • You must use Meta Knight, but your opponent can be anyone you wish.
  • It must be a 3-Stock match.
  • Items must be turned off.
  • No infinite combo against the walls. If you use one, you're automatically disqualified.
  • No handicaps.
  • Damage Ratio must be on 1.0.
  • No time limit.

I did this against Fox in 1 minute and 56 seconds. If you beat this record, kudos to you! Good luck and have fun!

Bonus Question

It's once again time for the Bonus Question! The place where the questions vary and the points don't matter. That's right, the points are just like a stripper's name. 1000 points to whoever answers my questions!

ParaGoomba now has 2000 points!

Question: If Ike uses his Counter on a normal Warlock Punch, how much damage will his return strike cause (round to the nearest whole number)?

Answer and User Name: 30 Zmario (talk) 19:23, 12 July 2008 (UTC)

Answer and User Name: 38? Maxiscool (talk) 19:27, 12 July 2008 (UTC)

Ultimate Character Battle

Yes, I'm doing this so my version can compete with ParaGoomba's version. He's way too biased towards Ness and Marth, so they'll obviously win. I, however, promise completely equal chances for all characters. No biases here! Oh, and if there's a tie by the end of the fight, I'll decide who wins.

Falco vs. Wolf

  • Votes for Falco: ParaGoomba348,
  • Votes for Wolf: Dexington,

Round 1

  • Mario ^_^
  • Bowser ^_^
  • Diddy Kong ^_^
  • Yoshi ^_^
  • Link ^_^
  • Toon Link ^_^
  • Zero Suit Samus ^_^
  • Ice Climbers ^_^
  • Kirby ^_^
  • Meta Knight ^_^
  • Fox ^_^
  • Falco vs. Wolf
  • C. Falcon vs. Pikachu
  • Squirtle vs. Ivysaur
  • Charizard vs. Lucario
  • Jigglypuff vs. Marth
  • Ike vs. Ness
  • Lucas vs. Mr. G & W
  • Snake vs. Sonic

People with smilies next to them are winners.


  • My favorite song is "Chocolate Rain" by Tay Zonday.
  • My favorite color is black.
  • I'm single ladies! :)
  • I have a 3.6 GPA in high school.
  • I didn't main Mario in Brawl because his new Down B sucks.
  • I can't stand Isai! He's arrogant, cocky, and he needs to be knocked off his perch! I hold all other pros in high regard, but I just can't respect a person who sandbags, uses egotistical slogans like "Isai Is Too Good", etc.
  • I'd like to be President in the future.
  • My favorite things to do on the Internet besides doing things here are watching YouTube Poops and the Angry Video Game Nerd.
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