Hi there! My name is Funds (on all of these wikis and Smash), and my mains are Ganondorf and Mr. Game & Watch. The sides I just use at the moment is Captain Falcon, but I am testing out other characters.

Interesting things to note w/ my Mains


  • Mindgame: Up Smash followed by:
    • An instant Side Smash
    • An instant Side Standard
  • Interesting Combos:
    • Flame Choke teching
    • Flame Choke > one/two jump > Wizard's Foot
    • Flame Choke > Down Standard > Dark Dive
      • This combo only works at moderate percentages and if Ganon can successfully use Down Standard on the target.
  • Down Grab followed by Up Smash

Mr. Game & Watch

  • Mindgame: Up Smash followed by:
    • An instant Side Smash
    • An instant Side Standard
    • An instant Down Smash
  • Interesting Combos:
    • Double Jump > Back Aerial
    • Double Jump > Judge
    • Up Grab > Fire > Back Aerial/Judge if possible
    • Down Grab > Up Smash > Up Aerial
  • Chef > Side Standard
  • Down Grab then
    • Up Tilt (low percentage)
    • Up Aerial (medium percentage)

Vs. Enemy Team Smash Waves

Currently in beta form, will be properly done eventually.

Series Enemies Wave # Enemies in Wave
Kirby 1-2 3 Waddle Dee, 6 Parasol Waddle Dee 3-4 3 Waddle Doo, 3 Waddle Dee 5 2 Bronto Burt, 9 Parasol Waddle Dee 6 2 Plasma Wisp, 9 Bronto Burt 7 Bonkers, Plasma Wisp, Bronto Burt, Waddle Doo, Waddle Dee 8 10 Parasol Waddle Dee (middle star form)
Kid Icarus: Uprising 1 3 Monoeyes, 2 Skuttlers 2 2 Daphnes, 2 Skuttlers, Skuttler Cannoneer 3 2 Nutski, 3 Skuttlers 4 Lurchthorn, Skuttler, Skuttler Cannoneer 5-? Skuttler, Skuttler Cannoneer ?-? Skuttler, 3 Monoeyes ? Skuttler, Skuttler Cannoneer, Boom Stomper ? Skuttler, Lethinium, 2 Daphnes ? Skuttler, Lethinium, 2 Nutskis ? Skuttler, Skuttler Cannoneer, Reaper
Mario 1 2 Koopa Troopas, 3 Goombas 2 4 Shy Guys (all colors) 3 same as 2 4 3 Koopa Paratroopas, 2 Flame Chomps 5 3 Goomba, Banzai Bill, ? Bullet Bills 6 3 Koopa Troopas, Banzai Bill, ? Bullet Bills 7 Bullet Bills 8 3 Koopa Paratroopas, Hammer Bro., Kamek 9 Same as 8 10 Giant Goomba, Goombas, ?
Others 1 10 Mites (east ledge) 2 9 Mites, Roturret (west ledge) 3 2 Bacura, 8 Pooka (middle) 4 10 Pooka (middle burst) 5 3 Kritter (2G, 1B), 2 Tiki Buzz (Tiki Buzz west, Kritter east) 6 4 Kritter (3G, 1B), 3 Tiki Buzz (opposite sides) 7 3 Octorok, 2 ReDead (middle-east ledge) 8 3 Octorok, 2 ReDead, Stalfos (whole platform) 9-? Repeats waves 1-8

Master Hand and Crazy Hand

Attacks in WiiU/3DS:


  • Rocket Barrage: A laser forms on one of Master Hand's fingers, and he shoots one pair of rockets when the laser lines up with the player. Shoots two more pairs as health lowers; blue path only.
  • Grab: Master Hand grabs the player, crushing them and dealing damage. If cannot grab in five seconds, will stop grabbing the player.
  • Panels: Master Hand forms orange panels and lays them on the platform, lifting the player up towards the upper blast zone, and are based on the player's location. Higher Intensity will result in the panels moving faster. The panels cannot be gone under.
  • Jet Blast: Master Hand flies out of the screen and into the background, zooming towards the player and dealing massive damage if the attack connects.
  • Snapper: Master Hand flips up into a humanoid like position, walking towards the player. Upon reaching them, he will snap his fingers, causing a Dizzy effect on the player if it is not shielded.


  • Spike Impalement: Crazy Hand forms a pink spike on his hand before impaling it on the platform. If touched it will cause damage and knockback. Depending on the Intensity, the distance between each spike will vary. It will blow up after a while.
  • Rolling: Crazy Hand goes to the middle of the platform, lies down and begins to wail around unpredictably, dealing damage to anyone caught in it.
  • Lasers: Shoots lasers, dealing damage on the endpoints.
  • Rift: Crazy Hand rips out the background, showing a massive rift. Players who get caught in the rift will be spit back out after a while for some damage.
  • Bombardment: Crazy Hand goes to the middle of the platform, and begins to conjure bombs from his fingers and drops them onto the arena.


  • Hand Smash: The Hands move up top onto the player, similar to a Super Mario Party minigame where a player had to avoid being crushed by toys, controlled by 3 other players. After a short time, they will smash their hand on the player's position, causing a Meteor effect if the player was in the air.


  • Hand Catcher: Master Hand and Crazy Hand work together, with Master Hand serving as the catcher and Crazy Hand serving as the pitcher. Crazy Hand will hit Master Hand, and anyone caught by him will suffer dark damage.
  • Racket: Master or Crazy Hand will serve as the pitcher, and the other Hand will serve as the thrower. Three small orbs will be launched by the "pitcher" hand, and the "thrower" will launch them towards the player. The last orb is slightly larger but has the same role as the smaller orbs.


  • Grab: Master or Crazy Hand grabs the player, crushing them for some damage, then laying them on the main platform with a Sleep condition.
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