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Template:Smasherbeta Hey there, I'm Fried_beef1, as most of you may know. I am a midget, wicked smart about everything but SSBM and SSBB, and is annoying at times. I play SSB mostly, and is a champ on it as Fox. I cannot roll dodge/sidestep, since I see that there's no use for the Z button, and my Bair on Fox is something to be afraid of in SSB. I played SSBM and SSBB, and did not like Fox, but rather, had Link (or a variation of it) and Snake or R.O.B. Enjoy my crappy User Page!

About Me

This is THE site for Fried_beef1. I am a complete amateur, but is the guy that knows enough random stuff that scares the crap out of everyone. I own SSB and owns at it using Fox, owning all of my friends. If you want to say something to me (swear, shout, burn up my page by flaming), go to my talk page.

Now, really about me

I am a person (won't give age, sex, height, etc. )who lives in Missouri, of Chinese (part Mongolian) origin, play many games, mostly SSB but occasionally Brawl. Mains include Fox, Snake, and Link.

Sigs Collection

Standard: Friedbeef1 Screech

Thanksgiving: Friedbeef1 Argue


Since everyone else is doing these, I might as well as start one... Feel free to make suggestions or edit it...

Part 1

Link reaches the door to Ganondorf's castle (final scenes of Ocarina of Time), and sees Ganon, initiates battle (Battle with Ganondorf) After defeating him, you and the rescued Princess Zelda head out of the castle(side-scroller with Zelda, you control Link, Great Temple plays, castle-esque setting). As you head out of the Castle, an ominous shadow is cast over the entire outside, going southwards. Link and Zelda both agrees to go and head out after the shadow (side-scroller, setting similar to Marth's entrance to SSE, Hyrule Field music plays, you control Link or Zelda). As you catch up with shadow, a black figure drops down into the woods, where you find a trophy of a swordsman (Marth). Zelda decides to revive the Marth trophy, and Marth, feeling dazed, tells the crew of his adventures. They begin to set out and find the black figure. (end of part one)


All right! Template:SA Box


Who I think are awesome and gets my utmost respect




Toon Ganondorf


Clarinet Hawk



Masterman Eat Turkey!




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