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Standard: Friedbeef1Screech

Thanksgiving: Friedbeef1Argue

Christmas/New Year: Friedbeef1Ho ho ho!

Chinese New Year: Friedbeef11/26/09!

Valentine's Day: Friedbeef1Love


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Mew (SSBB)



  • Standard A: Pound - Quick Jab
  • Rapid A: Comet Punch - Jabs rapidly toward opponent) 4% first hit, 2% every hit after that
  • Forward Tilt: Sucker Punch - Shadowy Punch
  • Up Tilt: Knock Off - Simple up jab
  • Down Tilt: Hidden Power - Split kicks and little globes fly in all directions.

Smash Attacks

  • Up Smash: Sky Uppercut - Furious punch skywards, decent range
  • Side Smash: False Swipe - (Two swipes in front of Mew, little knockback) 1st swipe: 13%, 2nd swipe: 10%
  • Down Smash: Cut - Lashes with its tail on either side, about the speed of Ganondorf's Down Smash.

Other Attacks

  • Dash Attack: Tackle - Tackles forward while running
  • Ledge Attack: Iron Tail - Flips up, lashing out with its tail
  • Ledge Attack (Over 100%): Flash - Temporarily stuns opponent

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Air: Gyro Ball - Fists engulf in iron, spins. Similar to Zelda
  • Up Air: Zen Headbutt - Rams upward with head
  • Forward Air: Twineedle - Jabs arms out rapidly towards opponent
  • Back Air: Trump Card - Smashes opponent with fist in reverse.
  • Down Air: Meteor Mash - Powerful Spike

Special Attacks

  • Neutral Special: Psychic - Powerful move that can be controlled, like PK Flash or Din's Fire
  • Up Special: Ancientpower - Glowing rocks fly from below. Note: Mew has a large double jump, like Yoshi and Ness.
  • Side Special: Mega Punch - Functions similar to Falcon Punch.
  • Down Special: Endure - Absorbs any blow, protecting from any damage

Final Smash: Sheer Cold/Fissure - All players on the floor are frozen under a huge blanket of ice that has 1.5 the range of Negative Zone, and then Mew flies up, crashes down on the stage with a high knockback for all opponents.

Grabs and Throws

  • Pummel: Double Slap - Slaps opponent. 2% 1st slap, 1% each hit that follows
  • Up Throw: Twister - Twister forms around Mew and the opponent is sucked around and launched.
  • Forward Throw: Double Kick - Kicks opponent forwards twice.
  • Back Throw: Fling - Throws opponent away
  • Down Throw: Frustration - Tramples them angrily.


  • Up Taunt: Sunny Day - Flies in a circle happily
  • Smash Taunt: Calm Mind - Relaxes in a meditative pose.
  • Down Taunt: Rain Dance - Looks miserable as raindrops fall.

Other Stuff

  • Kirby Hat: Mew ears and face as hat, tail on the back of Kirby
  • Home Stage: Pokemon Stadium
  • Roll Call Music: Poké Floats (SSBM)
  • Wiimote Selection Sound: Quiet "Mew"
  • Alternate Colors:
  • Red: Colors similar to Kirby's red costume
  • Blue: Shiny Mew colors from Generation III and IV
  • Green: Dark Green, tail normal green
  • Purple: Colors mirrors Mewtwo's colors
  • White: Shiny Mewtwo colors
  • Weight: Little bit heavier than Game & Watch
    • Note: Mew is floaty
  • Run Speed: Bit slower than Kirby's
  • Size: Same as the Poké Ball Mew in the Smash series
  • Special Attributes: Multiple jumps, no crawl/glide/wall climb/wall cling
  • On-Screen Appearance: Comes down from above in a beam of light


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Toon Ganondorf


Clarinet Hawk



Masterman Eat Turkey!







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