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Hello! I'm Four4, but you can call me Four, 16, or Joey. I'm a fan of the Smash Bros series, clearly. I first played Melee around 2006, when I was 10 years old. My favourite of the games is SSBWU, with SSBM coming in a close second place :D


Game Ratings

Ranking the Characters, in My Opinion

*note: the characters are ranked based on their statistics from SSB4. Their stats in SSB64, Melee, and Brawl will barely be taken into consideration.

My Uncle is Reggie's Daddy

Mr. Game & Watch

Mr. Game and Watch
My main in Brawl and my main in SSB4. Sakurai loves bringing back the retro characters, and G&W practically defines retro. His moveset is fun and clever, not to mention his 2D model is a great idea. He's fast and strong enough to be a challenge to face, and Flat Zones 1 and 2 are awesome maps. I don't see many G&W players, which is unfortunate. He rocks For Glory; I've KO'd many Little Mac scrubs with him before. You'll most likely see Mr. G&W as my profile picture most of the time.


One of the original 12, and a big face of Nintendo history, Kirby shows off how epic he truly is in all 4 Smash Games. Getting 2nd in the invitational tourney proves how well he can be played. He has a fantastic moveset, and a fun Final Smash. Not to mention he brought the Dragoon Parts to the game, which makes Brawl that much more fun to play. His recovery isn't very good, but his extra jumps make up for it.


Outshining his brother since 1983, the cowardly, nervous, young Luigi is ultimately stronger with a diverse moveset, and definitely not just "Green Mario". Luigi has one of my favourite Final Smashes, and unlocking him in Melee was fun and clever. I wish he had a better recovery, or at least one different from Mario's. He was my main in SSB and Melee, and a back-up main in Brawl and SSB4. His Final Smash in SSB4 is also one of my favourites in the game. All in all, a fun and hard-hitting character to play as.

Bowser Jr.

Someone I never really expected to pick up. I was just training with all the newcomers, and when it was his turn, I wasn't even really excited to try him out. I went with my favourite Koopaling, Roy, and blasted through Classic Mode and All-Star Mode with him. After that I took him into For Glory and absolutely destroyed. Bowser Jr. has a really unique and fun moveset and get get out of any predicament easily. Overall, a balanced and very enjoyable character.

Wolf O'Donnell

The most unique of the Star Fox characters. His moveset is kinda hard to learn at first, but when you do, it's great. He's pretty much the only midweight villain in the entire series (not counting Wendy Koopa) so I like him in that sense as well. He's fairly strong and agile, and I love using his taunts. I REALLY hope he's DLC in SSB4, because I hate losing my favourite characters like Wolf and Lucas.


Quite the fan favourite. Not only is he my favourite legendary Pokemon, but he's also my main in Project M. Playing by myself for 20 hours seemed stressful in Melee, but I'm glad I did. Overall, he's the better Lucario with a cool moveset, and his floaty-ness surprisingly works. He's the character I wanted most in SSB4, so my brain spilled out from my ears when he was confirmed as a DLC. I still don't quite get how to unlock him, but I'll do whatever is humanly possible to get one of my old mains back in business.

Mii Brawler

Fast and very OP. There's nothing I like more than whooping all of Nintendo's allstars as myself. It's fun to mix and match all the different moves Brawlers get and finding the perfect creation. I wish they were available in For Glory though.

Princess Peach

Peach was a character I used to dislike. That was due to her Brawl version though. I recently played her in Smash 4, and saw she got major buffs. She's now stronger, faster, and her recovery seems a bit better. I might main her, to be honest. Overall, she's one of my new favourite characters. Thanks SSB4.

Toon Link

Toon Link
What's better than Link? Toon Link. With Wind Waker being my favourite LoZ game, I was pumped when he was announced for Brawl and for SSB4. He's faster, stronger, and has better move knockback than regular Link.


The star of my favourite gaming franchise. He's VERY fast, and quite strong for such a little guy. His moveset works with his electricity, and his recovery is pretty good too. His only flaw is his Final Smash, only because it's so difficult to control. But fast, strong, agile, and adorable wins him a high enough place.



Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong
Another side character who's better than the titular character? Blasphemy! But really, even though he's one of the weaker characters, his moveset, speed, and agility make up for it. His recovery is okayish, and his Final Smash is alright I suppose.

Mii Gunner


Dark Pit

I'd never played the Kid Icarus games beforehand, so I had no clue who Dark Pit was when he joined SSB4, but saw he was a clone, and was disappointed at first. However, after giving him a chance, holy hell was he good. VERY strong with a good projectile attack. He's now my third favourite clone in the series, and I STRONGLY prefer him to Pit. And I'll also say, his specialised victory screens against Pit are badass.

Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon2
The other of the two Captains in Smash Bros, Captain Falcon is the more masculine He-Man with memes pouring out of his arse. CF is the second fastest character in the series, after Sonic himself. They managed to craft a very fun and mobile moveset for him, considering what they had to work with. The only reason he's this low is how easy it is to miss with his Final Smash and his meh recovery. Otherwise, FALCON... PAWWNCH!!!!




I've tried to main Wario so many times. He's a prime example of a character I want to play, but simply can't. I absolutely love how he looks, moves, attacks, etc., but I just can't get the hang of him. I don't know what it is. Wario is one of my favourite villains ever, and definitely in my Top 5 Nintendo characters. Despite playing him to the equivalent of a goat in a simulation, I still rank him rather highly. A competitive Wario can be ridiculously solid, and I respect anyone who does manage to main him.

Meta Knight

Meta Knight
The most OP character in the game, by far. One of the best movesets in the game, by far. One of the best recoveries in the game, by far. All in all, as you can tell, a great character. Amazing speed and strength, fairly good knockback, and one of my favourite Kirby characters as well.

Mega Man



What else can I say, besides better Ness? His PK attacks are sharper and faster, his Final Smash works a lot better, his recovery works a lot better, and the fact I didn't know him before Brawl made him more fun to learn about. It's unfortunate he was cut in SSB4, because I know many people mained him and really loved playing as him. I'm still clinging onto the hope he'll be DLC.

Young Link

Young Link
I honestly can't explain why I like Young Link. I had gotten Majora's Mask around the time I unlocked Young Link in SSBM, and I was pretty upset he didn't have Deku, Goron, or Zora powers; he was just another new clone in the game. However, I recently started working on him after using him as my Training Mode punching bag for so long, and I actually got pretty good with him. I used him in a casual tourney with my friends, and ended up getting major victories in a lot of the matches, and ended up winning the whole tourney. If he's ever brought back, I want to see him done like the Pokemon Trainer; he can put on his masks and obtain different powers. However, Toon Link will work as a replacement until that day.


The original Samus. The one that isn't in a catsuit with glorified tits. Ultimately, I prefer her moveset, and her recovery is pretty good. Her speed and agility are decent enough, and her strength is high enough to become a threat.


My favourite of the Trainer's arsenal. Ivysaur is very easy and fun to use, not to mention how weird of a choice he is. His solar beam move is fantastic, and he's fairly strong in close combat. Unfortunately, he's probably the cut character with the smallest chance of returning.






With a very ninja-esque moveset and incredible speed, Sheik easily became one of my favourites. I never got a hang of Zelda's moveset, so Sheik was a good alternative. I'm very glad she got her own space on the roster in SSB4.

Dr. Mario

Dr. Mario2
...He's the same as Mario. Except he shoots pills instead of fireballs. Yep. Only higher than Mario because of his slight strength boost. SSB4 did him no justice, in fact, it made him worse. His Final Smash is copy+paste from Mario's, except with pills instead of fire. Wow. Such creativity. The only good part is the Mario Tornado, which they could've given back to regular Mario and added a better potential Mario rep like Geno or Daisy.


For the biggest face of video games, he's not that good. His Final Smash is easily avoidable. His recovery, if missed, will make him plummet to hell. His moves do a low amount of damage, and he's not very fast. His agility is meh at best. Luigi is far better in 64, Melee, and Brawl.


He isn't a clone of Mewtwo. Mewtwo was better, in every aspect. Lucario's attacks are weak and slow, his agility is meh at best, and his main projectile takes too long to load to maximum power. While the "closer he is to death, the stronger he becomes" concept is okay, it's poorly executed. Against stronger characters, KO'ing him is easy before he gets to his highest strength.


I like Ike. He's my favourite newcomer to Brawl. I'm a massive fan of Fire Emblem, and Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn are my favourite games in the series. He's one of the strongest characters of the Smash games, and he's different enough from Marth to make him interesting as his own character. His Final Smash is deadly, if it hits. The only reason he's so low is because of his terrible recovery. His jumping isn't the best, and his recovery, if done wrong, is a death sentence.

Wii Fit Trainer



He was quite the wild card in Brawl. He has a very unique moveset and is fun to play as. I also loved him in the Subspace Emissary. He's strong enough to put up a fight. Also, I'd safely say that he has the best jumping in Brawl. His speed is seriously sub-par though, making him this low on my list. He is my brother's main though, so I'm sure he's glad R.O.B.'s back in SSB4 :P

Captain Olimar

Wow, did I love to see Olimar do so well at the invitational tourney. Captain Olimar is fun to play as, once you get used to his style. The Pikmin are awesome, and having the full 6 next to you helps a lot. Overall a fun character, especially when you realise he's only 2" tall.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong2
One of the strongest in terms of brute force, if not THE strongest. His down-b wrecks everything, but his recovery is awful. His Final Smash is easily avoidable, and his speed really nerfs his ability to do well. If played right, he can be a threat, but otherwise he's slow, and his jumping/agility can't get him to safety.


I used to hate Ness. Although I still do prefer Lucas, I've learned how to play a proper Ness, and I must say, he's better than I initially claimed. It seems like he's gotten buffed since Brawl, which I'm glad about. I played through Earthbound because of Ness, and I am now one with the fuzzy pickles. Thank you.




Like I said with Ike, I'm a big Fire Emblem fan, so I love playing both Ike and Marth. Their strength and speed is similar, but Marth also has a bad recovery, and his Final Smash is one of the worst in the game. A Final Smash that can kill you if avoided isn't worth the risk. His moves are pretty standard, but compared to swordsmen like Ike and Toon Link, he's nothing special.


Zelda on her own isn't that bad. Her moves are pretty good, she has a lot of strength, and she's fairly fast. Her agility isn't the best, and her Final Smash is easily avoidable. Her recovery is also hard to manipulate, and depending on your position, can miss easily. Hence why I think Sheik is ultimately better. Zelda isn't terrible, but she's no where near the best. Meh.


Mario's villain is a slow and boring character. He's not agile in the slightest, and his recovery is awful. His attacks are quite basic, and he's just overall bad. His Final Smash is his one saving grace, but again, we've already seen it in Wario Man and somewhat Super Sonic. Besides, they literally had to make up Giga Bowser. He had MANY different, better options for a Final Smash.

Zero Suit Samus

Zero Suit Samus
I was a tad surprised when she won the invitational tourney. Very glad she has her own spot on the roster now, and she isn't just a drop from Samus's Final Smash anymore. Her moveset is pretty straightforward and her agility is great. She's not very strong though, and like Samus, her recovery is decent. But because of the things I like more about regular suited Samus, ZSS is lower.

Mii Swordfighter





I can't really explain why I dislike Squirtle. His recovery works alright, but it can miss easily. He's also very light. He seems like a mix of Jigglypuff and the F.L.U.D.D. which makes him rather hard for me to control. But I still love how adorable he is.



Duck Hunt



And then there's this. Why was this a thing? Jigglypuff should've been cut after the original 64 game. She's one of the weakest characters, and her recovery is absolute bollocks. Her sleeping move is completely useless, her rest move is completely useless, and her Final Smash is completely useless. Her speed and agility are copied from Kirby, so playing Kirby makes MUCH more sense due to his extra strength and y'know, good parts. Jigglypuff has no saving factors. I'm pissed they didn't really include her fairy typing in SSB4. It's such a waste of potential.


I was ecstatic when he was announced for Brawl. And when Mega Man and Pac-Man were confirmed for SSB4, I knew I would have to pit Sonic against the 2 newcomers, along with Mario. However, I won't be playing as Sonic in that match. He has the best speed in the game, obviously. However, he's weak and hard to handle. Super Sonic is like Pikachu's Final Smash, except with a smaller radius. His moveset isn't that good, as he has mostly short-range attacks. His long-range attacks are easy to avoid as well.


He's weak and kinda slow. His agility is meh at best. His moves don't really do too much, and his recovery is terrible. His jump is the only good thing, but compared to the other bad things, he's one of the worst characters in Smash.


My least favourite of the Fire Emblem characters in Smash. He was slower than both Marth and Ike, and his agility was poor. It seems like his moveset is the same as every other swordfighter in Smash. I wasn't too upset when he was cut, unlike everyone else.

King Dedede

King Dedede
Oh dear God, this guy. He's horribly slow and awkward to use, with near his entire moveset based around his hammer. His one other move, throwing Waddle Dees, is pointless; they just run off the stage. His recovery is the worst in the entire series (besides Ike) and his Final Smash is utterly pointless. He's strong enough to be somewhat okay, but this is null due to how slow he is. A fast, hard-hitter like Pikachu, G&W, or even Fox can beat him easily.

Falco Lombardi

Falco is ok. Although my preferable fighting style is an aerial game, Falco's is almost...TOO good. I find it hard to control his attacks when he jumps SO damn high. That's the same problem I have with his speed (and Sonic's too). When characters have too much speed and agility, they become a cluttered mess on the ground and air. He's also not very strong. I did, however, main him in Melee because of all the pressure I was getting from my friends and on the competitive scene because my mains were "low-tier garbage". Despite me maining him, I never liked him much and barely use him. And the Landmaster. Dear lord, why did they have to give him the Landmaster?

Fox McCloud

Ironically, the first Star Fox character in Smash and the titular character of his series is the worst of the 3. He's nearly the same as Falco, except his Reflector isn't as good, and his moves aren't that unique to his games. My reasons for disliking him are mostly biased; I hate him in Melee for ruining the competitive scene and I hate his voice in SSB4. Since I mained Falco though, it probably wouldn't be too hard to main Fox. I just really, REALLY, don't want to.


A fan favourite. Don't ask me why, I haven't a clue. He's a slower, weaker, less agile Young/Toon Link. After maining him in SSB, he seemed to get worse and worse in each installment in the series. I'm sorry, but you are the weakest Link.

Ice Climbers

NanaThey were a unique idea and fun to play as. However, the key word is "they". Considering you're only controlling one of them, with the other following, you can't really prevent the NPC climber from getting KO'd. When they do, which they probably will, the remaining climber is seriously nerfed. Their recovery goes away, making him/her terrible off-field. Their strength is also cut. If you have both Popo and Nana, they can be good, but only having one ruins your chances. Not to mention, if the main climber is KO'd, then it's over for both. They were one of my mains in Melee though, so don't ask me about logic any time soon.


In Brawl, he was okay. His recovery worked, and his temporary flight helped out. He was one of the strongest characters in-game. But his moveset was far too basic for a Pokemon with so many abilities, and he was pretty slow. I'll probably barely touch him in SSB4.


I was pretty good with Pit in Brawl, and I used him fairly often. However, with the release of SSB4, I battled someone who played Pit. I battled this player 6 times, and every time I got my butt kicked. I didn't realise it in Brawl, but Pit is a cheap character. This is completely biased, but losing to him so much made me despise Pit. He's still a decent character to play, I suppose, but I hate playing against him now. I got banned from the game for a bit for targeting a Pit player consistently, so there's also that. Again, biased, but eh.

Little Mac


Rosalina & Luma



Another of Brawl's wild cards. This guy shouldn't have EVER been in, coming from an M rated game and packed with an arsenal of real-life weapons like land mines, grenades, and guns. He was slow, awkward to use, and his jumping seemed weird. I'm more than happy he was cut. It leaves room for actual Nintendo characters. His only good thing was his recovery, which we've seen better in Pit and R.O.B. anyway.


Speaking of wastes of potential...

Captain Falcon is the 2nd fastest character in the series. Ganondorf, his exact clone, is one of the slowest. Ganondorf's entire moveset is copy+paste from Captain Falcon's, except the flames are purple instead of red. His agility and speed were nerfed from Captain Falcon, making him a terrible clone and a terrible character. His Final Smash is nothing special, and can be avoided in any map with platforms, or a good jumper like the Kirby characters or Sheik. Such a shame, for the main villain of one of the biggest gaming series of all time. With Hyrule Warriors out, I figured they'd change Ganondorf into his new design, maybe give him dual swords. But no, he's still a disappointment. But there's still one more disappointment on this list.


Jesus Christ on a bike, I couldn't be happier this waste of life was cut. He's a weak Pikachu that's easy as all hell to KO. He has no use. Pikachu is just as fast, just as agile, and much stronger. Pichu was a terrible space filler, and literally, an EXACT COPY. NOTHING WAS DIFFERENT. I don't know what was running through Sakurai's mind when he added Pichu. I mean, Pichu is literally, in the game he's from, the WORSE VERSION OF PIKACHU. THE VERSION WE'RE MEANT TO GET RID OF TO GET PIKACHU. That's why we EVOLVE him in Pokemon. Pichu has no relevance to the Pokemon franchise anymore. Hell, even Solid Snake means more in Nintendo history than Pichu does. And not to mention this thing is so hard to unlock. Fighting 5 wire frames with Pokeballs being thrown at you every couple seconds? Just for this? No, Sakurai, I'll take my Pikachu and Mewtwo anyday. The worst part is, you need Pichu to unlock G&W, my favourite character. So I have to endure hell just to get a character I never use. Thnx m8. Pichu being cut is the best decision in Smash history.

That's my list. Thanks for reading :D

Five Characters I Want in Smash Bros.

Good Ganondorf

As I mentioned above, Ganondorf sucks. When I first unlocked him in Melee, I wanted to main him so badly. I just couldn't. Same in Brawl and SSB4. In the next Smash installment, I want to see Ganondorf take on his Hyrule Warriors version. He could get a slight speed and agility boost, get an epic redesign, and use dual swords. Basically, a god-tier Ganondorf that drops clone status completely. I hold on to the hope that Sakurai will change his mind about altering Ganondorf, because Ganondorf is not only my favourite LoZ character, but my favourite video game villain of all time. I want to see him get the respect he deserves as a character by getting buffed to the extreme.


The face of my 2nd favourite game series of all time deserves a spot in SSB! His moveset potential is through the roof, and all his alt. colour/alt. costume palettes are practically made for him already. He's been on multiple Nintendo systems in the past, and had a planned 3DS game (sucks that it was cancelled :/). Konami had the opportunity to include one of their characters in Brawl, and instead they chose Snake. If that chance ever comes around again, Bomberman should be a shoe-in.

Cooking Mama

I'm not joking. She's quite the oddball pick, but I believe that she has a shot. Her moveset would revolve around various forms of food, and she could have a projectile similar to Mr. G&W's neutral special. Her Final Smash could be her going into her rage mode and doing something similar to Kirby's in SSBB. And for some reason, she just...fits. Wii Fit Trainer proves that no one is safe from entering the game, and Cooking Mama fits the criteria with flying colours.

Simon Belmont

Holy retro icons, Batman! Castlevania was the top dog of gaming back in the day. The series' popularity was insane, and many kids grew up with the whip-slinging, vampire-slaying hero known as Simon Belmont. His moveset could be based around medium to long range attacks with his whip, and his Final Smash could involve Dracula/Alucard. Sakurai said himself, he loves reviving retro series. Castlevania was a huge hit, and the Angry Video Game Nerd introduced the game to a lot of the current generation. He's practically a no-brainer by this point.


Why wasn't he playable in Brawl? He's been in 40+ games since his premiere; that's 5x more than most of the roster can say. He's an absolute fan favourite and a staple in the Mario series cast. Mario, Luigi, and Wario have all been confirmed playable, yet this necessity has been an Assist Trophy 2 games in a row. For shame, Sakurai. His moveset could be made of the Mario Sports/Mario Party games, and his Final Smash could be from Mario Strikers. With a tennis racket, golf club, and baseball bat at his arsenal, no one could stop it. It's Waluigi's Time.

5 Characters I Want in Smash Bros. (Who probably won't happen)


Kingdom Hearts was another series that formed my childhood. This game was a giant trip of feels, from laughter and happiness to depression and vengeance in mere moments. Sora, as one of my favourite video game characters of all time, should belong in Smash Bros. He was in 2 games for the DS, and his moveset could revolve around the Keyblade. His Final Smash could be similar to Shulk's and he could summon Donald and Goofy/Riku and Kairi to finish off the opponent. However, I imagine Sora and Kingdom Hearts as a whole has copyrights up its ass, so I doubt Nintendo will go so far just for one character.


Scribblenauts is amazing. It's literally every child's dream come to life in a game. Whatever you can imagine comes to life in front of you for you to use and interact with. Maxwell's moveset could work phenomenally with this feature. He and his games have been on Nintendo consoles almost exclusively, but with 5th Cell in copyright trouble themselves, I doubt they can help program a character into Smash.

Balloon Fighter

Balloon Fighter pretty much 100% deserves a spot. He's an icon of the NES, and his game was very popular and highly-rated. It was the most popular NES game to play in Animal Crossing as well. I love the concept of Balloon Fighter, the character and game. However, he's on balloons 24/7. That would mean he either needs to be in the air all the time during battle, or have fantastic jumping. Although he's so worthy, he really doesn't have much moveset potential, and the balloons on his back really do make him the odd man out. They'd have to completely change forms of gameplay to accommodate his permanent flying style, which I can't see them doing.

For my attempt at creating a moveset for Balloon Fighter, look here.


Say what you will, but I think Ditto could be an excellent candidate for Smash. He would be a clone of every single character. He would transform into the opponent as soon as the match starts with slightly altered stats, and of course, the Ditto face plastered on instead. He could be the joke character everyone would love to play as, like R.O.B. and Wii Fit Trainer. I personally prefer Ditto to Zoroark, simply for the comedy it would bring to Smash. But unfortunately, Zoroark seems more likely, and at that, other Pokemon do as well.

Commander Video

The main character of the Bit.Trip Runner games, Commander Video just makes sense in Smash. Too bad he's largely third party. His moveset would revolve around kicking and his Mega, Super, and Ultra power bonuses. His Final Smash could be him gaining his Extra power and going into a mode similar to Wario Man. He recently got a sequel, and his entire game series was released for the Wii U. But, as I said, he's still a largely third party character, and from an indie company at that. With other third parties to use, Commander Video's chances seem slim. I quite literally shit myself when I saw his trophy during the Nintendo Direct though.

5 Characters Who I NEVER Want to See in Smash Bros.


It should be a rule, characters who originated from video games are the only ones that can be in Smash. Goku was an anime for years before his first game on the NES, and NO ONE knows him from the games, only the anime and the manga. Including him would be pointless compared to the actual Nintendo/better third party characters wanted in the roster.

Leon Kennedy/Nemesis

Resident Evil is a great series. Not particularly my cup of coffee, but I recognise its appeal to others. That being said, neither the protagonist or antagonist should be in Smash. It's far too dark for the series, and it's probably not a good thing when I hear my friends say they want to beat the crap out of Bowser with Nemesis and tear apart Marth with Leon. All in all, I think there's better characters to use in the roster.

Master Chief

The only Microsoft characters who belong in Smash are Banjo & Kazooie. Master Chief would be similar to Snake, except worse. He's never touched a Nintendo system and probably never will. I'll never see the logic behind the Xbox fanboys who spam this idea to Sakurai.

Tom Nook

Another fan favourite choice, and one with people who thought he'd actually fight alongside Villager in SSB4. And if you thought Wii Fit Trainer or Pac-Man wouldn't have a good moveset, then this guy would take it to a whole new level. He isn't enough like Villager to be a clone, yet he doesn't have many characteristics to make a moveset from. I could imagine him doing something with money, I suppose, but that would be stupid. Animal Crossing only needs one rep in the game, and Villager has taken the spot on the roster.


Yes. Ridley. He's too big. He's perfect with his position in SSB4. He's unlocked his full potential. Honestly, I was pretty meh about Ridley at the start. But his fanboys are so outrageous about it. People still think, even after the SSBWU Direct, that he could be DLC. Well, he won't be. Get over it. If there were ever to be a new Metroid rep, I'd want one of the Hunters, preferably Sylux or Trace.

My 3 Mains from All the Games

Super Smash Bros.

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Super Smash Bros. Melee

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl

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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U
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For Fun

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Project M

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Porky Minch
Little Mac

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