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Template:Smasherbeta Please don't ask me for Friend Codes if you live outside Europe, I'm not good in lag and I don't enjoy playing with larger input lag, but if you live in Europe, I'll gladly accept it. I will answer and I will add you the first time I know the request. I'm a Snake mainer and I don't really play Wario anymore. I also use Ganondorf a lot in friendlies, more than Snake there. In Melee, I only use Ganondorf because he's the only one I'm good with. Currently I'm pretty active in the Wiki, and I add a lot of random but useful info that isn't written in the articles when I get something that is missing in the wiki in my mind, usually taken from Smash World Forums or All is Brawl where I'm more often than here in Smash Wiki, there's still a lot of useful info missing in this Wiki.


Type of characters

Mains in Brawl

  • Blue Snake


  • Meleedorf/Green Ganondorf

Main in Melee

  • Purple Ganondorf


  • I may be the only user of Smash Wikia who is Swedish, if any other user is Swedish, tell me please here!.
  • I like more team matches than 1vs1 because I like help and be helped to win.
  • I never write in my talk page, just delete if it puts what I must do/doesn't or negative things.
  • I don't like Free for All at all. I'm also really bad at it.
  • I don't play on weekdays.
  • I like the way to L-cancel, which benefited Ganondorf in Melee. I'm angry that they removed that.
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