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Template:Smasherbeta Please don't ask me for Friend Codes if you live outside Europe, I'm not good in lag and I don't enjoy playing with larger input lag, but if you live in Europe, I'll gladly accept it. I will answer and I will add you the first time I know the request. I'm a Snake mainer and I don't really play Wario anymore. I also use Captain Falcon and Ganondorf when I want to make wins a challenge. In Melee, I only use Ganondorf because he's the only one I'm good with. Currently I'm pretty active in the Wiki, adding a lot of useful info that isn't written in the articles, there's still a lot of useful info missing.


Type of characters

Mains in Brawl

  • Blue Snake


  • Meleedorf/Green Ganondorf

Main in Melee

  • Purple Ganondorf


  • I may be the only user of Smash Wikia who is Swedish, if any other user is Swedish, tell me please here!.
  • I like more team matches than 1vs1 because I like help and be helped to win.
  • I never write in my talk page, just delete if it puts what I must do/doesn't or negative thinks like say Wario is a poor character.
  • I don't like Free for All at all. I'm also really bad at it.
  • I don't play on weekdays.
  • I like the way to L-cancel, which benefited Ganondorf in Melee. I'm angry that they removed that.