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Template:Smasherbeta I will answer and I will add you the first time I know the request. Tell me if you want to play against a very good and annoying Wario main. I'm trying to proof why a character is good or bad by making pros. and cons, but I will only do it with characters I use often. Currently I'm improving many articles in smash bros. wikia. And I hate vandalism, it's stupid.


You should know

  • In Brawl no-one should put Donkey Kong or Wario in low tier.
  • Donkey Kong is extremely heavy and strong , is unique because of carry and he is much faster than he looks.
  • Wario is for top because of a good recovery and unusual small for his weight class and his various ways to attack and approach makes him a very hard character to predict. It's also my main character.

Type of characters


  • White overall Wario (of course).
  • Normal Donkey Kong (because he has easy time with spikes which I like to do and Wario lacks a spike that isn't throwing his Bike.


  • Normal Donkey Kong (because he has easy time with spikes which I like to do and Wario lacks a spike that isn't throwing his Bike.
  • Green Falco.
  • White Marth.
  • Green Snake.
  • Brown or normal King Dedede.
  • Normal Wolf.
  • Old Ganondorf.
  • Normal Pokemon Trainer.

My pros. and cons. on Brawl



  • His Warlock Punch can KO in damages as low as 20%.
  • Owns the most powerful spike at medium to high percentages in the game, sweetspotted or sourspotted can KO at 0%

and even spikes when non sweetspotted.

  • His dair has enough power to star KO at about 100% and can .
  • He can combo his side b to certain attacks such as his down tilt or jab.
  • Almost all of his attacks are very powerful.
  • Very heavy character


  • Very slow moving.
  • Vulnerable to chain grabs.
  • Poor horizontal grab range
  • His aerials are very laggy when he lands.
  • No projectile.
  • Most of his attacks are slow.
  • Very poor and predictable horizontal recovery.
  • A large target.



  • One of the best aerial games in the game.
  • Very small target for being a heavy character.
  • Can eat items and he eats the fastest.
  • 3rd fastest lateral air speed.
  • Heavy character.
  • Great DACUS.
  • Only character in the game that does not lose speed if changing direction in the air.
  • His neutral b can block certain attacks such as Sonic's, Yoshi's Jigglypuff's rolling attacks and go through shields since it has grab properties.
  • His forward smash puts him in super armor frames during hit frames and is very quick for a smash attack.
  • Amazing recovery thanks to have fast air speed and able to use his bike and corkscrew in the same jump.
  • Good grab range.
  • Can chain grab with his down throw on some characters.
  • Good edge guarder.
  • Half charged Wario Waft has amazing knockback.
  • Unpredictable character .
  • Fast attack speed for a heavyweight.


  • Poor Corkscrew.
  • Short range in almost every attack except grab range, forward tilt and bike projectile.
  • Can't use his bike if his bike is in screen.
  • Vulnerable for ir release grab combos or some infinite releases, though he is very hard to grab.



  • Long horizontal recovery.
  • Great projectile.
  • Can reflect projectiles.
  • One the highest initial jump in the game.
  • Can DACUS.
  • His small jump is very good to start combos.
  • His d-air is a good spike.
  • His side b is a spike if weak for recovery spikes.
  • Amazing chain grab that works on most characters until 42%.


  • Terrible Fire Bird which has poor distance and a lot of start-up lag.
  • Very light character but a quite large target.

Donkey Kong


  • 2nd heaviset character in the game
  • Great range
  • A very powerful character, especially his smash attacks.
  • Fast dash speed despite being Super Heavyweight.
  • Only character in the game who can carry heavy items without losing speed.
  • Only character in the game who can carry other characters.
  • Can stage spike with his carry throw.
  • Has 3 spikes, 2 of them powerful.
  • Invulnerable to ground release combos due his extremely short grab release animation.
  • His side smash has one of the highest knockback in the game, has low start lag for being so powerful and great range.
  • His down b is a great attack to punish rolls for racking high damage
  • Fast air speed in the game despite being super heavyweight
  • His up air is extremely fast and star ko at high percenteges and also is a good move when missing while edge-guarding.
  • Fully charged Giant Punch grants him super armor so it's harder to interrupt him while doing it.
  • Great shield pressure due high shield damage of Headbutt, grounded Spinning Kong and fully charged Giant Punch all does high shield damage.
  • Spinning Kong is able to cancel a KO horizontal knockback that even Bowser wouldn't resist.
  • Extremely long horizontal recovery.
  • Great grab range.
  • His down tilt is extremely fast and makes opponents trip.
  • His down smash is very quick finisher that kills at mid-high percenteges and covers both sides at the same time.


  • No projectile.
  • Poor dash attack.
  • Small shield size compared to his body.
  • Can be chain grabbed infinitely by several characters.
  • Huge target
  • Poor vertical recovery.



  • Good weight, great range and extremely powerful attacks.
  • Owns the 2nd most powerful forward smash in the game (just below the sweetspotted Dedede's).
  • His side b can be charged indifinetely.
  • His almost fully charged eruption is very extremely powerful (almost OHKO).


  • One of the slowest overall attack speed.
  • Very predictable recovery
  • Quite solw dash speed.
  • No projectile.



  • Most of his attacks are quick, have good range and have have high priority.
  • The tip of the sword has great power.
  • Very good making combos.
  • Very few chain grabs works well on him due to his Dolphin Slash easily escapes from them.
  • Can chain grab with his forward throw on some characters and infinite by just pummelling on Ness.
  • 2nd Fastest walking speed in the tied with Fox to use easier side tilts.
  • Fast dash speed.
  • Shield Breaker can break entire shields very easily and fully charged (which charges very fast) is very powerful when tipped and even still powerful when non-tipped.
  • Can counter attacks and has least start lag in the game of all of them.
  • Shield breaker makes his move forward in the air without putting him helpless making it very useful in recovery.
  • Great grab range.
  • Has a very powerful spike which has very little start lag.


  • No projectile.
  • Short horizontal recovery.
  • Dolphin Slash, his recovery move, has high landing lag.
  • The tip is small and the stem has low strengh.
  • Light character.
  • Hard to KO without finding the tip of the sword.
  • His spike move doesn't spike if it isn't tipped.

King Dedede


  • 4th heaviest character in the game
  • Great grab range and can infinite with his down throw everyone with a wall and even some without a wall or chain grab most characters.
  • His dash attack has enough power for KO and is the strongest in the game.
  • Has four mid-air jumps that help his extremely slow air speed and super Dedede jump helps even more.
  • Can eat items with inhale.
  • His sweetspotted forward smash has the highest knockback of any other forward smash in the game.
  • His waddle dess, his projectile, can protect him from other projectiles.
  • Though being a heavyweight, his tilt attacks are extremely quick attacks with almost no ending lag, one of them long ranged and other of them able to KO at high percenteges, especially up tilt.


  • 3rd slowest dash speed tied with Zelda.
  • Slowest air speed in the game.
  • Many of his attacks have long end lag.
  • Very large target.
  • Super Dedede Jump cannot grab edges if not canceled and cannot grab edges immediately after being canceled.


  • I may be the only user of Smash Wikia who is Swedish, if any other user is Swedish, tell me please here!.
  • I like more team matches than 1vs1 because I like help and be helped to win.
  • I never write in my talk page, just delete if it puts what I must do/doesn't or negative thinks like say Wario is a poor character.
  • I don't play on weekdays.
  • I add everyone who hasn't tier, but I ignore those who put Wario in under 20th on tier.
  • I like the way to L-cancel, which benefited Ganondorf in Melee. I'm angry that they removed that.
  • I like a lot Taunt Matches, but I can also play seriously.


  • If you think I forgot something in my pros. and cons. please, tell me that so I correct it(you'll be ignored if I know it was a lie).

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