This is mah Museum of everything that I've ever done that were famous.

Kirby Krew Userbox

Kirbymelee This user is a member of the Kirby Krew


EarthBound Box This user really, really, really likes EarthBound
Not srsbsns This user doesn't mean srs bsns.
Srsbsns However, when brawling, this user sometimes means SRS BSNS!
Kirby This user prefers this image over the other one.
NessBrawl This user thinks Ness is better than Lucas
KirbyBrawl This user mains Kirby

Sonic Taunt This user thinks you're too slow!


SmashWiki User:

A-a Combo: JtM: Hits them with all three letters Forward Tilt: Joemansmash: Smashes his fist forward Up Tilt: GalaxiaD: Hits them with a sword upward Down Tilt: Mario, the classic man of Nintendo: (Basically Mario's down tilt) Forward Smash: Comesindoves: Smashes a dove forward Up Smash: Masterman: Shoots a word "Master" upward, and then makes it come back down as "man" Down Smash: Text: Inserts text under them Pummel: Blue Ninjakoopa: Throws a barrage of shurikens at them.

Not finished!

UCB Results

Marth won. He beat everyone in teh competition. Look at the page history for mah user page for moar.


KirbyBrawlSmall KirbyBrawl Marth Kirby Pitfall File:DonkeykongSSB.gif KirbySymbol SSBBGigaBowser3 File:KirbySSB.gif Sonic Sonic Taunt Primid Tabuu JigglypuffSSB NessSSB NessFlash GEKKO Mr. Game and Watch SSE Duon

Friends that Changed mah online Life

  • GXD
  • Zmario
  • KP
  • BNK
  • Masterman
  • Amycats2
  • Baltro
  • Smore
  • Cheez
  • Miles
  • Alex25
  • SapphireKirby
  • Ike's Best Buddy
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