FALCONPAWNCH! Hi everyone I'm Falconpawnch and I am here because I love Super Smash Brothers. If anybody could help me with my page that would be great. funny qoute: "Whats the name of that band" who "the band on the stage" who "the band on stage" who "do you know the name of the band" yes "so yes is on stage" no yes isn't even here "then whats the band on the stage" who

this user is always bored or frustrated at home

this user hates grammer
this user hates the color black mixed with red
this user is an indodemapublicrat



  • I am 15
  • I can Clap with one hand(useful when holding controller)
  • I know seven difernt ways to win no matter what with luigi
  • I am not literal
  • I am a horible speller
  • I can say hello in three difernt languges
  • I can mess with your mind
  • I was born 11/4/94
  • I live in Cincinnati Ohio
  • I am not self obsessed.
  • My favorite color is white.


Makeum some calamari[When ever i slash mario with beam sword(blooper refrence)]

Dang(when ever somthing bad happens)

Bruuuuucce!(whenever i get a hit with the HR-bat)

Ha! Ha!(whenever i win)

Ha coma(when somone is hit with deku nut)

Lets roll(when i feel like quoting a 70s movie)

Spooky(when i get a real good picture)

Great balls of fire(when mario unleashes his final smash)

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh(when i have no idea)

Late(When your late)

Polka power(Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

Walk like egyptians(when luigis final smash takes place)

Who(when adam points out I lost to someone)

My name is major payne(when i play as snake)

wheres the any key(when im mad at technology)

look a fity dollar bill(when i feel like a prank)

hallo(when people are acting stupid)

where does the red fern grow(when im mad at books)

Why why(when i lose without someone to cheer me up)

thats freaky bro(When jigglypuff wins)

that ______ is a cheap clone(when i lose to a clone charecter)

SPOOOOOOOOOOOON (said when randomly attacking)

Dont smell the salad dressing (you have to be there.)

I love 300 and 1 (Honoring my 301st edit)

Eveyones a little Crazy (lkjfndbkjkbnnkjbsdsfksbxkh)

Zingtastic (When making fun of my cousin Kyle)

HUMMM life is pointless gonna moap about it till someone notices me blah blah blah... CRUD! (when cheering up depressed people only to have them try to punch me in the throat.)

My friends

Add to it if you want

Favorite charecters

These are my top three Favorite charecters from all three games.

Super Smash Brothers Captain Falcon, Luigi, Pikachu

Super Smash Bros. Melee Captain Falcon, Luigi, Roy

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Captain Falcon, Luigi, Snake.


Can any one tell me why roy is not in brawl? If so go to my talk page.

My Challenges

Eiasest chalenge ever

  • Need two human (Ike,Luigi) and two CPU any level(Marth,mario)
  • Ike and Luigi team green
  • Marth Mario team red
  • Stage Hyrule Tymple
  • One stock
  • No shielding
  • No items

Winners: Falconpawnch and Lucasguy

My family

  • Kyle, Linkowns2, novice player. true cousin 13
  • Adam, Lucasguy Advance player one who equals me. second cousin 11
  • Max new player One who never sees me. true cousin Kindergartner
  • Kirsten uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. true cousin freshman at oak hills
  • Jessica Pichu4ever Sister new player 9

Favorite sites

You should check this site out. --Falconpawnch

brawl in the family


Nuff said


  • When i first started playing at age 5 I could beat a level 9 ith two moves from Pikachu.
  • When i first saw melee i thought it was a differnt sieries.
  • My cousin (adam) got Melee Before me but i got everything before him.
  • I think Jigglypuff is pretty bad.
  • My Favorite sieries outside smash bros is Zelda.
  • I can make lucario do damege with his Up+B move on a custom stage.
  • I like linkin park
  • Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • my first game was a mortal kombat
  • I am a reds fan.
  • I like action adventure films like Indiana jones or Star Wars.
  • I have a lot of people mad at me
  • I don't belive in shielding
  • Alt-luigi
  • SSBMCast
  • SSBBcast


I'M BACK after three months I have finaly found the time to get back to Smashwiki Falconpawnch 20:37, November 19, 2009 (UTC) Hig school is difficult but I make it throught each day with all my brain cells. DON'T EAT THE SALAD! Falconpawnch 00:56, November 22, 2009 (UTC)



  • AAA= punch, kick, headbutt
  • =>A= roundhouse kick
  • ^A= racket swipe
  • vA= Stomp
  • Dair= Drop
  • Fair= head flip
  • Bair= Racket swipe
  • Uair= Raket throw
  • B= bomb- throws bomb
  • =>B= Tennis- throws tennis balls than if it bouncs back he hits it
  • ^B= tennis nuncuck- makes a hook atatch to his tennis racket and throws

it up

  • vB= Tantrum- jumps up and down creating a shockwave
  • Final Smash= Anger Overload- runs like a madman shooting beams from his eyes and floating on the air droping bombs and attacking for 17 seconds.(no player control)
  • ^Taunt= minaical cackle
  • vTaunt= Toss a bomb that explodes on him
  • =>Taunt= Eyes flash purple

Shadow the hedgehog

  • A= punch


  • AAA= punch, punch, kick
  • =>A= strong punch
  • ^A= uppercut
  • vA= sweep kick
  • Dair= spike
  • Fair= spike twist
  • Bair= flip
  • Uair= scissor kick
  • B= Flame attack- flaming homing attack
  • =>B= flame somersault- same as sonic adventure 2 move
  • ^B= Jet boot boost- his boots send him flying up
  • vB= Flame charge- same as spin charge but with flames
  • Final Smash= chaos spear- Sends a large spear of chaos energy accros the field and whoever is caught gets 60% and is sent flying.
  • ^Taunt= Spins around saying I am the ultiment liform
  • vTaunt= looks menicingly at the screen saying Pathetic humans
  • =>Taunt= Shows off a chaos emerald


  • A= punch
  • AAA= punch, punch, jab
  • =>A= jab
  • ^A= cap spike
  • vA= sweep kick
  • Dair= Drop
  • Fair= caparang
  • Bair= caparang
  • Uair= cap throw
  • B= finger launch- launches fingers
  • =>B= arm fire- fires arm
  • ^B= Geno beam- fires beam down as a boost
  • vB= Geno bomb- throws his head wich creates a small explosion
  • Final Smash= Geno Whirl- Fires a magical beam of energy that works like Critical Hit
  • ^Taunt= messes with fingers
  • vTaunt= plays with star
  • =>Taunt= throws his arm to the side.

Jimmy T

  • A= punch
  • AAA= punch, punch, kick
  • =>A= strong punch
  • ^A= uppercut
  • vA= sweep kick
  • Dair= stomp
  • Fair= slap
  • Bair= flip
  • Uair= afro
  • B= Comb- throws spiked comb
  • =>B= Mic-hits with mike
  • ^B= comb wire- shots spiked end of comb up
  • vB= afro shield- Afro grows around him
  • Final Smash= Mike- brings out mike and sings a super loud song that acts like barbara
  • ^Taunt= does a disco pose
  • vTaunt= Does a dance
  • =>Taunt= Combs his afro

Samuri Goroh

  • A= slash


  • AAA= Slash Slash kick
  • Rapid A= Fury Slash
  • ^A= Upward slash
  • =>= Strong Slash
  • vA= ground slash
  • Fair= Forward slash
  • Bair= Backwards Slash. Spike
  • Dair=Downward Slash
  • Uair= Powerful stab
  • B= Goroh Punch= Electrical punch in a stigray shape
  • =>B= Triple Treat= Eletric Slash Fire Slash Ice Slash
  • ^B= Goroh boost= Like falcon dive only no charecter grabing and no regaind jump
  • vB= Goroh Tornado= Sowrd spins around
  • Final Smash= Mega Slash Like a automatic Galexia Darkness only sideways and any one caught in the line dies.

Taunts all= Angry poses


A= Slap

AAA= slap punch kick

A=>= chop

A^= Uppercut

Av= Sweep slap

B= Thunder= sends a thunder bolt

=>B= Extending punch= chargable

vB= Cloud shield

^B= Cymbol= like bird wings in air

note can puff up like jigglypuff

Final smash= Twister craetes a twister

^Taunt= Little rain cloud

=>Taunt= Atempt to jump

vB= Messes with frog coin.

my tier list

Tier list all games
brave and bold who let you in

3. Whirr...
5. Ka-BLAM 6. Elvis
7. Chain
8. The King
9. Marlio
11. Carot top
12. Itsa bad guy
13. Happy Birthday Hapy Birthday
14. Whoopdee doo Whoopdee doo
15. Punichello 16. We are in londen
17. Garlic
18. Model
19. Red
21. rehtea 22. Go and KILL!
23. Charmander
24. Cruel Dictator 25. Grape Ape
26. constipated dinosaur
27. Pidgeon
28. The speed of lint
29. I love a plumber
31. Old Geezer 32. The idiots 33. Smooth mover

34. PK... Hey whats that
35. U Sucketh
36. What

Note: Ice Climbers and G&W late additoions.

Games that need beter movies

  • Mario
  • Sonic
  • Pokemon

Games that need movies

  • Metroid
  • LoZ
  • Metal gear soild
  • Star Fox
  • F-Zero
  • Mother
  • Halo

movies based on vidio gaming that should not exist

  • Tron
  • Tr2n(tron 2)

My view on internet memes

I find internet memes to be amusing but if you use them offline in most of your sentences than you basicly have no life. Look at it this way when you talk to people offline you talk directly to them you try to make yourself keep sane and not shout random things into the sky. The people who do this are listed here: Linkowns2



  • one quote per user (you can do more than one pic)
  • no cussing

judging scale:

  • 1=Awsome
  • 2=nice
  • 3=nice try dude
  • 4=uhhhh
  • 5=Suckish

[1] File:Peachbomber.jpg

  • Mario: Oh! Mama-mia! I've hit-a the jackpot!
  • Peach: You're sick, Mario! (Star KOs Mario)

Friedbeef1 Ho ho ho! 23:39, 22 December 2008 (UTC)Awsome

Mario: I'd think you hate me, but the hearts tell me otherwise Ike's Best BuddyGreat Aether!nicenice

  • Mario: Love hurts, especially in the universe that is Smash Brothers. Blue Ninjakoopa 01:47, 7 January 2009 (UTC)Nice try dude

[2] New Pork City4

AAAHHH! A LITTLE YELLOW BIRD! Ike's Best BuddyGreat Aether!

[3] Stick

  • Yoshi: It's a dream come true! It's a sticker of me!
  • Snake: You have this one.
  • Yoshi: But this one's HOLOGRAPHIC! ParaGoomba348 12:29, 13 January 2009 (UTC)

I can fulfil my tiny, pointless dream! I will own a peice of paper with my face on it! Ike's Best Buddy/Bird Of Prey Talk

[4] Gray Fox3

  • Link: I'm too sexy for this stage, too sexy for this stage so sexy it hurts... ParaGoomba348 12:50, 16 January 2009 (UTC)

Ode to Minions Lyrics

Do you remember the Piranha Plant You roasted in 5-1? And were you there when his family recieved the news about their son? These minions clock in from 9 to 5 To provide for their wives Not knowing it'd be the last day Of their lives

So light a candle for the Goombas That were crushed beneath your feet Say a prayer for all the Octoroks That were sliced into mincemeat Give a shout out to the Keese you killed Just to open that locked door 'Cause no one thinks about the minions Anymore

  • sniff sniff*

As we gather to mourn the loss of our pal, Let's never forget that...Dodongo disliked smoke. He disliked smoke to the end!

Good night sweet Kraken. (It's pronounced Crackin'!)

I will give him this. He used bombs wisely. But at what cost?! AT WHAT COST?!

The last Metroid is in captivity. The rest...have all died.

Curse you, spiny blue shell!

Your pet Yoshi helped himself to a buffet! (Shy Guy flambe!) You've slain him just for being in your way! (Get him Entei!)

They've got kids to feed! Yards to weed! Taxes and bills to pay! So put your plumber's hat over your heart and say That you're sorry to the Mets you fried Just to grab an extra screw (Grab an extra screw!) Apoligize to the ducks you shot So a dog wouldn't laugh at you

Genocide is typically frowned upon And yet Samus disagrees Don't forget the imps you killed for EXP

These minions gave their lives For guys like me

(Note: This song Belongs to Brawl in the family. visit thier website via the link above)

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