Hello people of the smash wiki! I'm Falcon Mrk II. My name is a combination of my team`s name in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon; Blue Rescue Team, Falcon, plus half the name of the final boss in that robot`s(I forget his name, I`ll fix it later) story in Sonic Adventure, Mrk II. Why? `Cause it sounds cool.

Anyway,I have all super smash games,and I've been playing Brawl since I got it. I'm pretty good.I'm the best in my neighborhood(even though I'm basicly the only gamer)My WiFi hasn't been working that well so I can't battle anyone, buuuutt, leave your smash code here so I can DESTROY YOU when my WiFi is working.

Smash Info

  • I only use the GCN controller 'cause I think it better though I will play with any other control styles (except the Wiimote by itself) if nessesary.
  • I have all three Smash games.
  • I don't use the advanced techniques
  • I hate the Dragoon pieces because it's like 'if i don't get all the pieces i'll die!' and i think that takes away the fun. ugh

Characters I use in SSBB

Anybody I feel like.I`m liking Kirby right now.

Characters I use is SSBM

Fox,Young Link,and Roy

Characters I use in SSB


Smash Code Vault

Leave your smash code here.

Mislancius...Mislacius...Mis aww screw spelling!

  • I'm male.DUH
  • I think I'm one of the best but I know I'm not.
  • Naruto is awesome.
  • I'm probably too childish for my age.
  • I play Yu-Gi-Oh! (I play an Elemental Hero deck.)

Big News!!

I now live in Canada.If anyone lives in the Laval/Montrèal area. TELL ME

Glitches Preformed

  • Earthquake Glitch
  • Mario Circuit Glitch
  • Puff Up Glitch
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