Hi. You might know me from some other places as SRB2Espyo (YouTube, for instance). I registered on this Wikia to help, obviously. Now, as for what I CAN do...

About me

I started playing SSB around 2005 or something. The very first time, I saw it, and didn't knew what to think. After some weeks, I decided to turn to it again. After a few hours of understanding, I got hooked. And recently, I think I can judge myself as a good SSB player. But now... I got SSBM on 2008's Christmas. (I unlocked everyone but Mewtwo and Mr. Game and Watch after the first 3 days; but it's mainly because I got such a big Smash experience before I started). Yet still, currently (January 2009) I SUCK at SSBM. At least, I think so. I have a hard time playing Normal with 3 stocks, whereas in the original, I only had a hard time with 3 stocks Very Hard. Yet, it seems to me that the original's Very Hard wasn't as hard as SSBM's.

Either way, I'm here to submit info (mostly fix stubs) on SSBM and SSB articles. And... That's pretty much all there is to it.

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