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All About Erik (AAE)

Greetings, greetings. I'm Erik Jensen, a 23-year-old (as of August 7) white male editing from California. I've done heavy page-editing in the past and have won sysop status for that, but I'm certainly not the type to spend all day making minor edits to a lot of pages. (In fact, most of my wiki-editing focus takes place at the Golden Sun wiki.) I pretty much haunt a select few Wikis including Golden Sun, and aside from the above sites listed and occasional posts at a Golden Sun forum, I don't post or appear anywhere else on the Internet, and I don't give out my email address.

I'm a very non-aggressive person, and also quite lazy and prone to procrastination. On anything that's a Wiki or something like it, I always try to think from the perspectives of the other people making edits, and if there's someone I disagree with, I look for ways to compromise and collaborate. The self-imposed title "Appreciator" refers to my tendency to be very forgiving with what I see and read in stories, as well as how I like to go out of my way to understand what the developers of a show or game have in mind instead of randomly rant or rave about what I see on the surface through a quick glance; I can appreciate pretty much any type of character and plot element, and if there's something in a story or game I don't like, rather than bitch about it I ignore it so I can focus on the other aspects that are better.

The biggest thing I don't like is nonconstructive criticism. Basically, if someone doesn't like something, they would do well to explain how and why, because that feels like a well-supported opinion that can be respected. Straight blanket statements like how something *is* bad, without paying any attention or respect to those that happen to like it, on the other hand: As Sonic Sez, "That's no good." :P People won't like you if you insult their favorite franchise just for the sake of having something to randomly rant at, but I can at least say that I'll respect and ignore your misgivings if you provide an understandable reasoning and show you don't have anything stupidly personal against other people that think differently.

I always liked Smash Bros. for being the most awesome crossover that has ever been realized, and for Brawl I was especially excited by the possibility of there being an appearance by Golden Sun, my pick for most treasured game series ever. Of course I was disappointed when it was revealed there would be no playable characters or stages, but it still was a major event for me when Isaac at least made an appearance as an Assist Trophy and there was some battle music in Norfair. Perhaps when there's an SSB4, the Golden Sun series (which finally made a resurgence over a year after Brawl's release) will finally get the representation and global recognition it deserves. ;)

Transmission ending... Erik Jensen (Appreciate me here!)

Past and Current Activities

You may view me as I view myself on SmashWiki: The Master of the Universe. MWAHAHA!!! The main reason being that between January and May of 2007 I underwent an epic editing project for the site, creating the majority of the content of every single Universe article in the below template (which I also made):

Since then I've done general editing.

Erik's Miscellany

In June, I got into the crazy wacky world of Action Replay for Melee. Prior to that, my Melee credentials included the following more hardcore achievements, all without the help of any Action Replay:

  • I have collected all 290 non-AR trophies
  • I have beaten Event match 51 without losing a life.
  • I have beaten Classic mode on Very Hard
  • I have beaten Adventure mode on Very Hard
  • I have beaten All-Star mode on Very Hard. Took forever, but I pulled it off with Roy on April 13, 2007.

A joke subpage, detailing this incredibly funny incident I saw on Wikipedia years back: /A Man In Black user page preservation

A subpage displaying all the various Universe templates: /Universe templates