aka Lucas Steven Harder

  • I live in Luigi's Mansion
  • I was born on June 14
  • My occupation is Luigi's Video Games
  • I am Male
Do you want Polterpup or any other Luigi's Mansion character in the next Smash Bros. and put away Mother Fuckin' RosalinaSelection Votes  HELL YEAH! I HATE SUPER MARIO GALAXY AND LOVE LUIGI'S MANSION AND THEY SHOULD ADD HIM TO SSB4! 100%1  Yes, Rosalina is just an add-on Mario character and it is The Year of Luigi so it's a good idea! 0%0  Yeah Polterpup is a playable character and Rosalina has not in any adventure game so put him in! 0%0  I don't really know! 0%0  I had no experience with Super Mario Galaxy, Luigi's Mansion, or Super Smash Bros. 0%0  I don't like that idea! Rosalina has been in more Mario games! 0%0  Polterpup is just a minor character and should not be in any sort of Smash Bros. 0%0  I don't think Polterpup or Rosalina should be in any Smash Bros. 0%0  HELL NO! pOLTERPUP IS THE MOTHER FUCKER AND ROSALINA IS THE BAD ASS! 0%0   1 total  - See more at:

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