Hello, everyone. I am Ederek-Cole, also known in other games and on YouTube as Pyroclasticman. I am by no means a new Smash Bros. player, but I still consider myself in the process of learning the game as I have not yet developed a style of play suited to myself. But I digress.

I primarily use Toon Link and slightly less often, I go old-school and break out Mr. Game & Watch. Those are my mains, but I can hold my own as most other characters as well.


Brawl Related

  • Toon Link could've been almost the opposite of Link, if he had been given items like the Gust Jar, the Deku Leaf, and a Spin Attack similar to the Luigi Tornado.
  • Mewtwo should not have been removed...
  • ...But if they had to remove him, they could've replaced him with another legendary, preferably Deoxys.
  • There are better uses for character spots than clones.
  • Kirby has the best chance for recovery in the game.
  • Meta Knight is not "cheap", he's just different.
  • There is no such thing as a bad character--just people who don't know how to use them.

Nintendo in General

  • If Nintendo attempts to do anything else "new" with the Mario series, it will die. The Galaxy games are good enough.
  • The Zelda series needs to move into the future.
  • As obvious as it is that it won't happen ever, I'd like to see a Pokémon game made by the fans.
  • We need a new Earthbound game. People have forgotten.
  • Ice Climbers would make an excellent movie.
  • The Nintendo 3DS will be one of the best systems, and the best handheld system, ever.
  • I hated the original Donkey Kong. There, I said it.

Competency List

I'll make a chart when I have the time; for now, I'm content with a simple list. These are in order, from my best character to my worst, in Brawl:

This list is subject to change, of course.

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