Do not complain if I beat you... because I won't.


I'm legendary in-person but mediocre online, like my BES BOI MKLeo! I don't have Ultimate (⊙_⊙;) (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ But I rock Sm4sh every day and decimate 5 whenever possible.

My Fighters


  • Main: Lucina
  • Secondary: I don't really know...
  • Pockets: Kirby, Hero, Cloud, Samus, Greninja, Bowser, Sheik, Ridley, and Corrin... whew


  • Main: Marth/Lucina
  • Secondary: Cloud
  • Pockets: Kirby, Mewtwo, Roy


  • Main: Marth
  • Secondary: Pokemon Trainer
  • Pockets: Fox, Meta Knight

Smash 64

  • Main: Captain Falcon
  • Secondary: Kirby

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