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I used to be an active contributor to GuildWiki, but I've been largely inactive there since I helped to establish PvXwiki where I'm a Bureaucrat, though now inactive. I'm also a Sysop on the GuildWarsWiki. As of June 10, 2009, I am also a Sysop on SmashWiki.

Among other things, I'm an avid Smasher. I'm not a huge fan of Brawl, so I mostly play Melee, in which I main Jigglypuff. When I do play Brawl, I usually play as either Jigglypuff, MK, or Pikachu.

I play Brawl online even less frequently than I play it offline, but, if, for whatever reason, you've got some burning desire to Brawl me, my friend code is 2492-3872-8047.

According to the personality test found here, I'm an "Inspirer". Go figure.

For anyone currently using IE, I would advise them to peruse the information contained in this link: Internet Explorer Sucks

If you get into a dispute with me, keep these two things in mind:

  1. I am always right.
  2. If you suspect me of being wrong, refer to point #1 :P

This user laments the destruction of the noble WikiDragons (damn WikiKnights!)

Advice for my Fellow SmashWikians
  1. Privacy doesn't exist on Wikis; if you don't want any random person who happens to be watching Recent Changes to be able to read and comment on your conversations, take your conversations offwiki.
  2. In re RfAs
    • Although RfAs act as poll insofar as they gauge relative levels of support and opposition for a particular candidate, they are not vote counts, they are tools to aid the Bureaucrats. If you want your "vote" to mean anything, it absolutely has to be backed up with some kind of rationale beyond "candidate X is a cool guy."
    • General edit counts are meaningless. Yes, edit counts may demonstrate level of activity and general dedication, but they have absolutely no bearing whatsoever on how a candidate will preform. However, certain kinds of edits -- edits to the SmashWiki namespace, for instance -- may be better indicators.
  3. Don't create conversation fragments. If someone leaves a query or a comment on your talk page, respond on your talk page. The expectation is that if that person is looking for a response, they'll be keeping an eye on your talk page (either with Recent Changes or with their Watchlist).
  4. Deal quietly with vandals (i.e. don't feed the vandals). Vandals are looking for attention, they want to get a rise out of someone. Responding to them, beyond a simple, initial warning, is likely to merely reinforce their desire to vandalize. The more quietly you deal with them, the faster they go away -- they all do eventually.
  5. See also: User:Defiant Elements/Thoughts on SmashWiki
Notes to Self
  • Don't argue with zealots
  • Don't argue with idiots
  • Definitely don't argue with idiotic zealots
  • Just because people disagree with you doesn't mean that they're zealots
  • But it definitely doesn't rule out the possibility that they're idiots.
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