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My Smashwiki Project: Third-party characters candidates for future Super Smash Bros. games

In the wake of Super Smash Bros. Brawl with the introduction to Solid Snake and the highly requested Sonic the Hedgehog, i've created my own project relating to third-party characters that are not made by Nintendo. As such, these are the third-party characters I have suggested for the future of Super Smash Bros, although my ideas would just be a pipedream due to strict copyrights.


Creator: Capcom

Megaman, is far by, of course, the most requested character to appear in Super Smash Bros. series (and even the Smash Forums have people highly request him as well). In my opinion, he would fit perfectly well in the Super Smash Bros. environment. Nintendo does a few ties to Capcom, particularly having many Megaman games available mostly in Nintendo game console systems. So Megaman would far most likely would appear in Super Smash Bros if Capcom makes arrangements with Nintendo.

Probability of Megaman appearing in future Super Smash Bros games: 72%


Creator: Naughty Dog (branched from Sony Computer Entertainment System)

Jak is the main protagonist of the Jak and Daxter series. Although he starts as with good of heart, in later game series, he develop some darker personalities due to the fact of him being tortured after capture in a dystopian Haven City. As far, he is one of most unique protagonists in the game having dark and cynical personalities. In addition, it is quite interesting to see having Jak fight off against Mario and Pikachu with some heavy arsenal. However, the parent company of Naughty Dog, Sony, is a rival of Nintendo (Sony is the company that makes Playstation games) and not many Nintendo games appear in Playstation consoles. As such, having Jak in Super Smash Bros is seemingly impossible.

Probability of Jak appearing in future Super Smash Bros games: Same as Master Chief. That is to say: ZERO%


Creator: Insomniac Games

Ratchet is one the great characters from Ratchet and Clank series. The cat-mechanic dude also fits well in Super Smash Bros. I don't have much information on him but when I played the demo, he, like Jak, is equipped with heavy arsenal as well (it also to see Ratchet whacking Yoshi with his giant wrench). In fact, possibly his Final Smash would have bring in some heavy photonic gun that would wipe nearly everyone in the stage. The information relating to Insomniac's copyrights is so far unclear to me (as he appeared in Jak X racing game).

Probability of Ratchet appearing in future Super Smash Bros games: Will tell you when they appear on a Nintendo console.

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