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Hello, I am DarkKing1295. I'm a huge Smash Bros player, owning all of the games starting from Super Smash Bros. My main goal in this wikia is to cleanup most pages that I think needs to be done.

I've also have a to-do list which is linked here and a photo stash linked here.

Character list by universes

The following listed below are all the playable characters in each Super Smash Bros. games, sorted out by universe.

Super Smash Bros. Melee

MarioSymbol(preBrawl)Mario Head 01 (SSBM) Luigi Head 01 (SSBM) Peach Head 01 (SSBM) Bowser Head 01 (SSBM) Dr. Mario Head 01 (SSBM)
ZeldaSymbolLink Head 01 (SSBM) Zelda Head 01 (SSBM) Sheik Head 01 (SSBM) Ganondorf Head 01 (SSBM) Young Link Head 01 (SSBM)
PokemonSymbol(preBrawl)Pikachu Head 01 (SSBM) Jigglypuff Head 01 (SSBM) Mewtwo Head 01 (SSBM) Pichu Head 01 (SSBM)
StarFoxSymbol(preBrawl)Fox Head 01 (SSBM) Falco Head 01 (SSBM)
FireEmblemSymbolMarth Head 01 (SSBM) Roy Head 01 (SSBM)
DKSymbol(preBrawl)Donkey Kong Head 01 (SSBM)
MetroidSymbol(preBrawl)Samus Head 01 (SSBM)
YoshiSymbol(preBrawl)Yoshi Head 01 (SSBM)
KirbySymbolKirby Head 01 (SSBM)
FZeroSymbolCaptain Falcon Head 01 (SSBM)
EarthboundSymbol(preBrawl)Ness Head 01 (SSBM)
IceClimbersSymbolIce Climbers Head 01 (SSBM)
Game&WatchSymbol(preBrawl)Mr. Game & Watch Head 01 (SSBM)

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

MarioSymbolStock SSB4 mario Stock SSB4 luigi Stock SSB4 peach Stock SSB4 bowser Stock SSB4 dr mario Stock SSB4 rosalina and luma Stock SSB4 bowser jr
PokemonSymbolStock SSB4 pikachu Stock SSB4 jigglypuff Stock SSB4 charizard Stock SSB4 lucario Stock SSB4 greninja Stock SSB4 mewtwo
FireEmblemSymbolStock SSB4 marth Stock SSB4 ike Stock SSB4 robin Stock SSB4 lucina Stock SSB4 roy Stock SSB4 corrin
ZeldaSymbolStock SSB4 link Stock SSB4 zelda Stock SSB4 sheik Stock SSB4 ganondorf Stock SSB4 toon link
KirbySymbolStock SSB4 kirby Stock SSB4 meta knight Stock SSB4 king dedede
KidIcarusSymbolStock SSB4 pit Stock SSB4 palutena Stock SSB4 dark pit
SmashBrosSymbolStock SSB4 brawler Stock SSB4 swordfighter Stock SSB4 gunner
DKSymbolStock SSB4 donkey kong Stock SSB4 diddy kong
MetroidSymbolStock SSB4 samus Stock SSB4 zero suit samus
StarFoxSymbolStock SSB4 fox Stock SSB4 falco
EarthboundSymbolStock SSB4 ness Stock SSB4 lucas
YoshiSymbolStock SSB4 yoshi
FZeroSymbolStock SSB4 captain falcon
Game&WatchSymbolStock SSB4 mr game and watch
WarioSymbolStock SSB4 wario
PikminSymbolStock SSB4 olimar
ROBSymbolStock SSB4 rob
AnimalCrossingSymbolStock SSB4 villager
WiiFitSymbolStock SSB4 wii fit trainer
PunchOutSymbolStock SSB4 little mac
XenobladeSymbolStock SSB4 shulk
DuckHuntSymbolStock SSB4 duck hunt
SonicSymbolStock SSB4 sonic
MegaManSymbolStock SSB4 mega man
PacManSymbolStock SSB4 pac-man
StreetFighterSymbolStock SSB4 ryu
FinalFantasySymbol||Stock SSB4 cloud
BayonettaSymbolStock SSB4 bayonetta

Character Icons

Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. Character Icons
SSBIconLuigi SSBIconMario SSBIconDK SSBIconLink SSBIconSamus SSBIconCaptainFalcon
SSBIconNess SSBIconYoshi SSBKIconKirby SSBIconFox SSBIconPikachu SSBIconJigglypuff

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Super Smash Bros. Melee Character Icons
SSBMIconDoc SSBMIconMario SSBMIconLuigi SSBMIconBowser SSBMIconPeach SSBMIconYoshi SSBMIconDK SSBMIconCaptainFalcon SSBMIconGanondorf
SSBMIconFalco SSBMIconFox SSBMIconNess SSBMIconIceClimbers SSBMIconKirby SSBMIconSamus SSBMIconZelda SSBMIconLink SSBMIconYoungLink
SSBMIconPichu SSBMIconPikachu SSBMIconJigglypuff SSBMIconMewtwo SSBMIconGAW SSBMIconMarth SSBMIconRoy

Other SSBMIconSheik

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Character Icons
Icon-mario Icon-donkeykong Icon-link Icon-samus Icon-kirby Icon-fox Icon-pikachu Icon-marth Icon-mrgame&watch
Icon-luigi Icon-diddykong Icon-zeldasheik Icon-pit Icon-metaknight Icon-falco Icon-pokemontrainer Icon-ike Icon-snake
Icon-peach Icon-yoshi Icon-ganondorf Icon-iceclimbers Icon-kingdedede Icon-wolf Icon-lucario Icon-ness Icon-sonic
Icon-bowser Icon-wario Icon-toonlink Icon-rob Icon-olimar Icon-captainfalcon Icon-jigglypuff Icon-lucas

Other Icon-zerosuitsamus Icon-charizard Icon-squirtle Icon-ivysaur

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Character Icons
Normal Fighters
Mario Icon SSB3DS Luigi Icon SSB3DS Peach Icon SSB3DS Bowser Icon SSB3DS Yoshi Icon SSB3DS Rosalina & Luma Icon SSB3DS Bowser Jr. Icon SSB3DS Wario Icon SSB3DS Mr. Game & Watch Icon SSB3DS
Donkey Kong Icon SSB3DS Diddy Kong Icon SSB3DS Link Icon SSB3DS Zelda Icon SSB3DS Sheik Icon SSB3DS Ganondorf Icon SSB3DS Toon Link Icon SSB3DS Samus Icon SSB3DS Zero Suit Samus Icon SSB3DS
Pit Icon SSB3DS Palutena Icon SSB3DS Marth Icon SSB3DS Ike Icon SSB3DS Robin Icon SSB3DS Kirby Icon SSB3DS King Dedede Icon SSB3DS Meta Knight Icon SSB3DS Little Mac Icon SSB3DS
Fox Icon SSB3DS Falco Icon SSB3DS Pikachu Icon SSB3DS Charizard Icon SSB3DS Lucario Icon SSB3DS Jigglypuff Icon SSB3DS Greninja Icon SSB3DS Duck Hunt Icon SSB3DS R.O.B. Icon SSB3DS
Ness Icon SSB3DS Captain Falcon Icon SSB3DS Villager Icon SSB3DS Olimar Icon SSB3DS Wii Fit Trainer Icon SSB3DS Dr. Mario Icon SSB3DS Dark Pit Icon SSB3DS
Lucina Icon SSB3DS Shulk Icon SSB3DS Pac-Man Icon SSB3DS Mega Man Icon SSB3DS Sonic Icon SSB3DS

Extra Fighters
Mewtwo Icon SSB3DS Lucas Icon SSB3DS Roy Icon SSB3DS Ryu Icon SSB3DS
Cloud Icon SSB3DS Corrin Icon SSB3DS Bayonetta Icon SSB3DS

Other Mii Brawler Icon SSB3DS Mii Swordfighter Icon SSB3DS Mii Gunner Icon SSB3DS

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Character Icons
Mario Icon SSBWU Luigi Icon SSBWU Peach Icon SSBWU Bowser Icon SSBWU Yoshi Icon SSBWU Rosalina & Luma Icon SSBWU Bowser Jr. Icon SSBWU Wario Icon SSBWU Donkey Kong Icon SSBWU Diddy Kong Icon SSBWU Mr. Game & Watch Icon SSBWU Little Mac Icon SSBWU Link Icon SSBWU Zelda Icon SSBWU
Sheik Icon SSBWU Ganondorf Icon SSBWU Toon Link Icon SSBWU Samus Icon SSBWU Zero Suit Samus Icon SSBWU Pit Icon SSBWU Palutena Icon SSBWU Marth Icon SSBWU Ike Icon SSBWU Robin Icon SSBWU Duck Hunt Icon SSBWU Kirby Icon SSBWU King Dedede Icon SSBWU Meta Knight Icon SSBWU
Fox Icon SSBWU Falco Icon SSBWU Pikachu Icon SSBWU Charizard Icon SSBWU Lucario Icon SSBWU Jigglypuff Icon SSBWU Greninja Icon SSBWU R.O.B. Icon SSBWU Ness Icon SSBWU Captain Falcon Icon SSBWU Villager Icon SSBWU Olimar Icon SSBWU Wii Fit Trainer Icon SSBWU Shulk Icon SSBWU
Dr. Mario Icon SSBWU Dark Pit Icon SSBWU Lucina Icon SSBWU Pac-Man Icon SSBWU Mega Man Icon SSBWU Sonic Icon SSBWU Mewtwo Icon SSBWU Lucas Icon SSBWU Roy Icon SSBWU Ryu Icon SSBWU Cloud Icon SSBWU Corrin Icon SSBWU Bayonetta Icon SSBWU

Other Mii Brawler Icon SSBWU Mii Swordfighter Icon SSBWU Mii Gunner Icon SSBWU

Stage Icons

Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros. Stage Icons
PeachsCastleIconSSB CongoJungleIconSSB HyruleCastleIconSSB PlanetZebesIconSSB MushroomKingdomIconSSB
YoshisIslandIconSSB DreamLandIconSSB SectorZIconSSB SaffronCityIconSSB

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Super Smash Bros. Melee Stage Icons
PrincessPeachsCastleIconSSBM RainbowCruiseIconSSBM MushroomKingdomIconSSBM MushroomKingdomIIIconSSBM YoshisIslandIconSSBM YoshisStoryIconSSBM
KongoJungleIconSSBM JungleJapesIconSSBM GreatBayIconSSBM TempleIconSSBM BrinstarIconSSBM BrinstarDepthsIconSSBM
FountainofDreamsIconSSBM GreenGreensIconSSBM CorneriaIconSSBM VenomIconSSBM PokémonStadiumIconSSBM PokéFloatsIconSSBM
MuteCityIconSSBM BigBlueIconSSBM OnettIconSSBM FoursideIconSSBM IcicleMountainIconSSBM FlatZoneIconSSBM
BattlefieldIconSSBM FinalDestinationIconSSBM DreamLandN64IconSSBM YoshisIslandN64IconSSBM KongoJungleN64IconSSBM

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Stage Icons
Icon-battlefield Icon-finaldestination Icon-delfinoplaza Icon-luigismansion Icon-mushroomykingdom Icon-mariocircuit
Icon-rumblefalls Icon-bridgeofeldin Icon-pirateship Icon-norfair Icon-frigateorpheon Icon-yoshisisland
Icon-halberd Icon-lylatcruise Icon-pokemonstadium2 Icon-spearpillar Icon-porttownaerodive Castlesiege
Icon-wariowareinc Icon-distantplanet Icon-smashville Icon-newporkcity Icon-summit Icon-skyworld
Icon-75m Icon-mariobros Icon-flatzone2 Icon-pictochat Icon-hanenbow Icon-shadowmosesisland
Icon-greenhillzone Icon-templemelee Icon-yoshisislandmelee Icon-junglejapesmelee Icon-onettmelee Icon-corneriamelee
Icon-rainbowcruisemelee Icon-greengreensmelee Bigbluemelee Icon-pokemonstadiummelee

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Stage Icons
Normal Stages
Battlefield Icon SSB3DS Final Destination Icon SSB3DS 3D Land Icon SSB3DS Golden Plains Icon SSB3DS Rainbow Road Icon SSB3DS Paper Mario Icon SSB3DS
Mushroomy Kingdom Icon SSB3DS Jungle Japes Icon SSB3DS Gerudo Valley Icon SSB3DS Spirit Train Icon SSB3DS Brinstar Icon SSB3DS Yoshi's Island Icon SSB3DS
Dream Land Icon SSB3DS Corneria Icon SSB3DS Unova Pokémon League Icon SSB3DS Prism Tower Icon SSB3DS Mute City Icon SSB3DS Magicant Icon SSB3DS
Arena Ferox Icon SSB3DS Flat Zone 2 Icon SSB3DS Reset Bomb Forest Icon SSB3DS WarioWare, Inc. Icon SSB3DS Distant Planet Icon SSB3DS Tortimer Island Icon SSB3DS
Boxing Ring Icon SSB3DS Gaur Plain Icon SSB3DS Balloon Fight Icon SSB3DS Living Room Icon SSB3DS Find Mii Icon SSB3DS Tomodachi Life Icon SSB3DS
PictoChat 2 Icon SSB3DS Green Hill Zone Icon SSB3DS Wily Castle Icon SSB3DS Pac-Maze Icon SSB3DS

Extra Stages
Dream Land (64) Icon SSB3DS Suzaku Castle Icon SSB3DS Peach's Castle (64) Icon SSB3DS Hyrule Castle (64) Icon SSB3DS
Super Mario Maker Icon SSB3DS Duck Hunt (Stage) Icon SSB3DS

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Stage Icons
Normal Stages
Battlefield Icon SSBWU Big Battlefield Icon SSBWU Final Destination Icon SSBWU Mushroom Kingdom U Icon SSBWU Mario Galaxy Icon SSBWU Delfino Plaza Icon SSBWU
Mario Circuit Icon SSBWU Mario Circuit (Brawl) Icon SSBWU Luigi's Mansion Icon SSBWU Jungle Hijinxs Icon SSBWU Kongo Jungle 64 Icon SSBWU Skyloft Icon SSBWU
Bridge of Eldin Icon SSBWU Temple Icon SSBWU Pyrosphere Icon SSBWU Norfair Icon SSBWU Port Town Aero Dive Icon SSBWU Woolly World Icon SSBWU
Yoshi's Island Icon SSBWU The Great Cave Offensive Icon SSBWU Halberd Icon SSBWU Orbital Gate Assault Icon SSBWU Lylat Cruise Icon SSBWU Kalos Pokémon League Icon SSBWU
Pokémon Stadium 2 Icon SSBWU Onett Icon SSBWU Coliseum Icon SSBWU Castle Siege Icon SSBWU Flat Zone X Icon SSBWU Palutena's Temple Icon SSBWU
Skyworld Icon SSBWU Gamer Icon SSBWU Garden of Hope Icon SSBWU Town and City Icon SSBWU Smashville Icon SSBWU Wii Fit Studio Icon SSBWU
Boxing Ring Icon SSBWU Gaur Plain Icon SSBWU Duck Hunt (Stage) Icon SSBWU 75 m Icon SSBWU Wrecking Crew Icon SSBWU Pilotwings Icon SSBWU
Wuhu Island Icon SSBWU Windy Hill Zone Icon SSBWU Wily Castle Icon SSBWU Pac-Land Icon SSBWU

Extra Stages
Dream Land (64) Icon SSBWU Suzaku Castle Icon SSBWU Miiverse Icon SSBWU
Peach's Castle (64) Icon SSBWU Hyrule Castle (64) Icon SSBWU Super Mario Maker Icon SSBWU
Pirate Ship Icon SSBWU Midgar Icon SSBWU Umbra Clock Tower Icon SSBWU

All-Star Order

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U

3DS Version

Wii U Version

Opponents Per Stage

3DS Version
Stage Temporary All-Star True All-Star
Stage 1 5 opponents 6 opponents
Stage 2 5 opponents 7 opponents
Stage 3 6 opponents 7 opponents (+1 DLC)
Stage 4 5 opponents 7 opponents
Stage 5 4 opponents 7 opponents (+2 DLC)
Stage 6 6 opponents 7 opponents (+2 DLC)
Stage 7 5 opponents 7 opponents (+2 DLC)
Wii U Version
Stage Temporary All-Star True All-Star
Stage 1 5 opponents 7 opponents (+2 DLC)
Stage 2 7 opponents 7 opponents (+2 DLC)
Stage 3 7 opponents 7 opponents (+2 DLC)
Stage 4 5 opponents 7 opponents
Stage 5 6 opponents 7 opponents (+1 DLC)
Stage 6 5 opponents 7 opponents
Stage 7 5 opponents 6 opponents


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