WARNING!!! you are now entering MY zone... so come on in!

get ready....

About Me

im a 13 year old guy who swims. no this is not "i can swim 2 laps without resting" its "I can swim 8 laps, 200 yards in under 2 minutes" i swim competitively. i am a metaknight user (obviously), and would like a challenge. Im a friendly, open minded guy so if you want to say something to me go ahead.

My Characters

i use metaknight. i own haha. my tips on him (for those of you who use the c-stick) is utilize his up and down smashes. they're quick and powerful. like when your stuck in some idiot who is using a regular a combo, wait until your pushed out of it and quuikly down smash. most people expect a retreat or are just not fast enough so its very useful. Also when you launch somebody, hurry and go in the air after them if they are off the screen. try to hit them there and it will be an instant KO. Good luck!