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How I play Brawl (and, occasionally, Melee)

Generally, I'll do a stock match, one stock, all items on High.

My best characters

Characters I wanted in Brawl

  • Pac-Man
  • Sora (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Spyro (older PSX incarnation; the new Spyro games suck)

My ideas for movesets for the above characters


  • Side B: Pac-Dots - Pac-Dots appear in front of Pac-Man and he quickly ruishes forward to eat them, dealing damage to anyone he collides with. Provides horizontal recovery.
  • Final Smash: Power Pellet - Essentially a clone of Wario-Man.
  • On-Screen Appearance: Pac-Man is a yellow ball and the word "READY!" is above him.

I don't have any other ideas. If you come up with a Down, Neutral, or Up B that could work for Pac-Man, please suggest it on the talk page.


  • Neutral B: Fire
  • Up B: Thunder
  • Side B: Blizzard
  • Down B: Cure
  • Final Smash: Final Form
  • On-Screen Appearance: Arrives in the Gummi Ship.


  • Neutral B: Fire Breath (think Charizard/Bowser)
  • Side B: Charge
  • Up B: Glide
  • Final Smash: Flight Level - Spyro can fly around for a short time, during which he can still breath fire. He is invincible while flying. Similar to Super Dragon.

I need a Down B and on-screen appearance for Spyro.

Weird notes

Is it just me, or does "spes omnibus" when sung in the Super Smash Bros. Brawl Main Theme sound like it's saying "Metal Diddy Kong"?

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