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Hello, welcome to ClonedPickle's Userpage. I have been a member of SmashWiki since May 5, 2008, and always look forward to contributing as much as I can for this wiki.

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About Me

Ike Subspace Emissary

I do consider myself a veteran at the Super Smash Bros. series (not a pro, just a vet), as I first played since the first game of the series came out in 1999 and have been playing in the series since then. Luigi has always been my favorite character in the Mario series, and so he has always been my first (primary) character in the series, from Smash to Melee to Brawl. As for my second character, I have alternated between Mario (SSB), Dr. Mario, Ness, and Captain Falcon (all SSBM), and now I use Ike as my second character, and I also use Wolf as my new third character. I like mostly all the characters in Brawl, but never expect me to be Pit (I'm only Pit if I happen to select "Random" and he comes up). I'm generally the type of person that likes to play free-for-all stock matches or good 'ol 1-on-1's without items. Though I probably would lose to the really hardcore players that use lots of techniques, my trade off is that I use a majority of all the characters in the game decently, while the hardcore ones will stick with one or two. And so that's my life in the Smash Bros. world.

Brawl Information

Wolf Subspace Emissary

Favorite Characters:

Favorite Stages:

Favorite Items:

  • None

Characters Unlocked:

  • All 35

Stages Unlocked:

  • All 41

How far am I in Subspace:

  • Finished about 84%

Controller Used:

  • GameCube Controller

ClonedPickle's Tier List

Subspace captainfalcon

This is just how I think each character performs in matchups, with some slight biasm in my part...

ClonedPickle's SSBB Tier List
Top High Above Average Middle Low Bottom

1. Luigi
2. Snake
3. Falco
4. Meta Knight
5. Wolf

6. Lucas
7. Toon Link
8. Mr. Game & Watch
9. Lucario
10. Ike
11. Wario

12. Ivysaur
13. Fox
14. Zelda
15. R.O.B.
16. Marth
17. Yoshi
18. Donkey Kong

19. Peach
20. Charizard
21. King Dedede
22. Bowser
23. Sheik
24. Mario
25. Ice Climbers
26. Zero Suit Samus

27. Squirtle
28. Pikachu
29. Diddy Kong
30. Captain Falcon
31. Link
32. Ganondorf
33. Sonic

34. Kirby
35. Ness
36. Jigglypuff
37. Samus
38. Olimar
39. Blach

My Personal Life

Subspace falco

My real name is Kevin, and I hail from the state of California, USA. Currently, I am a second-year in college. My past time activities include playing Brawl (of course), going on the computer, riding my bike, reading comics, and drawing/sketching. I plan to pursue an animation major in college and hope to get a job somewhere in the movie or gaming industry in animation/illustration, and perhaps join Nintendo or Disney.

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