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Hey, I'm Aaron Kirschner, known on the Smash Wiki as Clarinet Hawk. Most of my personal information is on my smasher page, but this is where I talk about my work on this wiki. My focus is on gameplay information and I have authored pages on techniques such as Spring Canceling and Guard Breaking. I am a talented smasher, and have learned Wavedashing, teching, and other high-level techniques.

I have also authored a Sacrificial KO FAQ on GameFAQs.

I'll also add that The Fish on Summit is just about the coolest thing to happen to video games since Final Fantasy VII.

Food for thought

Tbh, fuck you. He's a stupid shit, and instead of containing his stupidity to userspace, he tries to spread it on talk pages. My post was a request to get him to stop, since stupidity without limits is a very bad thing. You can use your role as sysop to defend stupidity and let it flourish or you can use it to raise the bar - up to you. But don't pretend like you're doing the wiki a favor by banning me when I'm just playing the role of captain obvious. -Auron 13:16, 23 January 2009 (UTC)

How to become a sysop

Upload and link to a Youtube video of you playing fetch with an animal with rabies. You must be holding a sign with your user name on it.

(The above out of your league? Come back later and you might find what you are looking for.)

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