Raised as a military B.R.A.T. ( Born Rough And Tough ). Deployed to a island in the middle of the atlantic ocean called the Azores ( portuguese was the main language other than english ). Moved to a air force base in New Jersey for most of my schooling ( 3rd grade thru half of my 9th grade year ). Parents retired ( pre 9/11 ) in NJ and we moved back to Goldsboro North Carolina.

Consoles or handhelds I own or have owned.

Nintendo:Love those guys

  • NES ( retired )
Favorite game: Duckhunt
  • N64 ( retired )
Favorite game: Super Smash Brothers
  • I skipped the gamecube BUT I have 2 games for it
Kirby air ride
Super Smash Brothers Melee
  • Wii ( active )
Favorite Game: Tie between The legend of zelda: Twilight Princess and Super Smash Brothers Brawl

Sony: Were my leading favorite until the Wii

  • Playstation ( retired )
Favorite Game: Hydro thunder [ it would be FF7 but i sucked at it ]
  • Playstation 2 ( on stand by )
Favorite Game: Need for speed carbon [ hence the first word in my name ]
  • Playstation 3 ( active )
Favorite Game: Warhawk


  • NONE

Reason: i disliked the xbox's controller ( the original) because it felt heavy and too bulky.

Computers: 2 PCs 1 laptop ( i use it more than the acutal owner who hasn't used it in months )

NOTE: keep in mind these are my opinions and I would appreciate it if ANY editing done by anyone other than me was spelling or gramatical errors by me and if any vandalism would be removed

My most used characters in each SSB are as followed. ( not in any particular order and are not based on tier location)

Super Smash Brothers


Super Smash Brothers Melee

Ganondorf ( not very often )
Game and Watch ( not very often )

Super Smash Brothers Brawl

Wolf ( in Training )
Pit ( in training )
Game and watch was removed because I just never use him in Brawl
Ganondorf was removed because he became too slow and heavy for me

Opinion of Tiers

I believe in personal tiers, meaning that a person can say the character they play best with would be the top character in their own tier. Meaning in short I don't believe the tiers are correct since they don't take in variables ( reaction time, play style etc. )

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