There's not much here yet, but I'm an experienced Wiki-er. :P
Nearly forgot, I'll be Brawling online all throughout March Break, I'll add my FC then.Template:Smasherbeta

Stuff :P

Meh, stuff about me and my short (as of now) Smash venture. Also beaten SSE five times.

I bide my time playing Brawl, and, until the day I got PJ64 and a Smash Bros rom, that was the only SSB game I ever played. While, I don't call myself a pro or even an amateur/pro-am, I am VERY proficient with SSBB characters like Luigi and Captain Falcon, so watch out for my pwnage streaks with those characters.

I'm 14, Canadian, and a freelancer. Unfortunately due to my location in rural Ontario, Dial-up was the best internet I could get, but my dad lives in the city, so every time I visit him, I bring my Wii along for fun. I mostly play SSBB and MKWii when I'm there, so, I'll see you in the dojo.

BlackMarioWe like Ike!Talk to me. 01:06, 11 March 2009 (UTC)

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