Hi, I'm Bek The Conqueror. Haven't been very active in a while, and don't plan to be extremely active in the future. Too many Smasher articles of dubious quality to check up on, and not enough attention paid to basic wiki stuff, like making sure stuff doesn't link to disambiguation pages. Overall, I'm just going to be checking in now and again to make sure there's no vandalism going on, and maybe do a bit of stuff here and there.

Opinions about Smash

1. Mewtwo should have been in Brawl. Sorry, all you Lucario fans out there, but I don't respect DP Pokemon all that much. Plus, Mewtwo is the most epically cool Pokemon out there. If the developers could make room for Fox and two clones of him (yes, yes, I know that technically there are differences between their specials, but they are essentially extremely similar, let's put it that way), they could have made room for Mewtwo. The physics of Brawl would have been really good to him, since everyone's slower and floatier now. With a little tweaking, he could have been a great character. And besides, who wasn't the least bit curious about what his Final Smash might be before they learned that he wasn't in Brawl?

2. Wario needs to go. I'm sorry, he just repulses me, with his incredible girth, bowel problems, and drunkard's nose, he just is a bad excuse for a Smasher. Actually, the real crime isn't that he is in Brawl, it's that he's a half-good character, at least according to the year-old tier list.

3. I do believe that tiers exist. Anyone who doubts it, play with MK and then with Samus in Brawl, or play with Fox and then with Mewtwo in Melee. You'll see what I mean. Obviously, there is a hierarchy at work here.

4. WHY DID SAKURAI SEE FIT TO NERF SAMUS? Is it because he hated that she was mid-tier in Melee instead of bottom tier, as she was in SSB original, or because he wanted people to play as ZSS more, or what? I just don't get it.

5. For all that I moan about Brawl, they did do some things right. Solid Snake, anyone? How about getting rid of Pichu? I know some of you agree with me on this.

Opinions About Other Games

Feel free to comment upon these on my talk page.

  1. Captain Falcon is only cool in Smash. Outside of Smash, he's a chump. There, I said it. Feel free to try to convince me differently.
  2. Falco is also not really cool outside of Smash. The perfect description for him in the Star Fox universe (and in Brawl too, I guess) was said by Sgt. Johnson of Halo: "Cocky bastard. Loves to run his mouth."

Proposed Characters

Proposed Stages

  • Impact Crater (Metroid Prime)
  • Ganon's Castle

My favorite Brawl Music tracks

These are in no particular order, and this is not a complete list yet.

  • Sector 1
  • Yell Dead Cell
  • Corneria
  • Hidden Mountain & Forest
  • Battle in the Base
  • Hyrule Field (Ocarina of Time)
  • Encounter
  • Theme of Samus Aran, Space Warrior
  • Tal Tal Heights


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