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Hi! My name is BHCreations, but I prefer to simply go by "BH". Maybe this is kind of a given at this point, but I love Super Smash Bros. I have played every game in the series, and I think each one is great for its own reasons.

Why I'm Here

So, what brings me to this specific wiki? Well, I figure I can use my extensive knowledge of Smash to help out and fix pages. Trust me, I'm not a noob.

About Me

Although I play a lot of games in my free time, I excel at reading and writing. School is very important to me, so I always try my hardest and act respectful towards everyone I meet. I'm a friendly guy. I enjoy sports and activities on weekends. Source code is a bit confusing to me at times, but I'm certainly not terrible at it, and coding is actually something I am currently focused on learning. Grammar and spelling are my strong points. I will fix anything I see that is incorrect.

Smash Bros.


  • Main - Luigi
  • Secondary - Dr. Mario


  • Main - Marth
  • Secondary - Toon Link


  • Main - Dr. Mario
  • Secondary - Marth


  • Main - Ness
  • Secondary - Captain Falcon

Project M:

  • Main - Ivysaur
  • Secondary - Sanic


  • Main - Marth
  • Secondary - Black Mage