aka ADL

  • I live in Here
  • I was born on July 19
  • My occupation is Destroying the Universe, one planet at a time.
  • I am Male

This is my userpage, not yours. If you want yours, there is an image of you on the bar at the top; click that to get to your userpage. This page will just tell you how to create your userpage

STB Roster

Super Troll Brothers Roster

Now, you may ask me, "What should I put on my userpage?" I'll ask you, "Why are you asking me? It's your userpage." Then I'll give you the suggestion of creating random pictures for it, like that one to your right. You might also put down fighters from the Smash Games you use. For example, I like using Jigglypuff because she's cute, and OP on some of the custom stages I've built. Your userpage is really just a place to put down anything you like. Also, don't forget to add links to pages when necessary.

Another question you may ask me is "Why did I add that tutorial to my userpage?" A question I would respond to by saying "Because Wynaut?" like any other stupid question. A userpage is a place for you, and me typing random stuff about what I'm typing is me.

So now you may ask "So Wynaut add something else to your userpage?" To that I'd respond "Why? I already added this to it." Maybe in a couple months I'll remove this text, and create a "normal" userpage like I have on other wikis, and like you have, but until then, you have this to read.

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