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  6. Note Pt4: I now have over 200 stages.
  7. Note Pt5: I only play stock matches.
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  9. Note ptWhatever: I am a male, notice my real name is Trevor in my Smasherbeta. Just to avoid confusion with my Username.
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Toon Link Artwork.jpg

I'm Amycats2. I used to own SSB and SSBM, and now I own SSBB. The characters I use the most are Lucas, Falco, Ike and Toon Link. My name on Brawl is Luca3. There is something funny that I discovered. In the 64 version, I unlocked all the stages but not all the characters. In SSBM, the exact opposite happened. And in Brawl, I unlocked all the characters and stages. It seems that in every game it gets slightly easier to unlock everything, which I found pretty funny. I've preformed a few glitches on my games, including the shell glitch on the 64 version, a 999% damage glitch in SSBM, and the Earthquake Glitch in SSBB.

  • I defeated Porky on Intense.
  • I defeated Rayquaza on Hard.

I like to discuss things, so go ahead and start a discussion on my Talk Page!

Is it just me, or does the "Shadow Dragon Medley" remind you of Castlevania?


A lot of people do this, so I guess I will.

  • "*gasp*" Whenever the audience does it.
  • "I will be back..." If a SSE boss kills me.
  • "How in the..." If a Primid kills me.
  • "RUN!!!" When my opponent barrages me with strong attacks and I run away.
  • "Nooooooo!" While I am being Star KO'd.
  • "oof." If I die.
  • "Aaugh!" If I self-destruct.
  • "What the!?" If I run off the stage on accident.
  • "Owned." If someone hits someone else with a strong attack. (Unless, of course, it's me getting hit.)
  • "bambambambambam..." Said nonstop while hitting my opponent with my grab attack.

Word Bubbles

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Amycats2 - Lucas Is Earthbound!:
TALK - Who Cares?
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Amycats2 - Hands of my piece of cake!:
TALK - I Don't Care!
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Amycats2 - The Man in Green.:
Pow, Pow.

People I Have Added Or Want To Brawl On Wi-Fi

People Brawled

  • Shade He is good with Bowser, and I think he is awesome with Ike.
  • MarioGalaxy I think he is a good Falco player. (I have also brawled his brother)
  • GalaxiaD He is very strong. I think he is very good with Fox.
  • Gus He is good with Lucas.
  • JtM He is really good with Falco and Sheik.
  • Ben He is good with several characters.
  • Smorekingxg456 He is good with Toon Link and Falco.

People I Want To Brawl

Random Links

Embarassing/Annoying Moments in SSBB

One time in the Subspace Emissary, in the Wilds stage (Part 1), I was using Ike. When I got to the battle with the Armank, it cornered me on the left edge of the stage and I cept using Aether when it brought out it's arm, but to no evail. Eventually I gave up hope with Ike and let him lose a life:(. Another time I was in a Brawl with me playing Luigi against Ike and Captain Falcon on the Final Destination stage. After I defeated Ike, I ran up to C.F. (Who was charging up a Falcon Punch) and I ran right into that Falcon Punch. All I can say is this: R.I.P. Luigi.

Glitches Preformed

64 version:

  1. Mario Tornado Glitch...
  2. Samus Screw Attack Glitch


  1. Mario Tornado Glitch (Melee version)


  1. Puff Up glitch...
  2. Blast Through...
  3. Earthquake Glitch...
  4. Unknown Donkey Kong Glitch

Total: 7

Games I Own Related to the Smash Series

Pokemon Series

Pokemon Saphire... Pokemon Emerald... Pokemon FireRed... Pokemon LeafGreen... Pokemon Diamond... Pokemon Pearl...

Mario Series

Donkey Kong (for Game Boy)


My Top 4 Brawl Characters

  1. Lucas
  2. Falco
  3. Ike
  4. Toon Link

Other Characters

  1. Ness
  2. Fox
  3. Marth
  4. Link
  5. Captain Falcon
  6. Donkey Kong

My Least Favorite Character in Brawl

Random (Because it is Random)

Stages Created (so far)

Somewere around 200, I believe.

Favorite SSE Cutscene

Lucario Finds Snake (Runner-Up) Diddy Kong Appeals to Falco

Favorite SSBB Music

Tetris: Type A

Best Video Games

My Opinion.

Best Game Ever!!!!

  • Shadow of the Colossus

This game is sooooo epic! It's awesome!

  • I Wanna Be The Guy

The most frustrating game ever created!

This game was the second most populer game in the tournament scene!

  • Pokemon Diamond

A Pokemon DS game. I like this game a lot.

My Favorite Youtubers

  • Marriland
  • Cloud8745
  • CrappyCaptureDevice
  • xemnort
  • MALRWiiStation360

Websites Frequently Visited

Articles Created

I created three articles, "Fairy" and "Pillow Rest", but those were deleted.

  1. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
  2. Star Fox Command
  3. Yoshi Touch & Go

Things I do to wittle away the time

  1. Listen to music in Sound Test.
  2. Go to Training mode with Bowser and precede to start Koopa Hopping.
  3. Go to Training mode with Kirby and start Inhaling Blast Boxes.

Brawl Taunts

I really like the "Brawl Taunts" video, as mentioned in my Talk Page. Also mentioned on my Talk Page is my favorite line..."Wah! Why does no one pay attention to Luigi!" Every time he says "Luigi" he changes color to look like the real Luigi. In the second video, I also like it when the Pokemon Trainer says "I'm really (beep)ing annoying Charizard!".LOL

Smash Chat

I made a Smash Chat room called "User:Amycats2/Smash Chat" where you "sign up" so that you can discuss anything related to Smash!

Are you my Friend?

You can be if you just add your username below!

My own SSE (FAKE)

(I will try to continue updating this section!)
This section is also found on Willneverbeapro's page!

  • Mario, Link, Kirby and Pikachu all appear in a blank field. They prepare to brawl. (Select a character and defeat the rest.) Peach runs up to the group and then Bowser also runs up after Peach. He spots the group and runs away, outnumbered. Mario, Link and Kirby run after him while Pikachu stays behind to gaurd Peach. (Side-Scrolling Stage, select M, L or K.) DK runs up to Pikachu and Peach and a flashback begins where it shows an unknown character knocking down DK and shooting Diddy with a Dark Cannon. Stage Clear!

As Mario's group runs along, Link stops at a cave. The cave seems to be releasing large amounts of Triforce. Link goes in the cave. (Side-Scroller, using Link) Link finds himself in a torch lit room. He spots something up ahead. He runs up to it and finds out it's Zelda's trophy! In a cage! Link slashes the cage and gets electrocuted. He pulls out a bomb and throws it at the cage. The cage breaks, and Link revives Zelda. Then a shot from a Dark Cannon is fired! They look and see Wario! Zelda uses magic and destroys his weapon. (Fight Wario, pick Link or Zelda) Wario's trophy falls on the ground, Link and Zelda leave. After they leave, shadow bugs seep into the room they were in and engulf Wario's trophy...Stage Clear!

Elsewhere, at a place known as the "Darkness of new beginning", Bowser is chained up, along with Wolf, Ganondorf, and King Dedede. A Koopa Troopa, Hammer Bro., a few Goombas, and a Magikoopa appear at the Darkness of new beginning. Bowser will get angry and transform into Giga Bowser, causing the villains to laugh evilly. Giga Bowser breaks the chains, only to be interrupted by Fox. He uses Fire Fox to dash into Ganondorf and Wolf, turning them into trophies (Fight Giga Bowser, using Fox). Fox then realizes that he can't turn Giga Bowser into a trophy. Ness comes and uses PK Fire to stop Giga Bowser in his trail, then PK Flash to send him to Moonlight Mansion (remember? From Kirby?) along with King Dedede. Fox and Ness decide to battle (choose your character and battle) and then one gets trophied. The other revives him, and Fox uses a long Fox Illusion, while Ness uses a long PK Thunder2. Upon arriving Moonlight Mansion, Wario appears and trophies Fox or Ness (chosen at random)while the other runs away (side scroller, use whoever survived). Stage Clear!

Mario and Kirby go to Moonlight Mansion, where the survivor is (will call survivor now) and teams up with them. Meta Knight then appears at Moonlight Mansion with Mario, Kirby, and survivor to revert Giga Bowser to Bowser. Bowser then jumps out of Moonlight Mansion and is shot with a blast (if Ness survived, the blast will be blue and freeze him, if Fox survived, the blast will be red and burn him). The blast came from no other than Kirby's Warpstar (Select Mario, Kirby, or survivor). As they get to the back room where the other person's trophy is, Wario takes it, but it's not Wario, it's Shadow Wario! The survivor will use a Blaster/PK Fire to trophy him, but a R.O.B. makes a Subspace Bomb explode while Mario, Kirby and survivor will escape (Side-scroller, use Mario, Kirby, or survivor) as Moonlight Mansion is sucked into Subspace, but Bowser also escapes, while Fox/Ness trophy is sucked into Subspace. Stage Clear!

Link and Zelda see that they have lost track of Mario and Kirby. That same unknown character pushes Zelda, causing her hand to touch Wario's trophy, reviving him. The unknown character (revealed to be King Dedede) charges a jet hammer, forcing Wario to join Link and Zelda (side-scroller, choose Link, Zelda, or Wario). Later, the cave explodes and King Dedede trophies Zelda. Stage Clear!

The Earthbound Challenge

If you beat my challenge, I'll give you the permission to edit the "My own SSE (FAKE)". I will also mention that you beat the challenge on my page. You just have to inform me on my Talk Page. ItemHazard and ParaGoomba348 have beaten my challenge.

My Challenge

  • All Level 9
  • No Items
  • 5 Stock
  • You=Lucas
  • Opponents=3 Ness
  • Team Battle, the 3 Nesses are all on the same team, so your on your own.
  • Final Destination only
  • Friend Fire is off


  • Lucas, Falco
  • My sister's mains: Peach, Zelda
  • My friend's mains: Toon Link, Link

Others that play my Smash games

  • My Sister: Has played all of the Smash games I ever owned and only played Brawl once. Is not a serious gamer. Never beats me.
  • My Friend: Has come over to my house sometimes to play Smash Bros. Has played every Smash Bros. game I owned. I guess is a serious gamer. Sometimes beats me. Has recently taken a liking to Marth, Yoshi and Falco. Has started training with Meta Knight and Lucas.

Character Ratings

This is just what I think! I will also try to update this!

  • Mario: Perfect for beginners, has a meteor smash, Cape Glide combined with F.L.U.D.D. puts up a good wall. 10/10
  • Luigi: To complex for beginners, can preform a different version of Koopa Hopping, Up-B only gains vertical height. 6.5/10
  • Bowser: A heavyweight, slow, some of the game's most powerful attacks, short range projectile. 6/10
  • Peach: Can Float, Up-B slows down falling speed, small double jump, has a blocker (Toad). 8/10
  • Donkey Kong: A heavyweight, powerful attacks, can bury opponents, decent speed for a heavy character. 8.5/10
  • Diddy Kong: Fast, has two spikes, two projectiles. 7.5/10
  • Link: Three projectiles, a meteor smash, heavy, slow. 5/10
  • Zelda: Can change to Sheik, powerful attacks, second slowest running speed, a projectile. 5.5/10
  • Sheik: Can change to Zelda, fast running speed, a projectile, average attacks. 8.5/10
  • Ganondorf: Heavy & slow, very powerful attacks, has two spikes. 4.5/10
  • Toon Link: Quick, three projectiles, tether recovery, disjointed hitbox. 7.5/10
  • Samus: Three projectiles, tether recovery, two meteor smashes. 9.5/10
  • ZSS: Can stun opponents, two different tether recoveries, fast, light. 8.5/10
  • Yoshi: Huge double jump, two meteor smashes, has a projectile. 6/10
  • Kirby: Can copy enemies, has a projectile, has multiple jumps. 6/10
  • Meta Knight: Has multiple jumps, can glide, good damage racker, amazing edge-guarder. 10/10
  • King DeDeDe: Has multiple jumps, slightly disjointed hitbox, powerful attacks, heavy. 8/10
  • Fox: Fast, spamming projectile, can reflect projectiles. 6/10
  • Falco: Quick, strong projectile, can reflect projectiles. 7/10
  • Wolf: Heavy, slow, weak attacks, projectile, can reflect projectiles. 7.5/10
  • Pikachu: Has a projectile, some good finishers, great recovery if you have quick fingers, spamming A combo. 6.5/10
  • Jigglypuff: Amazing recovery, very light, very low crouch, can make opponents sleep. 7.5/10
  • Squirtle: Can push enemies of the edge, can change to Ivysaur if at disadvantage. 6.5/10
  • Ivysaur: Can rack up damage quickly, has two projectiles, has a tether recovery, can switch to Charizard if at disadvantage. 8/10
  • Charizard: Has two projectiles, Rock Smash is powerful, can glide, can switch to Squirtle if at disadvantage. 8.5/10
  • Lucario: Gets stronger with higher damage, controllable recovery, a counter move, has a projectile. 7/10
  • Captain Falcon: Second fastest running speed, strong attacks, has a few good killers. 6/10
  • Ness: A great Up-B, can absorb some projectiles, has a meteor smash. 7.5/10
  • Lucas: A great Up-B, can absorb some projectiles, has two meteor smashes, can freeze opponents. 9.5/10
  • Ice Climbers: Controlling two characters at once, has two projectiles, has a tether recovery that also functions like a normal recovery, can freeze opponents. 7/10
  • Mr. Game and Watch: Has a projectile, has a semi-spike, has a decent recovery, has a spike. 8/10
  • Marth: Shield Breaker gives good horizontal boost, can use Side-B for recovery, has a counter move. 8/10
  • Ike: Has decent horizontal recovery, Up-B does some damage, has a counter move. 7.5/10
  • Pit: Has a spamming A combo, incredible Up-B, has a reflector shield. 9.5/10
  • Wario: Can eat items so enemies can't use them. 9/10
  • Olimar: Can have a huge tether recovery if he has all 6 Pikmin, is shortly invincible while using Down-B. 5/10
  • R.O.B.: Can reflect projectiles, Up-B is huge. 8/10
  • Snake: Has 6 projectiles, can bomb jump for huge recovery. 9.5/10
  • Sonic: Fastest running speed in the game, has a projectile, the spring from his Up-B can be used more then once. 9/10

Characters I Hope to See in a New Smash Game

  1. Daisy (Mario Strikers)
  2. Bowser Jr.
  3. Cranky Kong
  4. Midna
  5. Ridley
  6. Shy Guy
  7. Rick
  8. Gooey
  9. Slippy Toad
  10. Krystal
  11. Weavile
  12. Meowth
  13. Jody Summer
  14. Jeff
  15. Paula
  16. Dark Knight
  17. Louie
  18. Tails
  19. Megaman
  20. Bomberman
  21. Pac-Man

This User...

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... Thinks the wavedash-y stuff in Melee is cool.

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