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Hello! I'm AceFedora (or just Ace), your typical Smash player. Brawl was my first game and Smash 3DS is my second. I'm currently working on getting a Switch for all those juicy games, but alas, who knows if I'll get one this year? Sadly, this means I also don't have Ultimate... :(

As an admin, I have the tools necessary to help you or anyone else around the wiki so feel free to ask me or anybody else for help! I enjoy editing with you all! :)

I also joined SmashWiki as well. You might see me upload some ogg files there as that's all I'm really doing over there.

Useful Pages


Update necessary disambiguation pages

Italicize all video game titles in Music (SSBB) (Last edit: Mother Melee)

Find citations for GoldenEye (universe) and Unused Characters

Finish Black Screen

Make Ice Climber picture trophies from Brawl

Make music tracks that involve lyrics and medleys

  • Super Mario World Medley
  • Wrecking Crew Medley
  • Boss Theme Medley (Kirby) (under dev)
  • Xenoblade Chronicles Medley
  • Famicon Medley(?)
  • Mario Paint Medley
  • Butter Building
  • Ice Cream Island
  • Super Mario Bros. 3 Medley
  • WarioWare, Inc. Medley
  • Underworld (under dev)

Articles I made

Articles I rebuilt

Articles that are already made, but I basically added tons of new info, or updated and revised completely.

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