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Uppercut is Simon and Richter Belmont's Up Special. The user brings out the whip and performs an uppercut slash, rising into the air.


Simon and Richter brings out the whip and swings it upward, rising into the air as they do so. Anyone caught in the whip's path will take damage. It is Simon and Richter's primary recovery move, although it's poor height mixed with Simon and Richter's minimal air mobility makes it very difficult to recover effectively. Works better as an attack; having excellent kill power, being a really decent combo finisher.


The Uppercut move first appeared as Richter's super jump move in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, serving as his equivalent to Alucard's Gravity Boots high jump move. Unlike Alucard's high jump, Richter's uppercut also served an offensive purpose and could be put to good use against enemies above him. This move also reappeared in Portrait of Ruin in "Richter Mode" as well as Harmony of Despair as one of his Martial Arts moves.

Although he possesses this move in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Simon does not actually perform Uppercut in any capacity in his home games.

Simon's and Richter's Special Moves
Standard Special Axe
Side Special Cross
Up Special Uppercut
Down Special Holy Water
Final Smash Grand Cross
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