Up throw is a throw performed by pressing up on the control stick after having grabbed the opponent. Most characters' up throws involve them throwing their opponent upwards, then doing some kind of follow-up for additional damage.

Up throws were introduced in Melee as in the original Super Smash Bros., there were only Forward throws and Back throws. Some of the SSB characters who returned in Melee (like Kirby) had their old Forward throw become their new Up throw.

Many up throws are capable of chain throwing fast-fallers.

Characters with notable Up throws include:

  • Mewtwo: The strongest in Melee by far, and one of the strongest in the whole Smash Bros. series, it is one of Mewtwo's best finishing moves.
  • Roy: The second strongest in Melee, it can easily be used to chain grab fast-fallers.
  • Jigglypuff: similar to Mewtwo's, but with less knockback. It is used for Space Animal Slaying. In Brawl this is one of Jigglypuff's best finishers. When enemies launch resistance is decreased on matches on easy/normal on All Star mode and Multi Man mode or damage ratio is at 2.0 during the match, it OHKOs any opponents.
  • Mr. Game & Watch (in both Melee and Brawl): The only Up throw to release the opponent at an angle.
  • Kirby (in Melee and Brawl only) and Meta Knight: Very similar in appearance to a Warp Star, except that the opponent is launched upwards and slammed down with the character, and the trajectory cannot be altered. As with a Warp Star, as Kirby/Meta Knight and the opponent come down from above the stage, it can be used to "leap" to a higher part of the stage. In Brawl, Kirby's Up throw can be used as a Kirbycide from the left edge of the lowermost platform of Hyrule: Temple when facing right, and from the right edge of the bottom platform of Skyworld.
  • Sonic: Delivers the most damage of all Up throws in Brawl (not including those of characters under the effects of Final Smashes like Wario Man or Giga Bowser) dealing 12% damage.
  • Olimar: The most powerful in Brawl when it's a Purple Pikmin.

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