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The '''up aerial''' (abbreviated as "uair", "UAir", or "AUA") is an [[aerial attack]] that is performed in midair by pressing the [[A Button]], and tilting the control stick upwards. It also gains a moderate boost in height if the character's attack is a backflip used just before the apex of the jump but the user loses their second jump. Its official term varies between titles, where it is known as a "Up Midair Attack" in ''[[Super Smash Bros. Melee]]'', and a "Up Air Attack" in ''[[Super Smash Bros. Brawl|Brawl]]''. Many up aerials are circle kicks, which have large range, good priority and very slightly disjointed hitboxes. They can also send the opponent in diverse directions. A lot of up aerials can be used for Juggling.
[[Image:Upa.jpg|thumb|250px|Link's up aerial]]
==Up airs in Smash Bros. series==
===List of up airs in [[Super Smash Bros.]]===
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*[[Pikachu (SSB)]]: Flips and hits opponents with his tail. A popular combo move and gimping tool. 10%
*[[Yoshi (SSB)]]: Flips while using his tail to do damage. A combo end move with low range preventing it from starting up combos. Incredibly useful out of up tilts vs any heavy or medium character using DJC's. 15%
*[[Samus (SSB)]]: Does a spin kick upward. Considered overall the worst up air of ssb64. Not too useful outside of baiting overly agressive opponents and reading it into a back air. 10%
*[[DK (SSB)]]: Slaps upward. Using platform cancels, this is DK's main combo move outside of wall combos. Combos into other up airs or up smash. Jokingly called the DK ladder by DK mainers on smashboards. 12%
*[[Link (SSB)]]: Thrusts his sword up. Good combo move but with poor range. Nice knocback. 16%
*[[Luigi (SSB)]]: Does a flip kick. Part of Luigi's main killing combo. Combos into up b and a down b. 12%
*[[Mario (SSB)]]: Similar to Luigi but less useful. Combos into f-air and up smash. The low damage hit of the move can also combo as well into back air. 12%
*[[Kirby (SSB)]]: Spins rapidly. Kirby's overall worst aerial, a very different form of aerial as it does 2 hits if it isn't Z-cancelled and 1 hit if it is. combos into down air at low percents. 10%
*[[Jigglypuff (SSB)]]: Slaps upward. Part of Jigglypuff's basic combo of up throw, up smash, up throw, multiple up airs into down b. 16%
*[[Fox (SSB)]]: Flips then kicks. Has set low knockback with the first hit. Infinites if only the first hit hits. Second hit has great vertical knockback. 15% in total.
*[[Captain Falcon (SSB)]]: Does a flip kick. The basic falcon combo is using up smash or forward throw up smash into multiple up airs and then an up b. Incredible hitstun and one of the most fearsome moves in the game due to its versatile uses in both combos and edgeguarding. Back of the hit is a very powerful semi-spike. 16%
*[[Ness (SSB)]]: Headbutts upward. Good for juggling and DJCing. 15%
===Up airs in Melee===
*[[Dr. Mario (SSBM)|Dr. Mario]]'s up aerial, a flip kick upwards, which is good for juggling fast fallers. 10% damage
*[[Mario (SSBM)|Mario]]'s up aerial, a flip kick upward. Good move for juggling and comboing. 11% damage.
*[[Luigi (SSBM)|Luigi]]'s up aerial, similar to Mario's but doesn't offer the same juggling properties from the ground as Mario's.
*[[Captain Falcon (SSBM)|Captain Falcon]]'s up aerial, a backflip in midair with his feet out. Knockback direction depends on what angle the move hits the foe, though strong nonetheless. Also good for juggling. 13% damage.
*[[Bowser (SSBM)|Bowser]]'s up aerial, a hit upward hard with his head. Very high knockback, but one of Bowser's slower moves. It is the most powerful uair and one of the most powerful aerials in the game (it is stronger than Ganondorf's dair on grounded opponents). 9%-17%
*[[Donkey Kong (SSBM)|Donkey Kong]]'s up aerial, a headbutt upward, good for juggling fast-fallers. Does 14% damage.
*[[Samus (SSBM)|Samus]]: brings her legs above her body and spins. Several hits, up to 10% damage.
*[[Jigglypuff (SSBM)|Jigglypuff]]'s up aerial, waves it's hand up in an arch. Not the best aerial killer, though excellent for juggling. 11% damage.
*[[Kirby (SSBM)|Kirby]]'s up aerial, a flip in mid air, kicking upwards. Great knockback, possibly Kirby's best kill move.
*[[Link (SSBM)|Link]]'s up aerial, stabs sword above him. Good for juggling or Star KO-ing at higher damages ~120%. Has some Sex Kick properties. 16% damage, ~14% in later hitboxes.
*[[Young Link (SSBM)|Young Link]]'s up aerial, aims sword upwards. Not good for KOing, but better at juggling. 12% damage.
*[[Fox McCloud (SSBM)|Fox]]'s up aerial, a flip kick with immense upward [[knockback]] and high speed.
*[[Falco (SSBM)|Falco]]'s up aerial, a kick up with his tail extended afterward. A two-hit move, first hit does 6%, then 9%.
*[[Ganondorf (SSBM)|Ganondorf]]'s up aerial, one of his most useful and fastest moves and when used backwards allows him to knock-out his opponents at low [[damage]] due to the [[semi-spike]].
*[[Pichu (SSBM)|Pichu]]'s up aerial, weak,low damage and it can't finish his foe. But for these reasons it can juggle and set up more aerial moves and grabs for fast fallers and if you [[SHFFL]] it you can [[Wavedash]] at the end of the move.
===List of up aerials in [[Super Smash Bros. Brawl|Brawl]]===
*[[Mario (SSBB)|Mario]]: A flip kick.
*[[Luigi (SSBB)|Luigi]]: Identical to Mario's flip kick.
*[[Peach (SSBB)|Peach]]: An odd kick upwards. Only her foot does damage. One of her few KO moves.
*[[Bowser (SSBB)|Bowser]]: A very strong upwards headbutt. Looks like a claw swing unless slowed down or paused. A great killing move.
*[[Donkey Kong (SSBB)|Donkey Kong]]: Headbutts upwards. Powerful and can star KO at medium percentages.
*[[Diddy Kong (SSBB)|Diddy Kong]]: A flip kick with good knockback.
*[[Yoshi (SSBB)|Yoshi]]: Flips over vertically, doing damage with his tail. Good knockback.
*[[Wario (SSBB)|Wario]]: Claps upwards. Can be used to fly as [[Wario-Man]].
*[[Link (SSBB)|Link]]: Points his sword upwards. Diverse diagonal knockback.
*[[Zelda (SSBB)|Zelda]]: Pulsates an explosion out of her hand. Large, disjointed hitbox, will kill off the top of the stage at low percentages (50% upwards).
*[[Sheik (SSBB)|Sheik]]: Spins her body around, with her feet pointing upwards. Sex kick like properties.
*[[Ganondorf (SSBB)|Ganondorf]]: A very quick, powerful circle kick. Can semi-spike.
*[[Toon Link (SSBB)|Toon Link]]: Identical to Link's, except a very slight diagonal range and much more knockback. Can KO much easier than Link's. Has unbelievable priority, going through even Marth's [[Dolphin Slash]]
*[[Samus (SSBB)|Samus]]: Very much like Sheik's. However, the first hits suck the opponent in; only the last hit gives (large) knockback.
*[[Zero Suit Samus (SSBB)|Zero Suit Samus]]: A flip kick. However, it makes a slashing sound when it connects.
*[[Pit (SSBB)|Pit]]: Spins his bow upwards. Diverse horizontal knockback.
*[[Ice Climbers (SSBB)|Ice Climbers]]: Point both hammers upwards. High knockback, disjointed hitbox.
*[[R.O.B. (SSBB)|R.O.B.]]: Waves his arms upwards. Multiple hits, diverse knockback.
*[[Kirby (SSBB)|Kirby]]: A powerful flip kick. Insane combo potential when combined with throws and Utilt.
*[[Meta Knight (SSBB)|Meta Knight]]: Slashes upwards at an incredible speed. It is the quickest up aerial in the game. Can be used in combination with multiple jumps for chaining, can easily rack up 30% damage or more. High stun. [[Down throw]] to up aerial to [[forward aerial]] is one of the few inescapable combos in Brawl; it cannot be airdodged, attacked through, or [[directional influence|DI]]'d out of, even if the opponent DIs away (if they DI upward from the down throw then this combo is even easier to land)
*[[King Dedede (SSBB)|King Dedede]]: Spins his hammer upwards. Multiple hits, diverse knockback.
*[[Olimar (SSBB)|Captain Olimar]]: Throws a Pikmin upwards. The Pikmin spins around. Multiple hits. Hardest to DI out of if the Pikmin is yellow. In fact, Olimar can be falling and this attack will still complete and keep hitting the opponent as long as the Pikmin is yellow.
*[[Fox (SSBB)|Fox]]: Whips his leg and tail upwards. Is very fast and powerful.
*[[Falco (SSBB)|Falco]]: Similar to Fox's, but less power.
*[[Wolf (SSBB)|Wolf]]: Slashes upwards at a high speed. Fairly low knockback, high stun, good for combos.
*[[Pikachu (SSBB)|Pikachu]]: Spins with his tail out for damage. Very low knockback, very low damage, can [[Semi-spike]]. Useful for aerial strings, and combos.
*[[Squirtle (SSBB)|Squirtle]]: An extremely quick flip kick, but uses his tail instead of his legs.
*[[Ivysaur (SSBB)|Ivysaur]]: Pumps pollen out of his bulb upwards. High knockback, causes Ivysaur to fast fall. Can be used to reduce and negate vertical momentum.
*[[Charizard (SSBB)|Charizard]]: Points his head and neck upwards. Low knockback.
*[[Lucario (SSBB)|Lucario]]: An kick upwards. Like his [[forward aerial]] or Peach's up aerial.
*[[Jigglypuff (SSBB)|Jigglypuff]]: Waves her arm upwards. Deceivingly long and large hitbox, but unfortunately low priority.
*[[Marth (SSBB)|Marth]]: A simple upward slash. Average damage, combo ability and knockback when tipped, below average when not.
*[[Ike (SSBB)|Ike]]: A slow upward slash. Very powerful, lengthy duration.
*[[Ness (SSBB)|Ness]]: Headbutts. High knockback and priority.
*[[Lucas (SSBB)|Lucas]]: Similar to Ness' in animation, but with more range, less knockback, and does not go in a full circle.
*[[Mr. Game & Watch (SSBB)|Mr. Game & Watch]]: Blows upwards. Opponents not hit with the attack are pushed upwards an extremely high distance. Distinct, useful attack that can set up for further combos. Typical of Mr. Game & Watch, this move has a large disjointed hitbox.
*[[Snake (SSBB)|Snake]]: A midair handstand. Similar properties to Charizard's, with higher knockback.
*[[Sonic (SSBB)|Sonic]]: A scissor kick. One of his few KO moves.
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