The Undead glitch allows Bowser or Wario to survive after being KOed in a Stamina match.

How to perform


While playing as Bowser in Stamina Mode, get a Smash Ball and transform into Giga Bowser. If Bowser's HP is depleted while transformed, he will instantly revert to his normal form with no hit points. Bowser can continue fighting as normal until he is hit by an attack. This can even be non-damaging attacks such as Mario's FLUDD.


In Stamina Mode, get Wario to low HP, then use a Smash Ball to transform into Wario-Man. Then, either eat explosive items to cause damage or fly above the screen to gain Hoop damage until Wario-Man's HP is gone. When the transformation ends, Wario will get back up with no damage meter at all. Also, Wario-Man counts as dead before the transformation ends, thus if another player kills all the remaining players, the match will end if Wario-Man's HP is/reaches zero.


This is no different from having 1 HP in most respects, but several normally harmless things can still kill Bowser or Wario:

Other Facts

  • A Bowser at 0 HP can freely get a Smash Ball again
  • If a 0 HP Bowser defeats all his opponents, he will win the match; but, Wario cannot win a match with 0 HP. The victory goes to the last character surviving other than Wario.
  • Use of a Superspicy Curry will result in the character eating it but without the usual effects.



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