A Trophy Stand

The trophy stand (called "smash plate" in Japan) is an item that is used in Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Subspace Emissary mode. The trophy stand allows the user to turn enemies in this mode into collectible trophies. While the trophy stand will work immediately on small or normal-sized enemies such as Primids, larger enemies and bosses must be greatly weakened first in order for it to work. Once the enemy's damage bar is depleted enough, the character can throw the trophy stand at the enemy to turn it into a trophy.

Depending on the difficulty of the level, trophy stands appear more or less often. Higher difficulty levels, equal more trophy stand drops. Some stickers can also be used to make the drops more numerous. Also, sometimes when defeating three enemies at once, a trophy stand will appear.

Trophy Description

Trophy Stand Trophy.jpg
An item that, when hurled at Subspace goons, will turn whomever it hits into a trophy. Trophies can be collected, then viewed in the gallery. To successfully get an enemy, you need to hit it when it's been sufficiently weakened. If you can skillfully manipulate your foe's damage, you can even capture a boss character.

List of Stickers With Trophy Stand Drop Effects


  • If a trophy stand is hurled stand at an enemy that is not weakened enough, it will hit and inflict damage to the enemy, then disappear.
  • A trophy stand cannot turn a Jyk into a trophy, since Jyks are invincible. The Jyk trophy is available only through beating the Boss Battle Mode with 20 characters.
  • Mizzo is a character that can't be captured with a trophy stand because it is in the display room on the Battleship Halberd - it can instead be picked up through the Coin Launcher minigame or by any other means of gaining a trophy.
  • In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, in the Photo Studio there is an option that allows the player to turn off the trophy stand, allowing one to take pictures of trophies without their stands.

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