Triple Wolf is Terry Bogard's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Triple Wolf begins with Triple Geyser, where Terry punches the ground three times to erupt three large geysers. If the 3 geysers hit the opponent, Terry will perform a Power Dunk and finish with a Max Buster Wolf. While the triple Power Geysers can hit multiple opponents, the cutscene only triggers on one opponent.


Although a combination of Triple/Overheat Geyser, High Angle Geyser, and Buster Wolf, it is a common trait for Terry to exhibit new adapted and created supers in new games, and especially games that signal a change in the world of fighting games for SNK. Some examples include the Rising Beat, a super combo based off of Geese's and Rock's Deadly Rave, as displayed in SVC Chaos, where SNK took the role of designing a Capcom VS SNK crossover game; the Power Stream, a close-ranged vertical surrounding blasting beam like Power Geyser that was accessed by having Terry be the Team Leader in The King of Fighters XI, which did away with the yearly naming convention and sported new features for KOF; and the Star Dunk Volcano, a "max power" High Angle Geyser that displayed in The King of Fighters XIV, where KOF had taken full advantage of the realm of 3D graphics and had high-level super move cutscenes akin to later Street Fighter instalments.


  • Terry’s final smash can kill enemies without trapping them, only during the activation, or Triple Geyser.

Terry Bogard's Special Moves
Standard Special Power Wave
Side Special Burning Knuckle/Crack Shoot
Up Special Rising Tackle
Down Special Power Dunk
Super Special Power Geyser/Buster Wolf
Final Smash Triple Wolf