Link using the Triforce Slash on Wario.


Link finishing off Wario with his Final Smash

The Triforce Slash serves as the Final Smash of both Link and Toon Link in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The attack starts out with the Triforce symbol on the back of Link/Toon Link's hand glowing. A ray of light will stun anyone horizontally in front of them. Link/Toon Link will then dash towards any opponent stunned by the beam and strike them repeatedly for an immense amount of damage (as much as 130%). Super Smash Bros Brawl: Premier Edition player's guide says that the attack can only reach two character lengths in front of them. The guide is incorrect, the attack can actually reach all the way across Final Destination for Link and half across for Toon Link. This attack seems to be primarily meant for a single target, but more than one character can easily be hit simultaneously if they are close enough to each other and can even KO multiple characters. Toon Link's Triforce Slash is also just a tad weaker, due to the slightly lessened amount of hits. It also has a much smaller range and potentially less knockback. However, the final strike at the end of Triforce Slash is also stronger than Link's.

Trophy Description (Link)

Link with a Smash Ball, releasing his ultimate attack. Light flares from the Triforce symbol on the back of his hand and rushes out to meet the enemy he faces. The enemy gets trapped within the glittering Triforce, is quickly cut to shreds, and is launched by the last strike. The attack works on one enemy at a time, so it's best to go after the character in first place.

Trophy Description (Toon Link)

Toon Link's Final Smash. Hit an enemy with the light emanating from the Triforce mark on his hand to initiate the move. The enemy will be trapped within the Triforce and be unable to move--Toon Link will then rush in close and carve up his foe at lightning speed. The final blow will break the Triforce prison and send the opponent off the screen.


  • Toon Link's Triforce Slash has a more cartoony appearance than Link's.
  • Link's Triforce Slash almost reaches the entirety of Final Destination, but Toon Link's barely covers half.
  • You can dodge The Triforce Slash by air dodging. The Triforce will appear around you for a second, but then disappear. It only works if you dodge between the time he holds his hand up, and the beam of light actually shoots out.

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Link's Special Moves
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Standard Special Boomerang Bow Hero's Bow Bow and Arrows
Side Special Boomerang Gale Boomerang Boomerang
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Final Smash Triforce Slash Ancient Bow and Arrow

Toon Link's Special Moves
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Standard Special Hero's Bow
Side Special Boomerang
Up Special Spin Attack
Down Special Bomb
Final Smash Triforce Slash
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