Trick Shot is Duck Hunt's Neutral Special Move. The dog kicks a can forward. If the B button is pressed, the can will be shot by an unseen player holding the NES Zapper, making it bounce. Finally, after nine shots, it will explode. The explosion can also hurt the dog.

Overview and Strategies

Trick Shot is projectile difficult to master, yet incredibly versatile, that can provide the greatest pressure out of all his projectiles due to its damage and knockback from detonation. The versatility comes from shooting the can and positioning in the way of the player. Position is key. The can will only be on the stage for a set time, and if let alone, it will automatically explode after its time expires.

Players can hit the Special Button again to make the can be shot by the NES Zapper, causing it to bounce forward and slightly upwards to the direction the player launched the can; repeatedly shooting the can will bounce it higher and higher. It is possible change the direction of the Zapper shots by hitting the can in the opposite direction. After shooting the can 9 times, it will release smoke and flash red, exploding after a few moments.

The can can be shot while the player is attacking, dodging, shielding, grabbing an opponent or being attacked, having a near infinite variery of uses. It cannot be shot, however, if the player is moving forward, as it will trigger Clay Shooting instead. It should be noted that the can also cannot be shot if Clay Shooting is on stage, as it will cause the Zapper to shoot the clay figure instead.

Hitting the can with physical attacks will cause it to be launched without exploding it. Duck Hunt can hit the can forwards with a Forward Tilt or Dash Attack; just about any move works. This will give the move an increase in range and an opponent charging at Duck Hunt head on will often get hit by the can when it gets launched by an attack. Should be noted, however, that opponents can do the same, as the explosion from Trick Shot can damage Duck Hunt too. Additionally, it is not possible to launch the can with attacks while it is in the air; doing so will instead blow it. With this in mind, players can set traps, use it for edge guard, or launch it fast against opponents.

This move is also great for stage control and mental pressure, as setting it out on the stage can keep opponents guessing. If the opponent is trying to approach from above, pressing the button quickly many times to get the can to go high in the air is a good strategy; it won't always hit the opponent, but it will cause them to hesitate and DI backwards.

Another good way to use it is edge-guarding; an opponent trying to recover low can be hit by a falling Trick Shot, though players need to remember that the Trick Shot falls at a slight angle rather than straight down, so use this information to ensure the attack connects.

Trick Shot can be useful for dealing with opponents that have reflectors as well. Duck Hunt can shoot the can at any time, so an opponent might think they are going to let it fall on top of them when they suddenly shoot the can again. An opponent that tries to reflect the can will not be able to effectively read where and when the can will hit, so Duck Hunt can use this to their advantage.

Finally, there a few handful combos that can work with the Trick Shot. One of them is setting out the Trick Shot at a certain point on the stage, then proceeding to grab the opponent and throw them towards the can with a Forward or Back Throw. Then, just as they pass over the can, press the button multiple times to hit them with the can.

Duck Hunt's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Trick Shot
Side Special Clay Shooting
Up Special Duck Jump
Down Special Wild Gunman
Final Smash NES Zapper Posse

Custom Variations

High-Explosive Shot

High-Explosive Shot is one of Duck Hunt's Neutral Special Moves that can be used via customizations. Duck Hunt kicks a can that explodes in one shot, or after the kick. The can travels a long distance.

Zigzag Shot

Zigzag Shot is one of Duck Hunt's Neutral Special Moves that can be used via customizations. Duck Hunt kicks a can that goes back and forth as the player shoot it. If the can hits an opponent, it will send them upward.

Duck Hunt's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special High-Explosive Shot Zigzag Shot
Side Special Rising Clay Clay Break
Up Special Duck Jump Snag Super Duck Jump
Down Special Quick Draw Aces Mega Gunman


The tin can is a target from the NES Zapper game Hogan's Alley in Game C. Here, the player has a limited supply of ammunition with which to shoot up to 10 tin cans thrown from one side of the screen, trying to bounce them onto ledges at the opposite side for points.