Traction is a measure of how far a character can slide on the ground, either by shielding an attack or by wavedashing. It is generally considered best for characters to have a moderately low traction, so they can wavedash an optimal distance.

Traction ranking

This is a ranking of each character's traction, from least to greatest.

  1. Luigi
  2. Ice Climbers (Except on ice, where their traction is best)
  3. Mewtwo
  4. Marth
  5. Yoshi
  6. Roy
  7. Dr. Mario/Mario/Mr. Game & Watch (all equivalent)
  8. Samus
  9. Ness
  10. Fox
  11. Bowser
  12. Falco
  13. Young Link
  14. Ganondorf
  15. Donkey Kong
  16. Pikachu/Sheik (equivalent)
  17. Captain Falcon/Kirby (equivalent)
  18. Pichu
  19. Jigglypuff
  20. Link
  21. Peach/Zelda (equivalent)
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