A preview of a bracket in Brawl.

This article is about the game mode. For information on competitive tournaments, see here.

Tournament Mode is a feature in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl which features three modes:


In the tournament mode, players battle against each other in turns. Several options can be chosen for tournaments, including:

  • The number of competitors in a tournament (ranging from 4-64 (32 in Brawl), in two or four player tournaments and 6-27 in three player tournaments).
  • The number of computers and humans in a tournament.
  • How many players fight in each tournament match (In Melee, the number of players only go up when the certain number of controllers is inserted. When there are four controllers inserted, two to four players fight in each match, when there are three controllers inserted, two to three players fight in each match, and when there are one or two controllers inserted, two players fight in each match).
  • How stages are selected.
  • The CPU level of computer players (Levels 1-9 as well as a random option)
  • Individual custom rules available for matches.

In Brawl, there are some more options such as:

  • Handicap for individual players and computers.
  • Set a player to "Drop out" computers that will automatically drop out when their match comes so that people can play with uneven amounts of players.
  • One can switch between Samus-Zero Suit Samus, Zelda-Sheik and Pokémon Trainer and his pokémon by using "-" on a Wii remote, Left Control Stick on Classic Controller, C on Wii remote + Nunchuck, and the C Stick on Gamecube Controller.

Loser out

This mode is also played in turns, but unlike Tournament, where the game ends when a final winner is proclaimed, this lasts forever (or at least until the player decides to stop playing). The loser of each match "drops out" and has to wait until it is his or her turn again.

Winner in

This mode is an extension of Loser Out. It is used for Free for All matches containing 3 or 4 players. When a match is complete, all players except the winner swap out. If four players are in each match, the three losers will swap out. Similarly, in 4-player Free for All matches, players may choose to keep the best two players in, while the other two swap out.

Winner out

This mode is exactly the same as the aforementioned loser out mode, except that the winner of each match drops out instead of the loser.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Tournament mode returns in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The mode has a similar take to Brawl and Melee, but with some changes; the original 3 modes are not selectable in this game, but all tournaments go by the classic tournament mode. Rulesets in regular Smash, like Squad Strike, do not appear and the mode can hold its own set of rulesets, with 2 defaults. The tournament can also be named before it begins. Like always, more than one players can play as the same fighter and use the same palette swap. Amiibo can also take part in a tournament, however, will not gain experience and level up if their battle with no human players is skipped.


  • Quite ironically, the Tournament mode is not used in actual competitive play.