Tortimer Island (コトブキランド? Kotobuki Land in Japan) is a stage appearing in the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS that is based on Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It was confirmed on March 7th, 2014. Its layout is assigned at random each time the stage is played on.


In Tortimer Island, the island itself is the arena. It appears to be a single platform surrounded by water, although the layout of the stage is assigned at random every time it is used. It is possible for a pool of water to appear in the middle of the island. The shop can be seen in the background and Leila and Tortimer appear as background characters by the shop. Kapp'n also appears as a background character on the dock, which is now located on the side of the island.

There is a shark that appears occasionally in the water; it will function as a stage hazard, jumping out of the water and biting those who draw near.


Tortimer Island first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. To access the island, the player pays Kapp'n to drive him/her to the island with his motorboat. When the player lands on the island, the player starts inside the shop where rare items can be purchased. Kapp'n's family, Grams, Leilani, and Leila, work in the shop. Tortimer himself greets the player on his/her first visit, but Kapp'n appears in his place afterwards. The shop itself is located on the north edge of the island and is connected to the dock. The rest of the island consists of trees that grow fruits that can not be found anywhere else, flowers, bushes, and a beach that goes all around the island.

The island in New Leaf does not have a different layout each time a game is started, although the island may have a different appearance on another save file of the game. However, a pool of water will never appear on the ground of the island, as it can in Super Smash Bros. 4.



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