Corrin creates two columns of light, one on each side. If the columns hit a foe, Corrin transforms into a dragon and unleashes a maelstrom that damages and launches. This move is great at hitting foes above you.-Description from Ultimate's move List

Torrential Roar (激流咆, Raging Stream Roar) is Corrin's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.


Corrin partially assumes his/her dragon form and punches his/her fist into the ground while shouting "Out of the way!" (male variant) or "This ends here!" (female variant), creating two pillars of yellow energy on each side simultaneously. Any opponent who makes contact with the pillars will be launched upwards and be transported to a mountainous area. Corrin will then fully transform into his/her dragon form and summon a whirlpool that traps the opponents before being transported back to the stage and launched diagonally. Torrential Roar deals 42% damage, 7% for the initial hit and 34% for the whirlpool. In Ultimate, the Final Smash deals a total of 40% damage — 5% from the initial shockwave, and 35% from the resultant whirlpool.

In comparison to other trapping Final Smashes, Torrential Roar is easier to land due to the pillars appearing on both sides of Corrin and the high vertical reach of the pillars, making it difficult to escape from.<gallery>

Trophy Description

Corrin blasts two columns of light on either side. If one hits an enemy, Corrin transforms into a fearsome dragon and unleashes a maelstrom that launches anyone unlucky enough to be caught. The light columns shoot straight up for a short moment, so using this move high up after knocking or throwing opponents overhead is very effective!


Like Great Aether, this move is unique to the Super Smash Bros. series, never making any appearance in Fire Emblem. However, this move may be inspired by Azura, the deuteragonist of Fire Emblem Fates, who posseses hydrokinesis abilities to great lengths with the power of her necklace. This ability is most notable in a cutscene from both the Birthright and Conquest paths, where she used her water manipulation skills to exorcise the evil force controlling King Garon. It may also be related to Fates 's main antagonist, Anankos' ability to manipulate water. Corrin apparently can also manipulate water, as in their dragon form, water flows from their feet during the cinematic battle of Fire Emblem: Fates.

Corrin's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Dragon Fang Shot
Side Special Dragon Lunge
Up Special Draconic Ascent
Down Special Counter Surge
Final Smash Torrential Roar