Topi is a common enemy from the Ice Climber universe that appear in Stage 10 of Adventure Mode. Announced at E3 2001, They also can come out of container items in other modes.


Topis are small bipedal creatures that resemble small yetis and their whole body is covered in white fur. They have small legs and small arms that help them move around. The mouth of the Topis resembles a beak. Topis appeared as enemies originally in the game Ice Climber. They would appear from either side of the stage and will try to prevent the Ice Climbers from scaling the mountain. The Topis in Ice Climber could be stunned but they would appear later unharmed. The Topis sometimes will push around a block of ice on the surface to repair the broken blocks that the Ice Climbers destroyed.

Topi in the Super Smash Brothers games

Topi make their debut in Super Smash Brothers Melee. Topis act as enemies and obstacles on the stages. Topis walk back and forth on the arena. Any character who makes contact with Topi will take damage. The damage the Topis cause varies on the difficulty the characters are using. On higher difficulties, the Topis will cause more damage. The Topis have two different kind of movements. Most of the time, Topis will walk normally on a stage. The Topis also have the ability to glide on a stage. Topis move at a faster pace when they glide. Characters will have a harder time to dodge Topis that are gliding. Topis sometimes can be seen with Freezies in stage 10 of Adventure Mode. They will also contain trophies when they are KO'd at rare times.

They can be picked up by using the Z button and can be thrown at other characters to cause damage. The character who is hit by a Topi will take about 30% damage and has the possibly of dying at low percentages. Topis will also disappear permanently once they are thrown. Another strategy is to throw a character at a wandering Topi. Characters that are thrown at Topis will take the same amount of damage as if they made contact with a Topi normally. Topis can also be used as traps when they enter an enclosed area.

Characters are awarded 200 points for every Topi they KO.

It should also be noted that Topi's blocks of ice they pushed in Ice Climber are used for the Ice Climbers' Ice Shot.

Trophy Description

Topi Trophy


Topis debuted in the game Ice Climber, shuttling ice with which to repair in the floor. They were kept really busy, as Nana and Popo constantly cracked floors with single strikes of their ice hammers. Despite the monotony of their chilly work, these creatures never slacked off for an instant.

Game: Ice Climber (10/85)

Version difference

Beta Topi Trophy

The original version of Melee contained a seal form of Topi. The first trailers of Melee displayed the seal version of Topi. Since the American version of the game, Ice Climber used the yeti version of Topi, then that version was included in the American version of Melee. The seal version does not appear in the American version and European version of Melee at all; nor does the seal trophy. This is probably because Nintendo knew that if they showed the Seal Topi, the game would be criticized for seemingly promoting animal cruelty, namely the issue of seal clubbing in Arctic regions around the world.