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#REDIRECT [[List of Rumors#Toad_in_Melee]]
The '''Toad rumor''' was a [[Super Smash Bros. Melee]] rumor stating that Toad was unlockable as a playable character if you shot all the names in the credits screen after the game on [[Classic Mode]], [[Adventure Mode]] or [[All-Star Mode]] was beaten. Fake screenshots were even made to try and trick people into believing this was true.
==Fake screenshots==
Image:Toad in SSBM character select.jpg|Toad in the character select
Image:Toad unlocked.jpg|Toad's unlocked character message
Image:Toad new foe.jpg|Toad's new foe message
Image:Toad vs mewtwo.jpg|Toad vs. [[Mewtwo]]
Image:Toad in the flatzone.jpg|Toad in [[Flat Zone]]

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