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[[File:Tips (Wii U version).jpg|thumb|290px|Tips in the Wii U version.]]
[[File:Tips (Wii U version).jpg|thumb|290px|Tips in the Wii U version.]]
'''Tips''' (スマちしき ''Suma Chishiki'', "Sma(sh) Knowledge") are random hints that show up for the player to read during loading screen. They can also be seen in the [[Vault]]. Tips never repeat until all of them are displayed, and tips related to [[unlockable]]s are only show after obtaining them. Tips were introduced in ''[[Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U]]'', in the 3DS version only one column is shown, and they are about Characters Attacks and Attributes, Items, Stages, Equipment, Game Modes, Smash Run, and others, while in the Wii U version, there are even more than that, as they also include descriptions of original games, and three columns are shown as opposed to just one.
The''' Tips''' (スマちしき ''Suma Chishiki'', "Sma(sh) Knowledge") are random hints that show up for the player to read during loading screen. They can also be seen in the [[Vault]]. Tips never repeat until all of them are displayed, and tips related to [[unlockable]]s are only show after obtaining them. Tips were introduced in ''[[Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U]]'', in the 3DS version only one column is shown, and they are about Characters Attacks and Attributes, Items, Stages, Equipment, Game Modes, Smash Run, and others, while in the Wii U version, there are even more than that, as they also include descriptions of original games, and three columns are shown as opposed to just one.
==List of Tips==
==List of Tips==

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Tips (Wii U version)

Tips in the Wii U version.

The Tips (スマちしき Suma Chishiki, "Sma(sh) Knowledge") are random hints that show up for the player to read during loading screen. They can also be seen in the Vault. Tips never repeat until all of them are displayed, and tips related to unlockables are only show after obtaining them. Tips were introduced in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, in the 3DS version only one column is shown, and they are about Characters Attacks and Attributes, Items, Stages, Equipment, Game Modes, Smash Run, and others, while in the Wii U version, there are even more than that, as they also include descriptions of original games, and three columns are shown as opposed to just one.

List of Tips

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Mario: Up Smash Attack

Mario's head is invulnerable while performing this powerful headbutt. It's useful against opponents moving in to attack from above.

Mario: Front Air Attack

This attack's quite slow, but Mario swings his fist down hard enough for a meteor smash as the attack begins.

Mario: F.L.U.D.D.

Blasts opponents with water, which doesn't inflict damage, but will push them away. Use it on foes who are trying to get back to the stage!

Luigi: Down Taunt

If your foe's clinging to an edge for dear life, try using Luigi's down taunt. That meteor smash will be VERY satisfying!

Luigi: Green Missile

Charge this up too long and Luigi will get worn out and give up. Let him get his breath back, then try again.

Luigi: Green Missile

The move has a 1 in 10 chance to hit REALLY hard and fly REALLY far. Too far, in some cases...

Luigi: Green Missile

This move can end with Luigi's head stuck in a wall. That leaves him vulnerable, so be careful!

Peach: Side Smash Attack

The end of the tennis racket is best for launching, the golf club reaches farthest, and the frying pan hits hardest.

Peach: Side Smash Attack

Peach takes out a tennis racket, a golf club, then a frying pan. They each have different effects, so remember the order and take advantage!

Peach: Gliding

Hold the jump button to float through the air. While you're floating, feel free to keep attacking!

Peach: Low Gliding

Jump while crouching to float just above the ground. This lets you trigger air attacks quickly for a broader attack range.

Peach: Vegetable

The expressions on the vegetables' faces are random. The wrinkled-looking ones deal the most damage.

Peach: Peach Parasol

While using this move, you can close the umbrella with ↓ to fall faster, then open it again with ↑.

Bowser: Bowser Bomb

If you land this on a shielding enemy, you can break their shield in one hit. Just make sure you capitalize afterward with a dropkick!

Bowser: Bowser Bomb

You can grab on to an edge while bombing, but only if you're really close to it. It's a quick albeit risky way to descend quickly.

Bowser: Fire Breath

Once Bowser's used up his fire once, he needs time to recharge. Give him 10 seconds, and he'll be ready to roast!

Bowser: Fire Breath

You can change the angle of Bowser's flame. Try aiming slightly above the enemy to make it harder for them to escape! Bowser's not above dirty tricks.

Bowser: Flying Slam

Bowser's target has a bit of control over their direction in the air, too. The lower their damage, the more influence they have (but still not much).

Bowser: Tough Guy

Bowser's a real tough guy, When he's only lightly damaged, weaker attacks won't make him flinch.

Bowser: Whirling Fortress

Press the button repeatedly after using this in mid-air and you'll climb up a little bit higher.

Bowser: Whirling Fortress

Try using this right after shielding an enemy attack. Cancel the shield and whirl toward the enemy to counterattack!

Yoshi: Down Air Attack

This attack is very powerful if the foe is directly beneath Yoshi. On heavier fighters, you can deal over 30% damage.

Yoshi: Egg Lay

This move grabs opponents with Yoshi's tongue and traps them in an egg. They'll take less damage while trapped, but you can hit them all you like!

Yoshi: Egg Roll

This move turns Yoshi into an egg that rolls along the ground. The faster it goes, the more powerful it'll be. Just beware of getting grabbed!

Yoshi: Egg Roll

You can start this move in the air, but you won't deal any damage until you hit the ground.

Yoshi: Egg Throw

Unlike other fighters, Yoshi doesn't have a vertical move used mainly for recovering. However, Yoshi will flutter a little bit if this move is used in midair.

Yoshi: Midair Jump

Yoshi's midair jump won't stop if a foe attacks him in the middle of it. This is key to recovering for him, since his up special doesn't travel far.

Yoshi: Yoshi Bomb

The damage and launching power of the Yoshi Bomb are both a little higher when used on the ground.

Yoshi: Yoshi Bomb

Yoshi Bomb is great for breaking shields. Start off with multiple standard attacks, and then use Yoshi Bomb to finish that shield off.

Rosalina & Luma: Controlling Luma

You can attack with Luma even when Rosalina can't move. With some careful timing, this can get you out of scrapes.

Rosalina & Luma: Gravitational Pull

This move pulls in projectiles from a wide area around Rosalina. Use it to pull Ness's PK Thunder off course when he's trying to recover!

Rosalina & Luma: Launch Star

If you input backward just before Rosalina takes off, she'll fly straight up. Useful when you need as much height as possible.

Rosalina & Luma: Luma Shot

This sends Luma hurtling forwards, with a high chance of launching opponents. Charge up this move to send Luma flying farther.

Rosalina & Luma: Luma Shot

Luma keeps going for a bit after it hits a foe, but it slows down and deals less damage. Charge this move fully, and it'll be invincible as it flies!

Rosalina & Luma: Luma Shot

Lumas come in various colors, but their abilities are identical. The six colors you can get are yellow, red, green, blue, cream, and Polari.

Rosalina & Luma: Luma's Reactions

When Luma is next to Rosalina, it starts dancing if she grabs an opponent. When she gets hurt, you can see it flailing its little arms in panic!

Rosalina & Luma: Rebound

When it's on the way back after Luma Shot, Luma can attack as normal. Use this to surprise fighters heading for Rosalina or as a diversion.

Rosalina & Luma: Side Smash Attack

When Luma is behind Rosalina, this attack won't send him charging as far forward as usual. Better keep that in mind while aiming!

Rosalina & Luma: Standard Air Attack

When Luma is next to Rosalina, if you perform a standard air attack right before landing and then go straight into a dash, Luma will attack while dashing.

Rosalina & Luma: Standard Attack

If Rosalina hits a foe with a standard attack while up close, Luma will slip past them. Then use a strong down attack to hit 'em from both sides!.

Bowser Jr.: Abandon Ship

After leaping out of the Junior Clown Car, Bowser Jr. can swing a hammer with the standard attack button. This attack is great for launching.

Bowser Jr.: Clown Kart Dash

Input a jump while performing this, and you'll cancel the dash. This can be handy for recovery, as a lead-in to other moves, or as a feint.

Bowser Jr.: Clown Kart Dash

The Junior Clown Car becomes a kart and charges forward. The higher the speed, the more damage it will deal.

Wario: Chomp

Can be used to bite opponents or eat items. If he eats food, it'll restore more health than usual!

Wario: Chomp

Wario's hunger knows no bounds, but eating explosives will cause him a bit of damage. The blast will hurt those around him too!

Wario: Dash Attack

Even if you don't land a direct hit with this, just hitting an enemy at the tail end of the attack can send them flying! WAHAHA!

Wario: Wario Bike

Press up to do a wheelie and then down to lower the wheel again. Any enemy hit by that front wheel has a good chance of getting launched.

Wario: Wario Bike

Wario's motorcycle can break into parts. Throw them at others, or eat them to fill Wario's...gas tank.

Wario: Wario Waft

When Wario's bursting at the seams with gas, he'll glow. Getting KO'd won't release any gas either--there's only one way to let it out...

Bowser Jr.: Mechakoopa

The Junior Clown Car spits out a Mechakoopa that explodes on contact with an enemy. It'll explode if you just leave it alone for a while too.

Donkey Kong: Shield Break

Donkey Kong can use his side special Headbutt and his down special Hand Slap to damage or even shatter his foes' shields...and spirits.

Donkey Kong: Spinning Kong

When you use this move in the air, it will only lift you slightly, but you can use it to travel a long way to the side.

Donkey Kong: Spinning Kong

This move doesn't offer a lot of lift, but it can carry Donkey Kong a fair distance left or right.

Diddy Kong: Banana Peel

You can't whip out another Banana Peel if one of yours is still in play, but each one will vanish after being picked up and thrown twice.

Diddy Kong: Banana Peel

In this move, Diddy throws a banana peel behind him. Foes who step on it can...have a nice trip?

Diddy Kong: Banana Peel

If you're holding an item when you throw the peel, you'll throw both at the same time. However, if it's a two-handed item, you won't throw it.

Diddy Kong: Monkey Flip

After grabbing onto an opponent with this move, press the attack button to launch them sideways, or input ↑ to jump off their head!

Diddy Kong: Monkey Flip

If you don't jump when you're finished attacking, you can use another move immediately. That's a good time to escape with Rocketbarrel Boost.

Diddy Kong: Monkey Flip

If you grab foes in the air, you'll release them more quickly than if you grab them on the ground. Be ready to use a speedy follow-up attack.

Diddy Kong: Monkey Flip

While performing this move, you can press the attack button to launch a flying kick that deals considerable damage and has good launching power.

Diddy Kong: Monkey Flip

You can use this move again in the air after jumping off the first enemy you attack. Useful for when you're fighting a lot of enemies...

Diddy Kong: Peanut Popgun

Overcharging the Peanut Popgun makes it backfire, but it'll do a ton of damage to foes that it hits!

Diddy Kong: Peanut Popgun

The peanuts you fire can be caught by enemies if they time it right. Charge the move to make the peanuts harder to catch.

Diddy Kong: Peanut Popgun

While charging, watch for when Diddy grabs his hat! That's the sign that the Peanut Popgun's about to backfire.

Diddy Kong: Rocketbarrel Boost

If someone attacks Diddy Kong when he's wearing his Rocketbarrel Pack, it'll break free and fly off on its own.

Diddy Kong: Rocketbarrel Boost

If you fly up through a platform and land on it, the Rocketbarrel Pack will explode on contact with the platform, blasting nearby enemies.

Mr. Game & Watch: Fire

You can launch enemies sideways by hitting them on your ascent. This is a good way to turn the tables on someone waiting for you to pop up from a ledge.

Mr. Game & Watch: Oil Panic

Absorbing a particularly powerful energy blast can fill the gauge in one go. However, even the weakest of attacks will always fill it by one segment.

Mr. Game & Watch: Oil Panic

The gauge doesn't reset when Mr. Game & Watch is KO'd. Try surprising enemies with a bucket full of boiling-hot oil as soon as you respawn!

Mr. Game & Watch: Oil Panic

This bucket can hold all manner of projectiles. Once filled, unleash the contents on an unsuspecting foe.

Mr. Game & Watch: Oil Panic

This will only absorb energy-based projectiles. It won't affect physical ones, like Link's arrows.

Mr. Game & Watch: Oil Panic

You can use this to absorb explosions from Link's bombs or from Bob-ombs. Don't try it with the Bob-ombs that fall during Sudden Death, though.

Little Mac: Giga Mac

As Giga Mac, Little Mac has more power and speed than usual. He also won't flinch from attacks, but he'll still take damage as usual.

Little Mac: Jolt Haymaker

Press the button during the jump, and you can deliver the punch more quickly. You won't move as far though, so consider that before using it.

Little Mac: Jolt Haymaker

You get a window of invincibility if you start this move on the ground, but not in the air. So be careful!

Little Mac: Rising Uppercut

Little Mac zoomes upward with a powerful uppercut. He travels farther when used on the ground than when used in the air.

Little Mac: Side Smash Attack

If you press up when performing Little Mac's side smash, it will change into an uppercut that sends enemies flying upward.

Little Mac: Slip Counter

Just when you think you've got him, Little Mac socks you with a nasty counter. He's invincible during the attack, so there's no stopping him!

Little Mac: Straight Lunge

This attack gives you super armor while charging up and while dashing forward. This is especially prominent when it's fully charged.

Little Mac: Unique Traits

At high damage levels, bruises and a bandage appear on Little Mac's face. Also, since he's a boxer, he never attacks using his legs.

Link: Side Smash Attack

Press the button again to attack a second time. The second attack has more launching power.

Link: Bomb

While holding a bomb, press the grab button just before landing to drop it at your feet without going off. Leave this present for your foes!

Link: Bomb

Your bombs are special ones--the explosion from hitting an enemy won't hurt you.

Link: Dash Attack

Link's dash attack strikes with almost as much force as a smash attack. The point of his sword is especially painful.

Link: Hero's Bow

The longer Link charges his bow, the farther the arrows will fly and the more powerful they'll be. At maximum charge, they'll fly perfectly straight.

Link: Hylian shield

Link's Hylian Shield blocks all projectiles, no matter how powerful. Link won't take any damage at all.

Link: Clawshot

When you fire the Clawshot by using a grab in midair, it extends a long way, making it useful against tall foes or those approaching from below.

Link: Standard Attack

Opponents struck by the full three-hit combo will get launched, or you can combine the first two hits with up or down smash attacks to keep things fresh.

Zelda: Din's Fire

The blast of magic explodes when you release the button. Hold it longer to get more range and a stronger explosion.

Zelda: Phantom Slash

The Phantom can absorb damage from attacks, but once it's destroyed, Zelda can't summon another one for a while.

Samus: Missile

Usually fires a Missile that slowly homes in on opponents. Perform the special like a smash attack to fire a Super Missile, which flies straight.

Samus: Bomb

Samus morphs into a ball and drops a bomb. You can use the explosion to gain a little height.

Samus: Charge Shot

This is devastating when fully charged. You can't charge it in mid-air, but you can unleash it instantly.

Zero Suit Samus: Down Air Attack

This move sends Zero Suit Samus diagonally downwards while attacking. When she lands, the impact damages enemies around her.

Zero Suit Samus: Plasma Whip

This move swings a whip-like stream of plasma directly in front of Zero Suit Samus. Opponents struck by the very tip of it will be blasted away.

Zero Suit Samus: Flip Jump

Bury an opponent who's on the ground by stepping on them with this move, or step on a foe in mid-air for a meteor effect.

Pit: Power of Flight

Pit's wings glow, then send him flying a long way in whichever direction you choose, making it excellent for recovery.

Pit: Guardian Orbitars

These block enemy attacks and reflect projectiles. They also push back foes who touch them!

Pit: Palutena Bow

Aim up before firing to shoot the arrow straight up into the air. Also, you can guide the arrow while it's in the air.

Pit: Upperdash Arm

A dash forwards, followed by an uppercut. While Pit is dashing, the Uppercut Arm deflects projectiles!

Palutena: Warp

Use this move to warp a short distance away. You can choose which direction you warp in.

Palutena: Jump Glide

After leaping upwards, Palutena glides down slowly. You can make use of this glide to cover a lot of distance in the air.

Palutena: Celestial Firework

This move shoots a firework upward to attack. As well as the obvious anti-air applications, it can also be used to hit downed opponents.

Palutena: Explosive Flame

This move causes an explosion a short distance away from Palutena. It deals multiple hits to any opponents in its vicinity, then sends them flying.

Palutena: Heavenly Light

Palutena's Heavenly Light doesn't cause opponents to flinch, but it does gradually push them out of its zone of effect.

Palutena: Heavenly Light

Palutena's Heavenly Light covers a wide area. If you hit someone with it while they're flying off the screen, you can steal the KO for yourself.

Palutena: Counter

This move raises Palutena's shield, making her ready to counter an attack. The counter-attack itself covers a wider range than it might appear.

Palutena: Reflect Barrier

This move creates a barrier that reflects enemy projectiles. It also pushes opponents away, so it can be useful if you want to keep your distance.

Palutena: Angelic Missile

Palutena fires herself forward like a spinning torpedo. This move travels a long way, so be careful not to shoot yourself right off a cliff!

Palutena: Super Speed

Palutena charges forward at speed and sends anyone in her way flying. The further she travels, the more damage she deals on impact.

Marth: Dancing Blade

Aim towards your foe on the fourth swing for an attack that has much more launching power than the up or down versions.

Marth: Dancing Blade

Aim up on the fourth swing for a slice that will launch your opponents into the air and, with any luck, off the top of the screen!

Marth: Dancing Blade

Aim down on the fourth swing to trigger an extra series of attacks - a deadly combo if all the strikes hit.

Marth: Counter

The damage dealt depends on the attack it's countering. Countering a smash attack can even deliver a KO.

Marth: Shield Breaker

This move leaves you wide open, but if you charge it to maximum, it can break an enemy's shield in a single hit.

Ike: Standard Attack

There are three levels of attack: a punch, a kick and a sword swing. All pretty handy, since they're quicker than Ike's other moves!

Robin: Thunder

It's difficult to notice in the middle of a battle, but the cover of the tome Robin uses actually changes depending on the spell being used.

Robin: Elthunder

Once the tome starts glowing yellow, you can cast Elthunder. It's more powerful than Thunder, and travels further, but it's not quite as fast.

Robin: Arcthunder

When you see a red glow, Thunder is charged into Arcthunder! When it connects, a current appears that has high launching power.

Robin: Thoron

When casting Thoron, you can hold down the button to lengthen the beam.

Robin: Thoron

When Thunder is fully charged, it becomes Thoron! The high-speed beam can deal damage to multiple opponents at once.

Kirby: Taunt

Taunt to discard your current copy ability. Try to find the most opportune moment to switch up your abilities!

Kirby: Jump

When Kirby's in the air, he can jump five more times. However far he's launched, he can normally get back!

Kirby: Final Cutter

Kirby slices up into the air, then slices straight down again. The shockwave that appears when you land can also damage your opponents.

Kirby: Hammer

When fully charged, this move turns into the powerful Hammer Flip. However, charging it any further causes damage to Kirby.

Kirby: Inhale

In addition to enemies, Kirby can inhale some items. You'll recover a little damage this way, but sucking in explosives will damage you instead!

Kirby: Stone

Kirby can take on many different forms when he uses this move, but the effect is always the same.

King Dedede: Gordo Throw

Choosing up, middle or down just after starting this move will hit the Gordo in one of three ways and change how it bounces.

King Dedede: Jet Hammer

You can keep this move charged up by holding down the button, but don't overdo it, because it slowly damages Dedede himself.

King Dedede: Inhale

Dedede is already perfect, so his inhale won't copy abilities. Instead, it has a longer range than Kirby's.

King Dedede: Super Dedede Jump

After leaping up high, you crash down to attack. You can cancel this move partway through with ↑.

Meta Knight: Strong Side Attack

Keep pressing the button when you use Meta Knight's strong side attack - the third strike will send foes flying!

Meta Knight: Mach Tornado

The tornado created around Meta Knight can destroy any weak projectiles it hits.

Meta Knight: Dimensional Cape

Meta Knight wraps himself in his cape and disappears. Keep holding the button, and he'll strike when he's back!

Little Mac: Side Smash Attack

If you aim up while performing Little Mac's side smash, it changes into an uppercut that sends enemies flying high.

Little Mac: Jolt Haymaker

You get a window of invincibility if you start this move on the ground, but not in the air, so be careful!

Fox: Blaster

The blasts are speedy and go a long way, but they won't make foes flinch, so use this move at a distance.

Pikachu: Thunder

The bolt of lightning has a meteor effect. Use it after throwing a foe upwards for a powerful combo.

Charizard: Flare Blitz

This move engulfs Charizard in flames. It's extremely powerful, but it hurts Charizard too.

Charizard: Flare Blitz

There's a big explosion when Charizard hits a fighter or certain obstacles. This can hit other fighters nearby, too!

Charizard: Rock Smash

The rock fragments fly in random directions. Get up close to your target to deal as many blows as you can!

Lucario: Aura

Lucario gets extra attack and launch power as it takes damage. You can tell by the Aura coming from its hands!

Lucario: Force Palm

The Aura blast deals more damage and covers more range if Lucario's Aura is stronger.

Lucario: Aura Sphere

The Aura Sphere can hurt other fighters even while Lucario's still holding it. The stronger Lucario's Aura is, the bigger the sphere will be.

Lucario: Extreme Speed

Before Lucario rushes off, enter the direction you want to go. The distance depends on Lucario's Aura.

Greninja: Substitute

This move makes an enemy attack hit a substitute instead of you. You then reappear somewhere else and attack!

Greninja: Hydro Pump

Aim the water jets by pressing in a particular direction. You can then quickly press a different direction to go that way with a second burst.

Captain Falcon: Falcon Dive

A leaping grab that sends the opponent flying with explosive force. If it connects, you can use the same attack again without landing.

Captain Falcon: Falcon Punch

Hold down the attack button and quickly turn around to make Captain Falcon unleash an even more powerful attack as he turns.

Villager: Balloon Trip

The balloons will pop if attacked. Your flight power is reduced with one popped, and you'll fall if both are popped.

Villager: Timber

A three-stage move: planting a seed, watering it, then chopping down the tree. Don't use the first stage in the air - it'll fail and leave you wide open.

Villager: Timber

The axe is surprisingly powerful! You can also swing it at other fighters while the tree's standing, so carefully plan when to chop down the tree!

Villager: Lloid Rocket

Hold the button when using this move to ride on the Lloid Rocket.

Olimar: Pikmin Pluck

You can have up to three Pikmin following you at once. Any further plucking is, sadly, in vain.

Olimar: Pikmin Pluck

Olimar will always pluck the Pikmin in this order: red, yellow, blue, white, purple.

Olimar: Yellow Pikmin

The Yellow Pikmin has a larger attack range but doesn't deal a large amount of damage. Electric attacks won't hurt it.

Olimar: Pikmin Throw

Most Pikmin latch on to opponents and attack them repeatedly. Purple Pikmin, though, just deal one heavy blow and then bounce off.

Olimar: Pikmin Throw

The less damage an opponent has accumulated, the longer the Pikmin can hang on to it.

Olimar: Lead Pikmin

Olimar always attacks with the Pikmin at the front of the line. You can tell which one this is by the arrow pointing to it.

Olimar: Pikmin Order

Olimar's whistle calls back his scattered Pikmin. Even ones that are dilly-dallying will be back in a flash.

Duck Hunt Duo: Trick Shooting

This move kicks an exploding can towards your enemies. Press the button while it's in the air to fire shots and lead it towards its target.

Wii Fit Trainer: Deep Breathing

Press the button again just as the outer circle meets the red inner circle, and you'll boost your attack power and launching power for a while.

Wii Fit Trainer: Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing can reduce stress. Oh, and it also increases your attack and launch power and heals a small amount of damage.

Shulk: Monado Arts

Shulk switches between five modes - Jump, Speed, Shield, Buster and Smash - that change his abilities for a short time.

Shulk: Monado Arts

Jump mode increases your jumping ability. You'll be able to move more quickly in the air, but you'll also take more damage from attacks.

Shulk: Monado Arts

In Buster mode, you deal more damage than usual, but you can't launch opponents as far, and you receive more damage as well.

Shulk: Monado Arts

In Smash mode, you can launch opponents more effectively, but you deal less damage and can be launched more easily yourself as well.

Shulk: Monado Arts

In Shield mode, the power of your shield is boosted, but you can't move as fast, jump as high, or deal as much damage.

Shulk: Monado Arts

In Speed mode, you can move faster, but you deal less damage and can't jump as high.

Mega Man: Side Smash Attack

Mega Man unleashes a powerful Charge Shot. The damage and distance increases the longer you charge it!

Mega Man: Up Air Attack

Mega Man fires a little tornado upwards. If it catches an opponent, it'll push them up too.

Mega Man: Metal Blade

If the Metal Blade gets stuck in a wall or floor, other fighters can pick it up and use it too.

Mega Man: Leaf Shield

Grab someone while the Leaf Shield's up and you can do a combo attack: a throw, plus the damage from the leaves.

Mega Man: Crash Bomber

The bomb sticks to walls and floors. It also sticks to fighters...who can then rub it off onto other fighters!

Mega Man: Rush Coil

When you summon Rush to help you reach greater heights, other fighters can jump on him too!

Sonic: Spin Charge

Jump while spinning forwards and you'll keep spinning in the air. You can hit opponents like that or use other attacks.

Mii Brawler: Helicopter Kick

When performing this move, you can adjust the direction of your kick with ← and →.

Mii Brawler: Foot Flurry

On the ground, this flurry of kicks will move forwards, ending with an upward kick. In the air, you'll hover in place and kick downwards.

Mii Brawler: Piston Punch

This series of upward punches doesn't climb up too far. It's a powerful attack, but not so great for recovery.

Mii Brawler: Burning Drop Kick

This move combines a big forward leap with a drop kick, and it's on fire to boot! Charge it up for some serious power, distance and speed.

Mii Brawler: Onslaught

A flurry of kicks, followed by a powerful uppercut. This move hits the opponent quite some distance, and might even KO them if it connects in mid-air!

Mii Sword Fighter: Shining Shuriken

The further the shurikens travel, the more damage they deal. Throwing them at nearby foes won't even make them flinch.

Mii Sword Fighter: Surging Slash

A swift dash forward ending in a decisive slash, with the sword held in a reverse grip. The longer you charge it for, the further it will travel.

Mii Sword Fighter: Blade Counter

This move counters an enemy attack. If it hits, it has slightly more launching power than a regular attack.

Mii Sword Fighter: Chakram

Throws a ring-shaped projectile. If it hits the stage, it'll stick into it. You can adjust the angle of the throw with ↑ and ↓.

Mii Sword Fighter: Back in the Stone

At the end of this move, the sword sticks right through the ground. You can use it to attack unsuspecting enemies below the platform.

Mii Sword Fighter: Hero's Spin

A spinning sword slice that attacks enemies on both sides. When used in mid-air it makes you rise upwards, so you can use it for recovery.

Mii Sword Fighter: Airborne Assault

The Mii performs a somersault leap forward in a large arc. If it strikes a foe, they will be blasted back and the user will jump upward.

Mii Gunner: Grenade Launch

These grenades fly in an arc, exploding after a set time or when they hit an opponent. Hold down the button to throw it further.

Mii Gunner: Absorbing Vortex

A barrier that absorbs energy-based projectiles. When you deactivate the barrier, it will push nearby enemies backwards a little.

Mii Gunner: Charge Blast

This move's super powerful when fully charged. Use it in mid-air and it'll fire straight away without charging.

Mii Gunner: Echo Reflector

This move creates a Reflector that sends projectiles back the way they came. They'll be stronger than they were before, as well.

Mii Gunner: Lunar Launch

The Mii fires straight down, using the recoil to gain height. If the shot happens to connect with an opponent trying to recover, so much the better!


Blast Box

This item can be risky, since fire attacks will detonate it straight away. However, it's safe to hit or throw it.


If you time it right and catch this on its way back, it'll deal more damage next time you throw it.


After completing Daybreak, press the attack button to fire a beam. Sudden impacts before firing it will KO you, so be careful!

Fairy Bottle

This heals your damage by 100...unless you're below 100% at the time, in which case you can't use it.

Fire Bar

The weapon is made up of five connected balls of fire. As you attack with it, the number of fireballs goes down.

Fire Bar

The Fire Bar has an impressive range for a melee weapon. The fireballs at the base do the most damage, however.

Golden Hammer

In rare cases this will turn into a Squeaky Hammer. It'll only deliver an aural assault - no actual damage!

Hocolate Bomb

The bomb detonates when it hits the ground. It has a big blast range, but the fighter who launched it is immune.

Lip's Stick

The more damage you deal by attacking someone with a Lip's Stick, the better the life- sapping flower on the victim's head will grow.

Master Ball

A purple ball with an M on it. Unlike a regular Poké Ball, you can expect to see a Mythical or Legendary Pokémon come out of it.

Screw Attack

You can deliver air attacks while using the Screw Attack. This can lead to powerful combos.


Sandbag takes damage just like a fighter. The more he takes, the easier he is to launch.

Boss Galaga

Defeat the Boss Galaga by attacking it. You can tell it's getting weaker when it turns blue.

Assist Trophy: Hammer Bro

The Hammer Bro won't move from side to side, so as long as you stay out of range, you'll be safe.

Assist Trophy: Lakitu

The Spiny Eggs that Lakitu drops have a meteor effect. They're perfect for stages with small platforms!

Assist Trophy: Chain Chomp

Despite being chained up, Chain Chomps can move quite far. Just touching them doesn't hurt you as much as being chomped by them does.

Assist Trophy: Chain Chomp

If a Chain Chomp falls off the stage, it'll just jump straight back up!

Assist Trophy: Chain Chomp

If one of these is chained to a breakable platform, it'll fall off the stage when the platform breaks.

Assist Trophy: Waluigi

Luigi's purple-hatted rival. He only ever jumps directly upwards, so jump diagonally to avoid him.

Assist Trophy: Nightmare

When nightmare has changed from his Power Orb to his true form, the screen will go completely black, obscuring the stage.

Assist Trophy: Knuckle Joe

This bandana-wearing brawler attacks quickly and repeatedly before unleashing either Smash Punch or Rising Break, both powerful attacks.

Assist Trophy: Skull Kid

The chaos Skull Kid unleashes on the battlefield affects all fighters. That includes the one who summoned him, so watch out!

Assist Trophy: Skull Kid

Skull Kid has three types of effect on the battle. He can reverse all directional controls, make all fighters invisible, or flip the screen upside down.

Assist Trophy: Midna

Midna will change her hair into the shape of a hand and use it to throw opponents. Like any other grab, it can't be blocked with a shield.

Assist Trophy: Midna

If there aren't any fighters nearby, she'll teleport to chase after somebody. If she's launched off- screen, she'll just teleport back onto stage.

Assist Trophy: Ghirahim

Grihahim wields swords and knives in a variety of acrobatic moves. He can't be defeated - he'll even teleport right back if you launch him away.

Assist Trophy: Tingle

A little man with a bright red nose, wearing an...unsettling outfit. When he appears on the stage, one of five different things will happen...

Assist Trophy: Tingle

Tingle will sometimes bring down a hailstorm of hammers - and who knows, sometimes they might even be Golden Hammers...

Assist Trophy: Tingle

Sometimes Tingle will appear with a big balloon on his back and just...float away. That's all. Nothing else.

Assist Trophy: Tingle

Tingle might end up bursting into flames. When he does, every fighter will feel like they just swallowed a Superspicy Curry...

Assist Trophy: Dark Samus

You can defeat Dark Samus if you inflict enough damage on her. Just don't get too close, or she'll attack with Phazon energy.

Assist Trophy: Dark Samus

This energy-based life form looks a lot like Samus. It shoots rapid-fire rounds and homing missiles at fighters.

Assist Trophy: Mother Brain

Attack Mother Brain to defeat her! Your best chance to attack is after she fires her lasers, when the glass around her has shattered.

Assist Trophy: Mother Brain

You can try hiding behind Mother Brain to shield yourself from enemy attacks!

Assist Trophy: Mother Brain

Mother Brain will fire ring-shaped projectiles called Rinkas from off-screen. These are energy- based, so they can be absorbed or reflected.

Assist Trophy: Lyn

Lyn is a swordfighter specialising in Quick Draw. She'll draw her sword when she appears and attack the closest fighter to her.

Assist Trophy: Lyn

When Lyn crouches, it means she's preparing to attack. Take that cue to get out of her way.

Assist Trophy: Phosphora

Phosphora can't be defeated, but you can make her flinch by attacking her. You can also reflect or absorb her energy-based attacks.

Assist Trophy: Phosphora

Phosphora flies around the stage firing electric projectiles. She often teleports when she moves around, and dodges attacks that way too.

Assist Trophy: Isabelle

She'll try to throw fruit over to the fighter she's supporting, but other fighters can move in and grab it!

Assist Trophy: Isabelle

Isabelle will help out her fighter by throwing them fruit. You don't have to grab it - you just have to touch it to recover damage.

Assist Trophy: Devil

The stage will move in the direction the Devil points. This will bring the edge of the screen closer - careful you don't go off-screen!

Assist Trophy: Color TV-Game 15

Paddles on either side of the screen will bat the ball back and forth. Touching either ball or paddle will do damage and launch the fighter.

Assist Trophy: Dr Kawashima

Numbers will fly in from off-screen. Attack them to make them change direction.

Assist Trophy: Saki Amamiya

Depending on how far away his target is, Saki will either shoot or slash at them. The short- range attack is particularly powerful.

Assist Trophy: Sheriff

The sheriff's a fast shot, deals a lot of damage and is likely to launch his targets. You can reflect his shots, but you can't absorb them.

Assist Trophy: Ghosts

Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde will all appear on the stage! They each have their own movement patterns and will hurt opponents who touch them.

Assist Trophy: Ghosts

Blinky will take the shortest route possible to reach his target. Inky comes in from the opposite side and moves much more randomly.

Assist Trophy: Ghosts

Pinky will try to catch her target out by getting in front and ambushing them. Clyde doesn't have a target - he just does whatever he likes.

Assist Trophy: Elec Man

Elec Man moves around the stage quickly when summoned, firing off the Thunder Beam. Anyone hit by the beam will be stunned.

Assist Trophy: Elec Man

Elec Man can't be defeated just by attacking him - that only makes him flinch. You'll have to launch him off-screen to get rid of him.

Pokémon: Metagross

Metagross only has to touch you to bury you in the stage. Once it's done that, it will use Earthquake, so make sure to escape quickly!

Pokémon: Deoxys

Hyper Beam pulls fighters in closer to Deoxys. Try launching opponents towards it!

Pokémon: Inkay

Inkay's Topsy-Turvy move knocks over nearby fighters. It doesn't work on anybody in the air, through, so try jumping!

Pokémon: Gardevoir

Gardevoir uses a barrier that reflects projectiles. If you summoned it, your own projectiles won't be affected.

Pokémon: Victini

Victini can use Victory Star to power up whichever fighter summoned it. It powers up teammates in Team Battles as well.

Pokémon: Bellossom

Getting close to it will put you right to sleep! The more damage you've taken, the longer your impromptu nap.

Pokémon: Snorlax

Snorlax grows as it rises into the air. If the timing's right, you can get every other fighter in one fell swoop!

Pokémon: Eevee

Eevee will use Take Down on any fighters nearby. If there aren't any, it'll just stand around looking a bit confused.

Pokémon: Kyogre

Hydro Pump pushes fighters right off the stage. If you're caught in the current, it's very difficult to escape.

Pokémon: Entei

Fire Spin has a gravitational effect, sucking in anyone who touches it. Once you're trapped in the fiery pillar, it'll do huge damage.

Pokémon: Giratina

Giratina launches a huge blast of wind that catches fighters and does continued damage. Try to escape before it pushes you off-screen!

Pokémon: Xerneas

When Xerneas is on the stage, everybody's launching power goes right up, making it much easier to launch opponents with low damage.

Pokémon: Moltres

Moltres will appear on the stage and slowly rise into the air. Even touching it will launch a fighter.

Pokémon: Suicune

Suicune can freeze fighters with its Aurora Beam attack or just by touching them when it first appears on the stage.

Pokémon: Chespin

Seed Bomb causes a series of explosions surrounding Chespin. Stay away to avoid taking major damage.

Pokémon: Keldeo

When it uses Secret Sword, it will rush up to a fighter and deliver a powerful, wide- range slash attack with its extended horn.

Pokémon: Fennekin

Incinerate creates a fire pillar reaching out in front of Fennekin. If it connects, it'll do repeated damage to fighters.

Pokémon: Meloetta

Meloetta's song echoes off walls and platforms. In small, enclosed spaces, it can be very difficult to dodge.

Pokémon: Genesect

Both Genesect's laser and its Techno Blast can penetrate walls, so all you can do is stay out of its line of sight.

Pokémon: Lugia

Lugia will launch Aeroblast from behind the stage. This has a wide range and you can't block it, so your only hope is to get out the way...

Pokémon: Electrode

Right before an Electrode explodes, its body flashes red. Take that as your cue to grab it and throw it far away from you!

Pokémon: Oshawott

Surf sweeps up anybody in its path - try adjusting your aim to catch fighters who try to dodge!

Pokémon: Zoroark

Its Fury Swipes attack smacks its victim down hard. If it gets a hold of its target again as it hits the ground, it can use a follow-up attack.

Pokémon: Gogoat

Gogoat will let you ride on its back. Charge down opponents to deal damage!

Pokémon: Snivy

Razor Leaf is a short-range attack, but if Snivy catches an enemy in it once, it's much easier to hit them again and again.

Pokémon: Kyurem

Icy Wind freezes fighters in just one hit. Not only does the attack have a wide range, but Kyurem can keep it going for a long time.

Pokémon: Staryu

Staryu picks a target, moves in close and fires stars at high speed. Make sure to use a move that absorbs projectiles!

Pokémon: Goldeen

No matter how enthusiastically it splashes, nothing ever happens. Not even on those rare instances you find it in a Master Ball.

Pokémon: Mew

Mew is so rare you'll be lucky to see one at all - but when you do, it'll drop rare items such as custom parts.

Pokémon: Giratina

Giratina launches a huge blast of wind that catches fighters and does continued damage. Try to escape before it pushes you off-screen!

Pokémon: Swirlix

Swirlix slows down movement for all other fighters near it. If you summoned it, you won't feel the effects, so use this to your advantage!


3D Land: Shrinking and Growing Pipes

When shrinking and growing pipes are involved, it's easy to mess up your jump timing. Careful not to fall!

3D Land: Donut Blocks

Tasty as they sound, you can't eat Donut Blocks. You can stand on them, but they'll buckle before long!

3D Land: Note Blocks

Jumping on a Note Block will bounce you high into the air!

3D Land: Rotating Platforms

Don't stay on the rotating platforms too long or you'll slip off! And then where will you be?

3D Land: Lifts on Rails

When you're on moving lifts above the ocean, the rails ahead show you where the lifts will go next. Look out for the best spot to fight!

3D Land: Flip Panels

The Flip Panels at the beginning of the stage will gradually flip to create more places for you to stand.

3D Land: ? Blocks

The ? Blocks give you items! There's a slightly higher chance of getting a Super Leaf than anything else.

3D Land: Blocks

You can smash the Blocks that appear at the beginning by hitting them from below.

Find Mii

The Dark Emperor uses random magic during the battle. What effect his magic will have is displayed on the bottom screen.

Golden Plains

Collect 100 coins and you'll turn to gold! You'll get stronger all round and won't flinch at all.

Golden Plains

The platforms that balance like scales will fall if you just stand on one side, but with fighters on both sides you can balance the weight.

Golden Plains

Step on the P Switch (or just hit it) to make blue coins appear. They won't stay around for long, so look lively!

Rainbow Road

The ground rotates when you're in the tunnel, so don't stand in one spot too long or you'll end up going off-screen!

Rainbow Road

Sometimes Shy Guys drive by in karts. There is plenty of warning before the Shy Guys cruise by.

Paper Mario

Watch out for the giant fan in the part of the stage that's on land. You're more likely to get launched off to the right while it's blowing!

Paper Mario

In the portion of the stage that's in the sky, Bowser's face will randomly spin. When the eyes turn red, that's the sign to run!

Jungle Japes

The river below the stage flows very quickly, so it's hard to recover if you fall in. Try to knock foes into it!

Gerudo Valley

Sometimes the wooden bridge will break if you stand on it or attack it, but to be honest, it'll break on its own anyway.

Spirit Train

The train runs full steam ahead to the left. If you fall onto the tracks, good luck getting back on!

Spirit Train

Sometimes the last carriage will be replaced by Lineback's shop, a coal car, a steel frame car, etc.

Spirit Train

Watch for the Dark Train, which burns with black smoke. Before exploding it'll jump up and land in a random place. Be warned!

Spirit Train

When Link or Toon Link is fighting, Alfonzo will drive the train instead.

Yoshi's Island

The Fly Guys that come down from the sky sometimes carry food. Attack them to make them drop the goods!

Yoshi's Island

Shy Guys sometimes appear from the sky, carrying yummy food. Attack them to make them drop their tasty snacks!

Unova Pokémon League

Sometimes Milotic, Whimsicott and Shaymin will appear on this stage. However, they won't affect the battle.

Unova Pokémon League

Zekrom, the Dragon/Electric-type Legendary Pokémon, charges in using Fusion Bolt, which breaks the stairs or leaves platforms askew.

Arena Ferox

The platforms appear in four patterns, switching periodically. Some of the platforms and statues are breakable.

Distant Planet

The Red Bulborb that appears on the right will open its mouth sometimes. When it does, try not to get eaten! You'll be KO'd!

Distant Planet

When it rains, water will run down the sloping hill on the left side of the stage. It's tough trying to fight in that swift flow!

Distant Planet

The Pellets that grow in the middle of the flowers have numbers on them. The ones with higher numbers hurt more when thrown.

Distant Planet

Occasionally you might see an Onion fly by. Hit it with Pellets to get items!

Tortimer Island

Gar, don't be dilly-dallyin' too long on Kapp'n's boat! When he pulls anchor, he'll sail ye right off o' the stage! (An' that be way too farrrrrr!)

Tortimer Island

The durians and coconuts won't heal you, but they do explode sometimes when you throw them.

Tortimer Island

The trees can drop beehives. Attack one of those without thinking and you'll be swarmed by bees! Ouch!

Boxing Ring

Bounce on the ropes at the sides to do a big jump. This way, even fighters who don't have epic jumping skills can get up onto the lights.

Boxing Ring

Try climbing up onto the lights, then attacking them until they fall to send opponents below flying.

Living Room

The falling blocks can hurt you. Avoid getting hit by looking out for their shadows.

Living Room

Five different breeds of puppies will appear at random in the background. Sometimes kittens will appear, too!

Tomodachi Life

The apartments and the Mii characters living in them will change every time you play. You might even see your friends!

PictoChat 2

The stage changes along with the drawing in the background. Try to revise your tactics accordingly!

Green Hill Zone

Posts topped with a blue ball are called Point Markers. The balls will swing if attacked and damage whoever they hit.

Wily Castle

The Yellow Devil explodes when defeated, which counts as your attack if you defeated it. Use this to KO other fighters!

Smash Run

Cannonball Effect

When you defeat a large foe, the cannonball effect can take out other enemies too. However, the other enemies won't fly off like cannonballs.

Cannonball Effect

When you defeat an enemy, it will fly off like a cannonball and deal damage to other enemies it hits.

Challenge Doors

Behind the special doors lie all kinds of challenges. Complete them to get yourself some rewards.

Challenge Doors

Sometimes there won't be a challenge behind the door at all. Just a bonus room full of treasure chests and stat boosts!

Star Boosts

Just running around and attacking will boost your stats little by little.

Star Boost Booster

These items will double the effectiveness of stat boosts for a short time. Your stats will grow twice as fast while moving around, too!

Stat Boosts: All

The star-shaped stat boosts improve all six stats. They're hard to find, but chests and powerful enemies sometimes hold them.

Stat Boosts: Arms

One effect of Arms stat boosts is to increase your grabbing range. They also make you less likely to drop items when attacked.

Using Powers

If you get KO'd in Smash Run, your stats will go down. Try to keep some good Powers in reserve to help yourself stay in the game!

Using Powers

Using Powers aggressively at the start will let you beat enemies easily for some early stat boosts. That'll make later foes easier too.

Area Lockdown

When the screen goes into lockdown and a swarm of foes appears, be careful not to go off-screen. That will count as a fall.

Area Lockdown

The number in the top-left is your target number of enemies to beat. Manage that in the time limit to get an extra-specially large stat boost.

Challenges: Defeat them all!

If you touch the floor under the platforms when it's turned red, you'll be KO'd straight away. That applies to foes, too, so try to knock them down!

Challenges: Crystal Smash!

When you're attacking crystals, sometimes large cracks will appear. Aim your attacks at these to destroy the crystals more efficiently.

Challenges: Crystal Smash!

Break all crystals in the time allotted. Breaking them gets you stat boosts!

Events: Fests

Loads of a single enemy will appear. The name of the fest tells you which one. A Souflee Fest is a chance to get tons of stat boosts!

Events: Treasure Trove

This event unlocks a treasure trove full guessed it...treasure! Check your map to see where it is.

Events: Fast Learner

One stat will be easier to upgrade for a while. Stat boosts for it will appear more frequently, and it'll upgrade more quickly as you move, too.

Rare Items

Looking for cool stuff like trophies and custom parts? Try defeating bonus enemies and opening treasure chests.

Smash Run: Outer Edges

There are a lot of challenge doors and treasure chests around the edges of the labyrinth - but lots of strong enemies, too.

Powerful Enemies

Strong enemies, like Reapers, drop lots of items. These can include rare rewards.

Glunders, Glices and Glires

They all roll along the ground, but they're based on different elements. Glire is red, Glice is blue and Glunder is yellow.

Enemies: Glire

A fiery enemy that's weak to ice. It attacks slowly but deals a lot of damage.

Enemies: Glice

An icy enemy that's weak to fire. Its attack range is small, but you'll freeze if it hits you.

Enemies: Glunder

An electrical enemy with no particular weakness but fairly low health. Its attacks are wide-ranging but deal low damage.

Enemies: Poppant

Poppants will run away if you get too close or attack them. They'll also throw stones and Bob-ombs as they go, so watch out!

Enemies: Roturret

Roturrets hang in the air and fire three shots each from their two cannons. The last pair of shots has extra launching power.

Enemies: Generator

Once a Generator has finished spawning enemies, it will disappear. Defeat it before it finishes to get a big bounty of items.

Enemies: Goomba

The classic Mario enemy. Punches and kicks will work, but jumping on it delivers a one-hit KO.

Enemies: Big Goomba

Its health and attack power may be high, but you can stomp on it to do massive damage. A Goomba's still a Goomba!

Enemies: Bullet Bill

These bullets with angry eyes and angry fists will either fly in a straight line or chase after fighters.

Enemies: Banzai Bill

These enormous versions of Bullet Bills have a LOT of health. They also explode with a big blast radius after getting stuck in the terrain.

Enemies: Bill Blaster

These fire Bullet Bills, and sometimes other enemies. Destroy a Bill Blaster before it's out of ammo and you might just get more items.

Enemies: Chain Chomp

You can't defeat a Chain Chomp - just the post it's chained to. Then it'll run off, leaving an item.

Enemies: Flame Chomp

Don't touch the Flame Chomp's fireballs! That includes the ones it sends towards you and the ones still part of its tail.

Enemies: Flame Chomp

When a Flame Chomp's tail is gone, its eyes will droop and it will flash. It will explode a short while later if you don't defeat it quickly!

Enemies: Kamek

Kamek flies around and teleports, making an air battle all but inevitable. Try to knock him down to earth with a strong attack.

Enemies: Shy Guy

Red Shy Guys have more attack power than other Shy Guys. They tend to drop Attack stat boosts.

Enemies: Yellow Shy Guy

Yellow Shy Guys jump slightly higher than other Shy Guys. They tend to drop Jump stat boosts.

Enemies: Green Shy Guy

Green Shy Guys move slightly faster than other Shy Guys. They tend to drop Speed stat boosts.

Enemies: Fly Guy

A type of Shy Guy that flies around, dangling items. Sometimes they even carry custom parts!

Enemies: Spike Top

Projectiles aren't going to work on Spike Tops. Try throwing them instead.

Enemies: Kritter

Green Kritters will try to bite you, while blue Kritters will use their claws in a spinning jump attack.

Enemies: Tiki Buzz

From time to time, one of these drum-like enemies will swoop down to attack you. Jump on its head mid-swoop to take it out in one hit.

Enemies: Tiki Buzz

Bounce off one of these for a big jump. It might even let you reach places you couldn't get to before!

Enemies: Bubble

These flying skulls with wings come in two varieties. Red flames indicate a fire element, while blue flames indicate ice.

Enemies: Bubble

Red Bubbles are weak to water and electricity, blue ones to fire. Attack accordingly to put out their fire and weaken them.

Enemies: Cucco

When a Cucco gets hurt - even by defeated enemies cannonballing towards it - it'll call upon its flock to strike back at you.

Enemies: Octorok

Octoroks will fire rocks at distant fighters. Deflecting an Octorok's own rock back at it is a one-hit KO!

Enemies: Peahat Larva

These weak enemies are thrown by Peahats. You can't even defeat them with moves that don't deal any damage, like Mario's F.L.U.D.D.

Enemies: ReDead

These shambling creatures made from magically animated clay will let out a hideous screech if you go near them, leaving you shaking.

Enemies: ReDead

Fighters on the ground will be left shaking if a ReDead's screech hits them, but fighters in the air won't be affected.

Enemies: Geemer

Geemers can crawl along the ground, the walls, even the ceiling! Thanks to their spikes, they'll also hurt any fighter who touches them.

Enemies: Kihunter

Kihunters won't spit acid at you if they're below you. Fighting them from above is a good strategy.

Enemies: Metroid

These alien creatures float around, then clamp down on you with their sharp fangs. Wriggle around to break free!

Enemies: Reo

These enemies swoop down to tackle fighters from above. However, if you're directly below them, they can't actually hit you. Give it a try!

Enemies: Parasol Waddle Dee

Attack a Waddle Dee to make it let go of its parasol. When the parasol floats up, it can drag you with it, so be careful.

Enemies: Bonkers

Bonkers is so tough that your attacks won't make him flinch at all. However, he does leave himself wide open after swinging his hammer.

Enemies: Bonkers

This gorilla-esque foe uses a hammer to strike with a variety of attacks. When he charges up Hammer Flip, it can hit you with a big impact.

Enemies: Bronto Burt

Bronto Burts fly around and try to hit you with their spin attack, which doesn't do much damage but has high launching power.

Enemies: Gordo

These spiky little balls are invincible, and just touching one will hurt you.

Enemies: Plasma Wisp

When these glowing foes have fully charged their attack up to its third level, they become immune to projectiles and direct attacks.

Enemies: Shotzo

Depending on the type, these indestructible cannons will either fire three shots in a fixed direction or fire one shot aimed at you.

Enemies: Tac

Tac will fire his hand at you to try and steal your stat boosts. If he gets them, defeat him before he runs away to get them back!

Enemies: Koffing

This Pokémon fills its body up with toxic gases like a balloon. If its Poison Gas move hits you, it'll lower your stats.

Enemies: Koffing

Get too close and you'll be sprayed with an extra-powerful Poison Gas that lowers your stats much more than usual.

Enemies: Gastly

This Ghost-type Pokémon is unaffected by punches and kicks. Use projectiles to defeat it.

Enemies: Petilil

This Grass-type Pokémon's Sleep Powder move will only affect fighters on the ground.

Enemies: Cryogonal

Sometimes Cryogonals will fire an Ice Beam that mows down what's around them. This takes longer to charge than the usual beam.

Enemies: Clubberskull

When a Clubberskull's on a rampage, it'll come after fighters relentlessly. It'll even jump over walls and other obstacles!

Enemies: Clubberskull

When a Clubberskull gets free, it'll swing its arms over a wide range, dealing a lot of damage if it hits. Attack from a safe distance.

Enemies: Monoeye

These enormous eyeballs fly around above you, occasionally targeting you with energy blasts.

Enemies: Mimicutie

Lures you in disguised as a treasure chest, then comes after you. Often drops Powers and other rarities.

Enemies: Orne

Ornes are dangerous foes. Just touching one will KO you instantly. When you hear that eerie music, get ready to run!

Enemies: Skuttler Mage

These one-eyed enemies use magic to lower your stats. They're tough, but that only means a greater bounty of stat boosts when you beat one.

Enemies: Reaper

An angry Reaper won't move around - it'll just turn to the left and right. If you're right in front of it, it'll swing its scythe.

Enemies: Reapette

These Reaper minions can even move through walls. They'll disappear in one hit, so watch carefully and take them out.

Enemies: Zuree

These ghosts with big claws are impossible to hit before they take corporeal form. When they attack, that's your chance to strike back.

Enemies: Souflee

These cake-shaped enemies like to run away from the player. Being bonus enemies, they drop excellent stat boosts if you catch them.

Enemies: Boom Stomper

It'll be hard to beat a Boom Stomper just by hitting its body, which is made of solid rock. Aim for its weak point: the leaf on its head.

Enemies: Bumpety Bomb

Bumpety Bombs flash more and more quickly as they get closer to exploding. The blast hurts other enemies, too, so use that to your advantage!

Enemies: Flage

This slimy green foe disappears and moves closer to you. Look for its shadow to see where it'll reappear next.

Enemies: Lethinium

These floral fiends shoot lasers that can go through the terrain. If the beam doesn't hit, the next shot will be at a different angle.

Enemies: Lurchthorn

Each of a Lurchthorn's cannons will drop items and stop shooting if you destroy it. However, the other cannons will get stronger as a result.

Enemies: Lurchthorn

These fish-like foes pull five cannons along behind them. Each cannon takes damage on its own, but defeating the head destroys them all.

Enemies: Mahva

These fish-like foes with six eyes can protect other enemies with their barriers. Break down the barrier first - then you can hit the Mahva.

Enemies: Megonta

Hit a Megonta's weak point, the stomach, and you can topple it over. It can't do anything until it gets back up, so you have a chance to strike.

Enemies: Nutski

These airborne enemies from the Forces of Nature fire either a burst of weak seeds or a single, big seed that deals more damage.

Enemies: Devil Car

These cars try to drive right into you! If one hits you at high speed, it'll hurt.

Enemies: Iridescent Glint Beetle

The farther you launch one of these, the more gold it'll drop. It'll go back underground if it gets launched five times or if enough time passes.

Enemies: Polar Bear

When a polar bear jumps, you should jump too. The earthquake from their landing won't affect you if you're in the air.

Enemies: Sneaky Spirit

These rhythmic spooks pop up at regular intervals. Defeat one of these bonus enemies to get great rewards like All stat boosts!

Enemies: Mettaur

When a Mettaur's hiding under its helmet, attacking it won't help. However, you can still grab it and throw it.

Enemies: Pooka

These red little enemies with goggles will walk up to fighters and tackle them.

Enemies: Pooka

Each time a Pooka takes damage, it'll puff up like a balloon. When it finally pops, the blast will damage surrounding enemies.

Enemies: Pooka

Pookas can chase after you by burrowing through walls and the ground. While doing this, they're invincible and you can only see their goggles.

Enemies: Bacura

Bacuras are invincible spinning boards that can reflect projectiles. Touching one will launch you downwards.

Game Modes

Items on Floating Platforms

In Multi-Man Smash, items occasionally float by on a platform. These aren't random - the same items will appear at the same time in every match.

Smash Run: Participants and Prizes

The more people you play with in Smash Run, the more prizes you'll all receive at the end.

Smash Run: Ranks and Prizes

After the final fight, you'll find out your ranking. The higher you place, the more rare items you can get.

Smash Run: Powers

The number of Powers a fighter can equip depends on the fighter's weight - the heavier the fighter, the more they can manage.


Crouch Walking

Some fighters can move while crouched if you input diagonally down to the left or right.

Dropping Items

Press the grab button to drop the item you're holding. Even an item dropped like this deals a small amount of damage.

Throwing Items

To drop an item, press the grab button. If you input a direction at the same time, you'll throw the item in that direction.

Catching Items

You can catch items thrown at you by pressing the attack button at just the right time.

Grabbing an Item While Airborne

You can catch an item in mid-air by dodging or attacking at just the right time.

Smash Throw

When you throw an item, quickly press in the same direction as your throw. You'll throw it farther than usual that way.

Meteor Smash

Launching an opponent straight downwards is known as a meteor smash. Doing this when there isn't a platform below is a good one-hit KO method.

Easy Final Smash

Fighters who are really lagging behind will sometimes be ready to use a Final Smash as soon as they return from being KO'd.


You have to wait at least a second between letting go of an opponent and grabbing them again, so be patient!

Turning and Grabbing

If you turn around while running and then grab, your grabbing range will be longer than usual.

Grabbing Edges

If you grab an edge that someone else is grabbing, you'll steal it from them. So much for first come, first served!

Footstool Jump

You can jump on an opponent's head and use it as a springboard. If they're airborne, you'll also push them down.

Low Jump

Press the jump button very briefly and you'll jump lower than usual, letting you use air attacks against ground-level foes.

Wall Jumping

Some fighters can jump off walls. Input in the opposite direction while touching the wall to do this.

Clinging to Walls

Some fighters can temporarily stick to walls if you keep holding the direction of the wall. However, this won't work on every wall.

Breaking Your Fall

When you hit the wall, floor or ceiling after being launched, press the shield button to break your fall and avoid follow-up attacks.

Shifting Your Shield

Gently input a direction while shielding to move your shield. This lets you block effectively, even with a small shield.

Shield Break

While your shield is up, it'll gradually get smaller. When it finally breaks, you'll become dizzy.

Perfect Shield

Shielding right before an attack results in a perfect shield. You'll be able to strike back immediately after guarding.

Repetition Effect

Using the same attack constantly will decrease its power. Add a little variety to your fighting and spice up your game!

Magnifying Glass Damage

When you move off-screen, you'll be shown in a magnifying glass. You'll gradually take damage while in this state, so be careful!

Eating While Passed Out

Press the attack button while you're passed out to eat a food item that's fallen nearby.


Fighters can carry up to three pieces of equipment. Depending on the equipment combination, the fighter's characteristics and play style vary greatly.

Bonus Effects

You can equip multiple pieces of equipment with the same bonus effect to make that effect stronger.

Mii Fighters' Physiques

Your Mii Fighter's abilities are affected by the original Mii it was based on. Bigger Fighters will be more powerful, while smaller Fighters will be faster.

Custom Special Moves

Each of the custom special moves have different attributes. Choose carefully to create the perfect fighter for your play style!

Eating While Prone

Press the attack button while you're prone to eat a food item that's fallen nearby.

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