The Timer (タイマー, taimā) is an item in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It was previously referred to as Clock before the Item Encyclopedia update. When the Timer is grabbed, it slows down everyone on the stage besides the person who grabbed it. However, it can occasionally backfire and slow down only the person who grabbed it or everyone. As with the Smash Ball, Lightning Bolt and Dragoon Parts, Computer players will try to grab this item as soon as possible. Shadow uses Chaos Control to much the same effect, except that he never backfires and the effect lasts regardless if the opponent gets KOd in that time. This item will slow down movement, hitstun, and falling, making it possible to trap enemies in hitstun with certain attacks. However, knockback is NOT slowed down. Anyone hit with a powerful attack will still be KOd just as fast as if he or she was not under Timer influence. Invincibility frames and counter frames are very long for the characters who are victim of the timer, which gives them a very easy way to wait for the timer to stop and being hit less by the characters who are not slowed down. In addition, most projectiles are not affected either. Interestingly, the slowdown seems to act more like a status effect, and any characters that are KO'd while slow will respawn at normal speed, even if the Stopwatch "effect" is still on screen. That said, the effect will go away if all affected characters die.

This item may be based off of the Stopwatch from Super Mario Bros. 2, "The Legend of Zelda" for the NES, and possibly Paper Mario.

Trophy description

Timer Trophy

Trophy of the Timer.

An item that slows down time and your enemies' movements. Only the player who gets the item will move at normal speed. You should enjoy a huge advantage in both attacking enemies and snagging items that appear. If an enemy manages to get to a powerful item first, you'll be able to shield and dodge and keep any damage you take to a minimum.
Super Smash Bros. Brawl


  • Many videos on youtube such as this one or this one show moves that have large hitlag (Zelda's fair and bair, Captain Falcon's fair sweetspot) being repeatedly used, with the opponent not moving due to the extended hitstun.
  • Most of the Final Smashes will nullify the effect of a Timer. For whatever reasons some Final Smashes don't is unclear.
  • A glitch occurs when a timer is grabbed during the invincibility frames (after the throw but before the catch) of Ike's "Aether". His sword will appear to spin around his head while he is still on the ground.
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