Timber (タネ植え/水やり/伐採 Plants Seed/Watering/Lumbering?) is Villager's Down Special Move. Villager waters a seed until it grows into a full tree, then he cuts it down, damaging any player in its path. The fallen tree will bounce for a while before disappearing, dealing large knockback to anyone hit by it.


Timber is composed of three steps, much like its original Japanese name explains:

  • Plant Seed: Pressing Down B once will plant the seed into the ground, unless Villager is in the air, in which case it would do nothing. Villager can have a seed in the ground for a limited amount of time (about 14 seconds).
  • Watering: Pressing Down B again will cause Villager to water it until it becomes a full tree. If Villager is not close to the seed when watering, the watering can can push opponents away, though they will not flinch. The water can be reflected. When the tree sprouts, it has a powerful hitbox that can launch opponents that are right above the sapling.
  • Lumbering: Finally, a third use of Down B will cause Villager to chop down the tree with an axe. If he is not near the tree, he can hit opponents with the axe. Villager must chop the tree twice before it falls down (but will only cut it down if he hits on a side that has been attacked). The initial hitbox after chopping down the tree is massively powerful, while the later hits are a bit less potent, but lethal as well against opponents at mid-high percentages. The tree will wilt after a set amount of time (about 14 seconds).

One of the notable uses for Timber is for edge guarding, as planting a seed near the ledge, and chopping down a fully grown tree will cause it fall off platform.

When the tree falls, a chunk of wood might fall out of it, dealing damage as flings into appearance. It can be picked up and used as a projectile. Very rarely a peice of fruit will appear instead which can be eaten to restore some damage. These fruits include Cherries (heals 1%), Oranges (2%), Pears (3%), Apples (4%), and Peaches (5%).

The tree can be attacked by other players. They can destroy it but not topple it, resulting on it to disappear without damaging anyone nearby. However, it takes more hits for them to destroy as opposed to the Villager's two axe swings.

A Villager can interact with another's Villager sapling and tree, assuming they're in the correct step of the move. For example, a tree, once grown, is a neutral object, and can be toppled with any Villager that has planted and grown their own tree. The falling of a tree onto another is enough to destroy the tree, unless it is a Counter Tree hitting or being hit.

Pocketing a fallen tree and landing it on an opponent has such devastating knockback that it is almost always a OHKO.

Villager's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Pocket
Side Special Lloid Rocket
Up Special Balloon Trip
Down Special Timber
Final Smash Dream Home

Custom Variations

Timber can be customized into Timber Counter and Super Timber.

Timber Counter

Timber Counter is one of Timber's customizations. When the sprout is in the ground, it can trip opponents, and the fully grown tree can attack the other players if attacked.


  • The sprout trips opponents, allowing for combo options and punishes
  • The tree will damage opponents that attack it
  • The sprout when paired with Pushy Lloid is fantastic for camping
  • The watering can has pushboxes that can keep opponents off the edge.


  • The sprout can be easily avoided by jumping over it.
  • The tree's distinct flashing red colour will often alert opponents to know not to hit the tree.
  • Axe has less damage and launch power, but still retains some kill power

The Timber Counter is great for setting up combos and punishments. The sprout's tripping ability will allow Villager to get off a good hit or combo. The tree will damage opponents that hit it, and though the opponent may avoid hitting it due to this, that only means the tree will remain an obstacle to them and will let Villager keep his axe longer for some killing moves. The sprout is good for camping and the tree is good for keeping opponents away from the tree, letting Villager hold onto his most deadly weapon. The Timber Counter is phenomenal when paired with Pushy Lloid.

Super Timber

Super Timber is Timber's other customization. Villager plants a tree which is slower but much more powerful. It also takes a rather long time to water it. The axe also has much more launching power.


  • The tree deals more damage when chopped down and when sprouting up.
  • The watering can pours more water, which in turn provides bigger and long-lasting pushboxes for edge-guarding
  • The axe has high launching power
  • Bigger tree provides greater defense and cover for Villager.


  • Slower process, leaves Villager vulnerable, especially when planting the sprout

The Super Timber is a useful custom special move. The watering can's pushboxes are larger and better for edge-guarding. The tree deals lots of damage when it is first sprouting up and when falling down; shields stand no chance against it. The tree is tougher and so will take more damage to destroy, giving Villager great protection. Using Pocket Plus will let Villager pocket enemy projectiles while still standing safely behind the tree. The sprout-planting leaves Villager the most vulnerable when he is using the move, so one must be careful when doing this. The axe is an even better kill move as well.

Villager's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Garden Pocket Plus
Side Special Liftoff Lloid Pushy Lloid
Up Special Extreme Balloon Trip Balloon High Jump
Down Special Timber Counter Super Timber


In the Animal Crossing series, the player can plant, water and chop down trees. The player can buy tree saplings for planting, a watering can for watering it, and an ax to chop them.