• Sorry,Dude or Dudette,But Doing My Own RP in an RP What Has a Perticually Different Topic is Hard.i Tend to Go Extreme Random,Either Because I'm Bored or I Just Don't Know How to Join The Normal RP.i Tend to Get Lost and Make Up My Own Topic/RP and it Causes Chaos.I Even Do Random RP on My App,The People on The App Know Me By it and Are Used to it.Luckily,I Am Gonna Pratice to Make My Own Fan-Novel and a Book About What I Imagined While I Was Creating Them. I Guess if I Do Want to Make Fan-Book's,I'll Have to Kill Off The Randomness and Focus on The Topic.(i Am Not Publishing The Fan-Books, Btw.) Anyway,I'm More a Person for Scooby-Doo,StarWars,Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings(When I Watch it) RP's.Well,Goodnight.Cya Sometime Soon!

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